The first salmon of the 2016 season has been landed at Lough Curran [Co. Kerry].

Myles Kelly writes:

He [Neil O’Shea] managed to get stuck into a good fish [above] before the 11 o’clock tea break. At 10:50 the fish was guided over the net and boated. The salmon fell for a 13cm rainbow Rapala lure….

13cm lure?

We’ve all fallen for one of those, in fairness.

First salmon of the season caught on Lough Currane (Angling Ireland)

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13 thoughts on “Kerry Springer

    1. Robyn

      That implies that he killed it for the sole purpose of posing with it. What is much more likely is that it became his dinner. It is essentially the same as his buying a salmon from the shop, except he knows this one is fresh.

      1. bisted

        …the first salmon is usually caught on the Bundrowse and occassionaly on the Liffey on 1st Jan. It usually sells for a large amount which goes to charity.

  1. Mikeyfex

    Ya right Neil. You forgot to take the tag off.

    Still, very jealous of all the gear and the relaxing days he must have.

  2. poppy

    Some fishers who scarce get a bite
    From beginning to end of season,
    Still think their own methods are right,
    And for failure have always a reason.
    And this, you will probably hear,
    Was “water” or ” weather” or “tackle”
    For the stream was “too high” or “too clear”
    Or something went wrong with the ” hackle”
    One day O ‘Shea had caught but a few,
    And none of the others had any;
    I ventured to ask if he knew
    The reason he didnt get many?
    He answered ” the truth for to say
    And not for to tell you a whopper,
    I’m a little bit queerist today,
    And fancy I didnt fish proper”

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