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Graham Dwyer (top) and a statement released by his solicitors this evening

Graham Dwyer closed his eyes and shook his head slightly when verdict was delivered.

Sentencing and victim impact statements will be dealt with on 20 April.

The sentence for murder is mandatory life in prison.

Dwyer guilty of murdering Elaine O’Hara (RTE News)

Statement pic via Conor Gallagher

(H/T: Kevin Whitty, Spaghetti Hoop)

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110 thoughts on “Guilty

    1. phil

      I wondered something similar, was there really enough evidence to convict him , or was his sick fantasies enough for the jury…

      I do understand that only the Jury can make that decision, they heard everything , I wasnt there…

  1. Wearnicehats

    I’m surprised by the verdict too. At no point did they seem to prove he owned any of the phones. I think he’ll get off on appeal.

    1. p

      They proved it beyond reasonable doubt, telling her he came ‘fifth in the planes’, talking about his newborn, 2 hour break where both the disposable phone and his work phone were used both in Galway and then Dublin 2 hours later, with a Galway meeting on his work schedule for that day. The only thing I’m surprised with is the fact that he thought he could get away with it ffs.

      1. Mister Mister

        Yip. I don’t understand why people need to see a receipt in his name that he bought the phones to believe they were in his use.

      2. Continuity Jay-Z

        Man he went close to getting away with it. The list factors that uncoiled his plot is amazing. If it was scripted you’d call bullshyte.

      1. Wayne.F

        Yep and the bag found in Vartry was the same bag he was captured on CCTV leaving her apartment with

      2. Delacaravanio

        No, they satisfied a jury that there was no reasonable doubt that the phones weren’t his.

    2. Joachim Gillespie

      What grounds for appeal?

      I, like a lot of people, have followed this very closely, due to the huge amount of coverage in the media and when you take everything in to account it pointed to guilty.

      Then the jury will have heard a huge amount more minute detail, weeks and weeks of evidence. All tiny little coincidences, facts, details etc.

      This level of detail/evidence is what convicted him.

      1. scottser

        true dat. the case for the prosecution was exhaustive, to me anyway. fair play to the gardai, in fairness.

        1. Ms Piggy

          totally agree, the evidence may have been circumstantial, but there was so much of it and it was so daming. The Guards and the prosecution did an amazing job of constructing this case, I followed it closely too, and it was really impressive. He clearly did it and I’ll go further and say he’d probably have done it again if they hadn’t caught him this time.

          1. Spaghetti Hoop

            Followed the facts in detail too, albeit unpleasant, and agree with the expert level of investigation applied by the Guards and Counsel. The fact that we have so many missing person cases and a huge hiding ground / burial ground in the Dublin/Wicklow Mountains makes the finding of evidence remarkable.

            Another conclusion we can make is that however ‘private’ people believe their activities are – it’s foolish to think you can cover your tracks. Internet, phone records and CCTV will ultimately trip you up. The Naul / Joe O’Reilly murder case proved that also. Both men were convicted based on confirmed phone records, but with some substantiating evidence. At least there’s a deterrent there.

            And then there is Elaine O’Hara – a consenting adult in terms of most of her risky sexual activity, but then she had the emotional age of 15 and mental health problems. How can people like her, even with all of the medical support and confidants she had, be protected from exploitation? Impossible if you throw in someone with evil intent.

        1. Chuckenstein

          You can safely expect that his various directions to the jury will be picked apart by Dwyer’s team.

          1. Atticus

            They were talking about it on the Matt Cooper show earlier and they were saying that the only reason for a re-trial would be on a point of law, and in particular, mistakes that the judge may have made. They went on to say that the judge was extremely careful not to make any mistakes though.

            He’ll most certainly go for a re-trial so it’ll be interesting to see what his defence will try to base it on.

    1. Mani

      I don’t know Graham Dwyer, I’ve never met Graham Dwyer but…but…
      *breaks down crying*
      There there, Amanda. You’re tears say more than the truth ever could.
      Up next , Barry Egan on how his friend Graham never stabbed anyone in front of him.

      1. scottser

        stabby’s missis is a fine looking filly mani. you could do worse, you know, shoulder to cry on, time of need sort of approach..

          1. scottser

            and what a shame they deleted the super-valu steak knives gag. funniest thing i read all day..

  2. eric cartman

    A sad day for justice when circumstantial evidence and having a weird fetish can convict somebody. Both individuals involved needed serious psychological help.

    let this go out as a warning to anybody interested in hardcore bdsm, if your partner dies you’ll be found guilty by the media before you even get to court.

    1. Smashmouth

      I wouldnt call it a sad day when someone is rightfully convicted of a crime

      I do however have sympathy for the witnesses who were called to testify and had their names printed in the media throughout the trial

      Their names have been sullied for doing no wrong

      1. Nikkeboentje

        Yeah, I thought it was wrong that the names of the people giving evidence were made known to the public. What they do in their private lives is their own business.

