For The Love Of God



Deputy James Bannon (Fine Gael) speaking in the Dáil this morning on retaining blasphemy legislation.

Deputy Clare Daly speaking on the same subject said that in 2011, Ireland’s blasphemy legislation was applauded by the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation.

She said “Let’s face it for Ireland to be cited by countries like Pakistan as having the best practice really makes us worse than bedfellows.”

Ah here.




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35 thoughts on “For The Love Of God

  1. Mick Flavin

    Sometimes I feel a little disillusioned about Longford, its place within, and contribution to public life. Then good old Bonkers comes along and reminds me that we punch above our weight when it comes to godbothering.

    *chest swells with pride*

      1. Italia'90

        Get de fuch off the stage will ya!
        Some of us mountain men elected Stephen Donnelly to the Dáil.
        He’s not perfect but he’s one of the better TD’s in opposition imo.

        1. Wayne Carr

          I meant generally better than Wicklow. Stephen “Fianna Fáil” Donnelly isn’t as impressive as people think. He stepped off the banking inquiry, bottling the whole process.

          DON’T FORGET 1967 EITHER

          1. Italia'90

            You may be right, but it’s not certain. However, there is a strong FF influence in the Independent movement in Wickla from where he emerged. Also, it’s a bit deeper than that. He’s a paid up stooge for somebody, I just haven’t quite figured out who yet.
            He’ll have to nail his colours to the mast before the next GE because there isn’t room for 1 FF 2 FG I SF and 3 Independents in the constituency.
            His flirting with Lucinda has made me reconsider my first preference next time around. It will definitely go to the one who I believe can do the least amount of damage. Yes it has been reduced to that for me. Depressing.

            What is the 1968 ref?

          2. Wayne Carr

            So him being off the inquiry makes it more transparent?

            68. When Longford won the Leinster Football Championship. Everyone knows GAA success is the only proper measure of the character of a county.

      1. Mick Flavin

        Why does everything I do here imply to you that I have a medical condition, Mani?

        *scratches crotch, lactates*

  2. Sidewinder

    As a public representative your personal belief shouldn’t matter one iota imo. Has he sought or listened to the opinion of any of his constituents on this? And not just those few that agree with him?

    And there is no right to not be offended or I’d have Miley Cyrus and half of twitter in a bloody gulag.

  3. JunkFace

    Jayzus effin Christ! What the fup is wrong with this ol’ g**bag?!

    I’ll blaspheme where the effin Jayzus I likes ye backwards muck savage!


  4. Ahjayzis

    This throw-back neanderthal priest-gobbing idiot offends me with his slurred, incoherent, presence in our parliament and the indictment of the idiocy of the Irish electorate which that entails.

    Therefore, I hereby call for a constitutional amendment to provide me with future protection against such offence.

    Alternatively, I call for a true Irish solution to an Irish problem; a move to categorise non-belief/atheism, gender, sexual orientation, race and class as forms of organised religion, so we’re all protected in case anyone says anything mean about us.

    1. will-billy

      i am offended that my internet buddy ahjaysis was not bothering anyone or any sentient being but merely lolling along on the information superboreen when accosted by this whingeing geebag doing a poor impression of a parliamentarian. i hereby call for all references to this offensive impressionist or likenesses thereof be removed from all media accessible to and by the public herewith. so help me dog.

      1. isintheair

        I know, this man can just about read from a piece of paper. His 10mb brain is full. Somebody buy him an external hard drive.

    1. JunkFace

      People everywhere are idiots Urban or not!

      There is no God, only animals.

      Religion is for the easily led.

  5. Zynks

    Did I hear it right? He seems to say that “citizens have a duty to honor religion”. WTF?!? Screw you Mr. Bannon, screw your religion, whatever it is and, what the hell, screw every religion out there as far as I am concerned.

    There, I blasphemed enough for today. My contact details will be provided on request to get the appropriate penalty (caning?) organized.

    1. Mick Flavin

      “Attribution is not strictly needed when a quote is that well-known, now pass me that mug of Bovril”
      -John Terry

        1. Mick Flavin

          I didn’t Will…In the book review section, I’m sure? He strikes me as a true renaissance man…

          1. will-billy

            aye sommat like that. he was saying he wanted to cry last year when chelski blew the title

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