The Track Of My Tears




A man who allegedly drove his girlfriend’s car on to the former formula one circuit at Brands Hatch during a race was due to appear in court on Monday.

Jack Cottle, 21, was arrested after footage appeared on YouTube in June of a white Volkswagen Polo being driven into the middle of a Fun Cup race at the Kent circuit.

As the car enters the race track, she begins to scream, begging the driver to stop as he and a person sitting in the back holding the camera phone laugh.

A second video shows the car during the race.

Contains NSFW language.

Man due in court accused of driving car on Brands Hatch during race (The Guardian)

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13 thoughts on “The Track Of My Tears

  1. Starina

    Poor girl. I hope she dumped him straight after. He put her in mortal danger and laughed when she pleaded with him with no regard for her very obvious fear.

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