    2. Vote Rep #1

      Circumstantial evidence is regularly used to convict people. Joe O’Reilly got convicted with only circumstantial evidence. People seriously need to stop watching programs like CSI.

    3. The People's Hero

      Sounds like we’ve strong potential for the sex offenders list amongst us……

      That, and it appears as if you have a very tenuous understanding of the role circumstantial evidence plays in law…. It was possible he was innocent, but not at all probable…. it was beyond reasonable doubt…..

    4. LiamZero

      It’s still murder if you intentionally kill someone while doing your BDSM thing. Which is what the jury, who heard all the evidence, have concluded. So your uninformed opinion doesn’t really amount to a hill of beans.

      “A sad day for justice”. FFS.

      1. Ciarán

        BDSM would normally involve commonly-understood boundaries, even if at it’s more extreme edges people play with the fantasy of no consent, and/or serious violence.

        From what I understood from partially following the case, the victim wasn’t as into the extremes of BSDM as the perpetrator, also not into his violence/stabbing fetish. I doubt she consented to be killed.

        I think a more interesting legal grey area was that German canniibalism case where the ‘victim’ actually asked to be killed and eaten.

    5. B Hewson

      @eric cartman so videoing yourself on multiple occasions stabbing someone while having sex with them while they are tied up, you text them that you want to murder them and then they are murdered + loads more evidence hmmmm you think it’s is a sad day for justice…typical ‘perpetrators are the victims’ hogwash. Anyone with half a brain could see he is a complete psychopath..

      1. Buzz

        + 1 Idiots who haven’t followed the case closely should keep their hare-brained doubts to themselves. He was guilty.

    6. The Bird in the Box

      well if you kill someone you deserve to be convicted for it. just because you get off on it or go to far isn’t an excuse or justification

  3. Dubloony

    Thank fupp.
    Have never felt physically ill reading news site before this case.

    Hope he gets a whole life tariff.

    Great police work by the Gardai and the jury deserve a medal for having to go through all that.

  4. ivan

    I think it’s the correct verdict in that I think he committed the murder.

    I’m not 100% convinced that this was proven beyond reasonable doubt, and i think he might have been convicted *because* he was seen as a pervert (to put it mildly). Of course, when you plead not guilty and don’t get into the witness box to say it, there’s likely to be an inference (even if nobody can say it influenced them) that he wasn’t being allowed to perjure himself…

      1. ivan

        well he didn’t ‘perjure’ himself in that he didn’t lie under oath, in the witness box, but I take your point about telling fibs to the Gardai.

        My point on the perjury is that if you go and kill somebody, get arrested/charged/released and then to to a solicitor and tell him ‘Yeah, I killed yer man, but I want to plead not guilty’ you can certainly do so, but your solicitor cannot allow you into the witness box to state ‘I didn’t do it’.

        so, with this chap *not* getting into the witness box, there’s a bit of the ‘hmmmm’ about it.

    1. Mani

      Yeah, the prosecution called Oscar, the psychic blaa to give evidence of her murder. His floury prose was all the evidence the jury needed.

  5. Murtles

    Surprised he wasn’t let off with the way the Judge was instructing the Jury.
    Mandatory life sentence sure what’s that? 15 years? He’ll still be young enough on his release (unless he gets Franned in the showers).

      1. Ciarán

        …probably not since he was into INFLICTING violence. Like saying you must be into getting it just because you like giving it.

        Unless he’s a switcher. But I doubt it.

    1. Vote Rep #1

      What was wrong with the way the judge instructed the jury? Mandatory life sentence is as long as it takes until someone lets you out. It could be 20 years, it could be until he dies.

        1. Vote Rep #1

          Doubt it. He has been found guilty of stabbing a woman to death and has admitted to being sexual aroused by the idea of stabbing women to death. He won’t be out for a long time. MacArthur was in for 30 years and only got out because he has basically become a child mentally.

        1. Vote Rep #1

          A mandatory sentence is one which must be imposed regardless of any other circumstances. In Ireland, murder carries a mandatory sentence of life imprisonment. A life sentence lasts for life. As is the case in a number of countries, however, not all of the life sentence in Ireland is generally served in prison custody. The granting of temporary or early release of life sentenced prisoners is a feature of prison systems internationally and in Ireland.

          The Minister for Justice and Equality, in deciding on the release from prison of a life sentenced prisoner, always considers the advice and recommendations of the Parole Board of Ireland. At present, the Board initially reviews prisoners who have been sentenced to life imprisonment after they have served 7 years.

