15 thoughts on “Fupp Yeah!

  1. Del McG

    Elite fighters recruited and trained by US Special Forces…
    Yeah, that went swimmingly last time, Bill
    *cough* Bin Laden *cough*

  2. Murtles

    Source : Bill O Reilly
    Just in case ye think Mrs O Reilly came up with the plan cause it’s that sh1t hot.

  3. Alan R

    Bill wants to create G.I. JOE. That would be cool, all with like specialist skills and cool nicknames. Each week there could be a new battle against ISIS as they try to convert a new city or steal some ancient energy cube to use as a weapon.

    Unless of course they defeat ISIS and then this mercenary army becomes too powerful……..

  4. Royal M

    There already exists a bunch of elite fighters who could take out ISIS in a ground war. Not only that, but they’re also their arch-nemesis. Hezbollah.

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