It’s The Commies, Stupid



Senator McCarthy Paul Bradford (Reform Alliance) called out the Socialist Party on the latest water charges protests this afternoon.

I raised here last week, Cathaoirleach the fact that we were celebrating the 25th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall. I’m sure Deputy Murphy and his colleagues in the Socialist Party and that ilk wished that the Berlin Wall and all it stood for, was still standing. Because they in their Trotsky Marxist view of the world have absolutely nothing in common with genuine working class people on this island….We must learn from this disaster but we all stand shoulder to shoulder with the Tánaiste and indeed anybody who’s been put under unfair pressure by mob rule. We must never give in to mob rule in this country. We haven’t given in to the mob rule of the Provisional IRA in the 60s, 70s, and 80s and we must not give in to mob rule now of extreme left-wing socialists who look back to a panacea of the Soviet Union and North Korea. That’s their aspiration for our island and it’s not an aspiration that I, and the vast majority of the people on this land would share.

1991 called.

They’d like their college debating rhetoric and striped shirt returned.

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55 thoughts on “It’s The Commies, Stupid

  1. Sam

    Thankfully we have Lucinda’s hubby, in a rotten borough to defend us from the disaster in Jobstown.

    What you don’t see is that the guy in the red coat wasn’t just throwing a brick at a Garda Car, he had more bricks and was attempting to build a new wall to set up a socialist gulag, with a command economy and compulsory abortions.

    Or, y’know… not…

  2. Kolmo

    Ah yes, reduce everything down to black and white, left v right, thus retarding any nuanced debate….the boor.

    1. Sam

      The advantage of being ‘elected’ by the Agricultural Panel, never short of material if you want to build a strawman.

    2. Odis

      ” have absolutely nothing in common with genuine working class people on this island…” And Paul should know. After all he’s a Senator.

  3. PaddyM

    Would have thought that the mention of the old Soviet Union and North Korea would be a bit close to the bone for his former coalition colleagues such as Gilmore and Rabbitte.

      1. Odis

        No more than I can imagine her underneath me – if you are choosing to sink to vulgar abstractions of the imagination.

    1. SOMK

      Isn’t it interesting how often in Irish politics and media circles married couples don’t take their names, Terry Prone isn’t Terry Savage, Avril Power isn’t Avril Sheehan. Maybe it’s a side effect if the game and having a name as a brand and getting recognition from that name, or maybe it’s an easy way to hide how inter-connected connected they really all are.

      My theory is the Reform Alliance is just a scam to bleed money from looney billionaire right-wing Catholics like the guy behind Dominos pizza, it makes no sense running on a political ticket that only the oldest most soon-to-be dead 15% of the population support, Creighton was a pro abortion campaigner in her Trinity Students days by the way, if my totally unsubstantiated speculative guess is right this is all just an act, if I’m wrong then he really is as daft as he sounds.

      1. Sam

        She might next time out, if she’s desperate, and if there’s any Connollys or Conlon’s on the ballot… do a Dev Óg on it, and appear higher up the ballot as BRADFORD, Lucinda.

        Until then, yes, the Creighton brand stays, although I also think you’re onto something with the ‘lets look more diverse than we really are’ notion.

  4. Wayne Carr

    Communists love nothing more than drawing up arbitrary “national” borders, and then creating nationalist doctrine to brainwash populations. That’s basically what being left-wing is. As such, it’s obvious that the communist/socialist/soviet alliance would have declared a Southern Germany if they could have.

    Right-wingers, on the other hand, hate nationalism, and all its associated paraphernalia (flags, anthems, armies, languages etc).

    Thank you, Mr Lucinda Creighton, for reminding us of the difference between the two.

  5. Surely They Wouldn't Lie To Us

    Ireland in a nutshell.
    Socialism for large corporations and the rich.
    Capitalism for the poor.

  6. ahjayzis

    Paul Bradford’s sneering, ignorant of how backward and stupid he is/sounds, bog-brained, dull, 1980’s politician character tells you everything you need to know about Lucinda Creighton.

    1. bisted

      …hat-tip to fellow Senator Prof Crown who nicknamed them the Tay Party while they were grasping for a name.

    1. italia'90

      *Comment Deleted*
      Why Broadsheet?
      I only mentioned the fact that if I had a bag full of male appendages I wouldn’t share any with her.
      Unbelievable moderation in my humble opinion.

    2. scottser

      ‘Ya wouldnt get up on her to get over a wall’, as the old saying goes. Although, ‘a bear wouldnt hug her’ and ‘the tide wouldnt take her out’ also spring to mind..

    3. Sam

      Way to take a conversation that started off with a fanatic pretending that water protestors are the spawn of Stalin and Kim Jong Il… and then drag it into less classy territory.

  7. Paolo

    People should pay for the water that they use. They should not expect someone else to pay for them. If they want to march then they should march against property tax.

    1. Sam

      Anything else we should pay for while we’re at it Paolo? Schools perhaps? These freeloading parents expect the childless to bear the burden eh?

      As a society, we decided that somethings we will provide for our collective benefit – hospitals, schools, running drinkable water, fire stations.
      They are not commodities.

      Somethings we’ve been spending money on are things that we as society never asked for… AngloBondholders, and the cost of paying them off, bonuses for crony appointments to Quangos,

      If someone shows me a house where they are running the taps all day and flushing the toilet every few minutes just for fun, I’d be in favour of some kind of reprimand for them, but I don’t think most people are being awfully wasteful of water.

      1. ahjayzis


        While you’re at it, Paolo, please show us by example how it’s possible to conserve water to such an extent that you don’t pay anything for this ‘conservation charge’

      2. Colm

        All fair enough except we still have a deficit of billions even if you exclude the cost of servicing the debt related to the banks. Irish taxpayers simply do not pay sufficient taxes to cover the cost of public services. This is unsustainable and Irish Water is simply there to reduce this deficit.

    2. martco

      thanks Paolo, I already do

      I’ll be sure to remind the Govt that on the 10th

      and just to be sure I’ll also let them know what I think come GE time by using my vote

  8. Spammer

    “Champagne socialist” the buzz phrase of the week for idiot politicians towing the establishment line.

  9. JunkFace

    Real Communism (which is supposed to be leaderless) has never been fully attempted in the world.

    Anyway, its sh1te and doesn’t work.

    A bit of socialism and a bit of capitalism combined seems to be the way.

  10. Ferret McGruber

    “unfair pressure by mob rule…” He’s right, I’ve definitely been unfairly pressured by that mob in Leinster House and their buddies in the Bundestag. Thank God there’s people like Paul Bradford who care or I don’t know what I’d do.

  11. Disgruntled Goat

    Reason # 1,035 why the Seanad has no useful purpose anymore and is a leisure club for the fanatical and miscellaneous un-electable party stooges.

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