28 thoughts on “Re-greening The Greens

  1. Tony

    Oh yes let’s have the Greens back.

    Wouldn’t it be great if the only two options after the next general election were an SF/Green/ Ind coalition and an FG/FF coalition?

    1. ThePeoplesHero

      I’m very curious to learn how you’ve come to that conclusion.

      There is zero breach here…

  2. pixel_pimp

    They will get my € only when they get real and stop supporting insane transient electricity sources like Wind & Wave.. Carbon Free Future is Nuclear or Geo-Thermal in case anyone doubted.

      1. Drogg

        Uruguay seems to be doing pretty well with 60% of their power coming from wind and planning to increase it more over the next few years. But of course lets do the real green thing let’s use nuclear power which we would then have to treat the waste and bury it so far under the ground we would have to start building the waste storage facilities years before we even think about building a nuclear power plant. Also did I forget how insanely expensive nuclear power is, it’s not like the country is broke and the government isn’t dipping their hands into our pockets more everyday so we have loads of fricking money to pay for ever increasing power bills when we switch to nuclear.

  3. The Bottler

    The country was in crisis, Gormley did not give a poo – don’t wake me up!………………………………………….. and now they want our money…………………….give me a break!

  4. Truth in the News

    Since they straddled us with the bank bail out, they should try the
    bankers and bondholders, in particular the German ones.

  5. Drogg

    Can we not just stop electing morons people come on. The Greens are a lunatic fringe, labour has forgot it is supposed to be for the workers not against then, FG is a step away from goose stepping over everyone who makes less then 75k a year, FF are just waiting to start the brown envelope cash machine back up while being lead by that big head cork muppet who of course wasn’t there and didn’t see anything during their last time in power, and all the while SF makes hay by staying quite and supporting populist agendas but their financial planning makes no sense. So remember the next time your standing there in a polling station just say to yerself “no more morons”.

      1. Drogg

        Did I say that? No. I said no more voting for morons. If you want to vote in a party fine, work away and then keep telling yourself after the next election “the only way anything will get done in the Dail is if we vote in a party” but at the end of the day when they start screwing the average Jo over for their own self benefit, you’ll know, that it was people like you who voted them in.

        1. Stumpy

          “….. end of the day when they start screwing the average Jo over for their own self benefit, you’ll know, that it was people like you who voted them in.” You’re presuming a lot there, Drogg.

          1. Drogg

            By your previous statement I assumed you think all independents are a waste of time and spoiling your vote does no one any favours.

  6. david gosling

    Liverpool dominated in the 80’s but fell from grace. Are they a waste of a team now? Did they make mistakes even during their reign? Are their current players useless morons?
    Similarly The Greens made mistakes, but in good faith. Does the combination of trying to change elements of the system for the better, bad timing and ‘greenness’ while in first government make them morons or lunatics. Only way to judge for most people is to read election manifestos with a critical eye. I did before joining THE greens, and it was heavy going overall. But the one which made most sense was by The Greens.

    And as for being in it for themselves is, in a loose comparison, like accusing Gandhi of being in it to become a Celebrity. To a man and a woman the GP representatives, and I don’t agree with or necessarily even like all of them, are honest to the point of naivety. They reduced political donation limits; eschewed corporate donations and took necessary political actions when it was right to do so; Trevor Sargent’s resignation, first as party leader and then as a junior minister display this.

    So think before you comment and read and listen before you think!

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