          Prisoners serving very long sentences (including life sentences), are normally reviewed on a number of occasions over a number of years before any substantial concessions would be recommended by the Board. The final decision as to whether a life sentenced prisoner is released, rests solely with the Minister. The length of time spent in custody by offenders serving life sentences can vary substantially. Of those prisoners serving life sentences who have been released, the average sentence served in prison is approximately 12 years. This, however, is only an average; there are prisoners serving life sentences in Ireland who have spent in excess of thirty years in custody.


  6. John

    there was pretty compelling evidence that he lured her to shanganagh and they were his phones. there doesnt seem to have been any evidence that I heard that she killed herself, which seems to have been the only thing the defense could come up with. however on the o ther hand there doesn’t seem to be any evidence of the act of murder.

  7. John

    the interesting question is did he act out any of his other fantasy’s and are there more victims out there.

    1. Dubloony

      The evidence presented related to this case but go only knows what else the gardai found or who else will provide info now that he is behind bars.

      Feel the need to go do something very uplifting and away from news sites for a while. Truly horrible case.

      1. Spaghetti Hoop

        You may have noticed that Murray’s murder case was reopened a few weeks ago – possibly based on that text from Dwyer. Doesn’t mean he’s a suspect, but with all of the missing persons on the books…well, the families can demand some further investigation.

  8. Custo

    I’m pretty sure they’ve caught & convicted a serial killer after [hopefully] his first murder.

    1. Ms Piggy

      Yep. At least, we can all cross our fingers and hope it was his first. Poor woman, I’ve rarely come to feel quite so desperately sad about a murder victim as I did about her during this trial. The way he played on her vulnerabilities was absolutely chilling.

  9. Zarathustra

    This is worth a read:

    It also mentions that Elaine’s keys which were found in Vartry reservoir, had her Dunnes Stores loyalty card on them, and that the reservoir levels were way down from normal levels due to the dry weather. So many factors involved could have meant Dwyer was never identified – it doesn’t bear thinking about.

  10. Someone

    I only started reading about this whole trial last week, being out forin has abstracted me from the news, especially non sport related news. Messed up. It’s unbearable to think about what that poor woman suffered.

  11. McKay

    Now that he’s been found guilty expect all the news outlets to take the gloves off. If you thought the coverage before the verdict was distasteful be prepared for even worse. Indo app has 8 stories on its home screen, 7 are about the Graham O’Dwyer verdict. Last one is about Kate & Prince William. For balance, like. No evidence that Kate & Wills ever use knives though

    1. Bonkers

      I heard that Wills is big into the oul’ knifeplay but that Kate isn’t so keen.

      I’m looking forward to the Sunday Independent Limited Edition Dwyer Knifeset, free with 10 tokens and a SAE

  12. LiamZero

    Of all the completely mental things in this trial, that statement by Dwyer is pretty high up on the scale. Are his legal team sure they issued the right one? Reads like it was from someone who was acquitted.

    1. ItsOnlyMe

      fair point! I doubt his legal team were very busy in fairness, preparing their sum total of three witnesses

    2. Atticus

      And no mention of the victim. Surely if he was innocent he would at least have mentioned her.

  13. Joe

    Ok so why were the names of the guys who met elaine released to the media but the women’s names from GD’s video clips were not released?

    1. The Bird in the Box

      because it was important to prove that other partners and potential suspects were investigated presumably. the defence could have called the ladies on the videos if they wished, I’m sure their client could have supplied names!

  14. Soundings

    I see the broadcast media is faithfully reporting a statement from……..Graham Dwyer, who, in best Oscar night tradition, thanks his legal team. He then goes on to ask for privacy for his family.

    While I’m only sorry he didn’t endorse obesity merchants McDonalds in his statement, is it now a thing that media report a statement from a convicted murderer?

    1. LiamZero

      It’s up there at the top of this page too. And no, statements from killers are not a “thing” now – so the fact that he had the nerve to release a statement after being found guilty is so utterly bizarre that it’s worth reporting.

  15. LiamZero

    It’s up there at the top of this page too. And no, statements from killers are not a “thing” now – so the fact that he had the nerve to release a statement after being found guilty is so utterly bizarre that it’s worth reporting.

    1. Spaghetti Hoop

      Unusual but not bizarre from a businessman. Plus I think that’s a direct message to his family and friends and to his legal team. Certainly proves he’s compos mentis.

