44 thoughts on “In The Line Of Feighan

  1. les rock

    Horrible little fg arrogant, loyal troll. no doubt he stupidly thinks Endas gonna win the next election. Idiot and fool has a massive surprise in store

    1. Tom Joad

      In fairness to the man he has been subjected to one of the nastiest, most personalised hate campaigns in Irish politics. It was carried out by the same people protesting his office Yesterday and is articulated in Les Rock’s comment -above.

      My guess is that Feighan, who is a generally mild mannered guy, snapped. He has since apologised which is the right thing to do.

  2. Rose

    The groups of male hanger ons around politicians always intrigue me. Especially the ones seen in the background of news interviews, craning their necks to listen in. Maybe they have special trained skills that I never gave them credit for!

    1. Derval

      My oh my, you are easily intrigued.
      It is a fascinating video (by all accounts).
      Who are the people who held the guy back and pulled the guy back?
      The most interesting stuff would have been to see his reaction to being held back and pulled back.

    2. Eoghany

      Intriguing how you are only intrigued by the male hanger ons… There are very often female ones too… But it’s ok for them?

    1. Odis

      The guy he is elbowing is his nemesis, John McDermott, Chairman of the Roscommon Hospital Action Committee, and an Independent candidate, in fthe forthcoming bi-election.

      Sadly, the Independent vote has been split by Ming Flanagan’s endorsement of one of his mates from Tuam, or I would be putting money on him.

  3. Jock

    I find it incredible that that anybody would take issue with this. Try and force your way into the UK PMs car door and see what happens. The guy doing it is also another politician.

    1. ABM's Bloodied Underwear

      The car pulled up on front of the man and Frank Feighan jumped in front of him and proceeded with the elbows. Amazing that there’s video evidence on front of you, yet you can see only what you want to.

    2. Odis

      The reaality is that David Cameron has and needs more security, its a function of his ability to bomb people, and the like.
      pro tip: Your best shot at Cameron is with an egg.

      FG and Enda, himself, are persona non grata, in Roscommon, as a direct result of the hypocritical lies uttered from Enda’s own mouth.

  4. Louis Lefronde

    I see a lack of decorum is alive and well in rural Ireland on both sides, sans culottes and Les grands incompétents

    Who was it that said – ‘I look forward to the day when the Irish people are a nation instead of a rabble?’

    Well, I guess we are still waiting. Sadly the Republican motto of liberty, fraternity and equality is missing a fourth pillar in Ireland….civility.

  5. Lilly

    Reading the story about Enda’s apology in today’s Irish Times where he’s promising transparency in public appointments etc. Sorry Enda, we’ve heard it all before – when you were looking for our votes. You have shown your true colours, no going back.

    1. pa attack

      yea the moran seems to be under the impression that protesting is illegal. I’d can presume that she would be of the mind that it should be (when her little enda is in power that is)

  6. Hashtag Diversity

    BFD. We’re hardly talking Texas Schoolbook Depository here are we. Roscommon Welfare booklet Suppository, maybe.

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