Meanwhile, In Nymburk



The Irish women’s lacrosse side to take on na Sasanaigh [home of lacrosse] tomorrow at the Sports Center Nymburk, Czech Republic.

Flopsy Walsh writes:

Ireland play England in the QUARTER final of the Women’s Lacrosse European Championships tomorrow AM. Send them some love…

Stick. Fight.

Loive stream here

2015 ELF Women’s Lacrosse European Championship

Thanks Flopsy Walsh

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17 thoughts on “Meanwhile, In Nymburk

  1. Fozz

    The men lost out to England in the final in 2012, let’s hope the women’s team can get some revenge tomorrow.

  2. Lorcan Nagle

    Trexler: [after Archer hits a polo ball out the window] God, you’re a natural! Bet it’s all that lacrosse at boarding school, no doubt.
    Archer: Yeah, 13 years’ worth.
    Trexler: 13 years?! What, did she ship you off in kindergarten?! Gosh, that must’ve been tough.
    Archer: No, I loved it. Uh… made a lot of good friends. [Quick cutaway to a young Archer sitting alone on the lacrosse field] Family, almost, is what they were.

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