        1. Zarathustra

          I know where you’re coming from LiamZ, but all it really proves is that his legal team are Compos Mentis, not necessarily Dwyer himself, and they are speaking on his behalf as is legally required; the fact that he pleaded not guilty from the start is testament to his mind-set, not to mention the fact that he never changed his plea, even when the mother of his child testified that he’d told her of his sex & stabbing fantasies 20 yrs. ago – that’s why she left him and moved to Donegal, and that was just one of many incidents which were reported on during the trial. The strongest card his counsel had to play, was that Elaine O’ Hara had a history of mental illness and suicide attempts, and that’s what they focussed on – as well as trying to muddy the waters – and the verdict was never going to be anything other than guilty/ not guilty. If it weren’t for some fateful incidents that happened after her death, as I mentioned in a previous post, her belongings and bones might not have been found thus far. That poor woman lived a lonely, confused life and she didn’t deserve the horrible death she was subjected to at his hands, no one does. But it still makes me think about the women who went missing in the ’90s, before a certain carpenter was caught red-handed in the Wicklow Mountains while stuffing the nearly dead body of a woman in to his car boot, before he was seen by poachers. Will we ever know what happened them?

        2. Spaghetti Hoop

          I’m pointing out that he was business-like in his statement and clearly with full faculties. The assumption being that he’s not insane.

          1. Zarathustra

            I agree, Spaghetti Hoop, and I wasn’t trying to argue, or negate any points that either you or Liam made; all I was saying is that his statement would have been written by his legal team, and I doubt anything other than the basic premise of ‘I’m still not guilty’ would have been requested by his team from him, when it came to actually formulating his statement for the press. There is still a possibility of an appeal, however remote, and it certainly is, thus far the trial of the year, so, as far as any law firm’s reputation goes, recognition like this is priceless. And, if Dwyer keeps maintaining his innocence, which he will, because he can’t back down now, then it will only get worse for everyone involved – unless you’re a lawyer.

          2. LiamZero

            @Spaghetti Hoop: He seemed pretty normal to his own wife and family all those years, so I’m not sure a coldly worded, self-serving and completely inappropriate thank you note at the end of a trial at which he was found guilty of murder is a good basis in which to judge his mental state. To me, it reads as being written by someone utterly detached from reality.

            @Zarathustra: Who knows if he is a serial killer, but I suspect not. I’d imagine this could have been a starting point for him. The guy had no problem admitting all sorts of deep and dark secrets about himself when he thought he was being anonymous, and it seemed he was fascinated by the idea of stabbing someone to death but had never actually gone through with it. But then we’ll likely never find out the whole truth.
            In the end, it’s a really sad and disturbing story and will affect many people’s lives, permanently in some cases. And yes, I’m sure there are some lawyers licking their lips out there at the prospect of his appeal.

          3. Zarathustra

            Agreed Liam, and that’s what so terrifying about this whole trial, he was only caught because of some fateful incidences and advances in technology which enabled the Gardaí to pursue him. As was mentioned in the link I posted earlier, after 13 months in the reservoir, the SIM cards still retained information about his communications with Elaine, and it was a curious individual who initially noticed the BDSM paraphernalia in the shallow water of the reservoir, which led to a Garda repeatedly going back to search for more evidence once the rain had ceased. But, considering the fact that he had told the mother of his son, 20 yrs. earlier that he wanted to stab and kill while having sex, he certainly has form in that regard psychologically – although it might never be proven if he has killed before, particularly if he leaves his victims’ bodies in the woods to be scavenged. Which brings me to what I mentioned about the carpenter and the women who went missing in the ’90s; that guy knew the mountains better than anyone, and, he refused any sort of rehabilitation or therapy while inside, also, mobile phones weren’t the norm the ’90s, even poor JoJo Dullard used a phone box to ring home to say that she was on her way home, while hitching a lift, and that’s when she was picked up.

            In so far as this case goes, I really think they’ve got the right man, especially considering that he, and by proxy, his counsel were willing to use this poor woman’s mental illness as a tool to try and secure his innocence, and subject her family, and his, to such an awful, horrible experience. Yet, as far as I’m aware, I don’t think a plea of insanity or diminished responsibility was ever raised, nor was a case for manslaughter, which means that he had all his faculties about him when he did what he did – hence the guilty verdict [as opposed to not guilty]. I really hope that in the wake of this trial, someone will come forward with information about the missing women from the ’90s, I’ve watched a few documentaries over the years, and the consensus among the Gardaí [off the record] is that the man who was in the process of strangling the woman from Carlow when he was caught by poachers, is responsible for the disappearances of those women, but they can’t prove it, as he was far too clever in disposing of the evidence and in covering his tracks. Maybe there might be a silver lining to this cloud for those womens’ families, if someone were to come forward.

          4. Joe the Lion

            I’m a pedantic bollx Z but it’s “Dollard” not “Dullard” FFS! Yours, Joe Sixpax

  16. Soundings

    Garda James O’Donoghue, the garda who, on his own time, searched the area around where the initial items were found, and who went on to find the phones and other items which were critical to the conviction, deserves a medal. Garda Siochana operates under a general cloud but the initiative and dedication of individual Gardai like Garda O’Donoghue should be commended. Fair play, Garda O’Donoghue.

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