28 thoughts on “Greatest Broadsheet Clickbait Posts That Never Were (Part 3)

  1. Alfred E. Neumann

    Could you link to the earlier one and use the same tags? Everything gets a lot easier to navigate.

  2. MUlch


    Denis O’Brien putting up christmas lights in August.
    Receipt for a pint of guinness in Temple bar for €10, that’s in the shape of Ireland.
    Paddy Coughlan predicting the winning lotto numbers through “organised serendipity” , then donating the money to pro-life campaign group Iona.

    I can taste the outrage.

    1. Mani

      I’d go for a half drawn picture to represent a sneakily taken photo of someone on commuter transport submitted by a snide nosebag that is hastily withdrawn by Broadsheet after howls of outrage from the commentariat.

      1. Frilly Keane

        Commentariat is a good one Mandy

        Like a last supper
        Or a team pic line out
        Or the lads having their sangwiches on the NY Skyscraper beam
        Or the one wi’ the doggies that play cards n’ pool
        n’ smoke cigars. Jays I love that painting.

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