11 thoughts on “Internet In Our Eyes

  1. Custo

    I tried reading that City of Bohane yoke or whatever it was called last year, gave up and gave it to my mate. He threw it in the bin.

    This reminds me of that.

    1. Sinabhfuil

      Or maybe in that crazy parallel universe/future, the Apostrophe War of 1950-55 may have been lost by the Calipha’te?

  2. cacotechny

    The story is so childish and silly really:
    She couldn’t afford the surgery for a better face, but she was confident enough that she’d get the ride tonight. AND. She returned the compliment with a quick flash of her breasts and a wave. AND. Be careful who sees you doing plop like that. , 6/10.
    If I was a feminist online, I would rip your cyberpunking head off.

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