16 thoughts on “De Wednesday Papers

  1. ABM

    Soldiers sleeping cars…

    They had a fake story about a woman “living in her car with her three kids” there a few months ago. And another “story” (i.e. myth) about kids eating Kellog’s cardboard for their breakfast.

    1. realPolithicks

      It must be difficult being such a miserable bollix all the time…or perhaps it isn’t, you seem to enjoy it.

      1. Kieran NYC

        Religious people love to be miserable in this life, because they think they’ll be rewarded in the next.

        That’s why you see so many poor Arabs strapping bombs to their chests.

  2. The bringer of facts

    This tiny neutral island does not need a full time army. In no way.

    Out tiny navy and few silly planes are enough.

    Rapid response unit of the Gardai is sufficient.

    I would prefer a semi-working health care system then a full time army.

    We do not need a full time army.

  3. munkifisht

    Gisele Bundchen on the front of two Irish papers…. I don’t want to live on this planet any more.

  4. will-billy

    that is actually an interesting story about twink’s car. it is time for rte to be reimagined with fg cronies too i think

      1. missred

        Those characters were commissioned to “perform” at the ’92 FG Ard Fheis by Eoghan Harris, sometime FG (and every other party) follower. Pure awful

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