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Charlotte Way, Dublin 2.

CONTEXT: Brazil Gears Up for Crucial Vote on Whether to Impeach Dilma Rousseff (WSJ)

Brazil’s president loses impeachment vote (RTE News)

Thanks Sheila Larkin


Rayne Booth writes:

I was at the impeachment protest with my partner, who is from Sao Paulo, and talked to a few Brazilian people living in Ireland to get their take on what is going on. There were and are certainly differences in opinion and politics, but all of the people there agreed that the impeachment is illegal, corrupt and undemocratic. I took a couple of videos of people having their say, hopefully you can post as your readers might be interested.

Watch Rayne’s second video here

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25 thoughts on “Impeachy

  1. dav

    Anyone with a bit more context on this? Are her policies a bit too socialist for the liking of the USA? IMHO any country that invites BOTH FIFA & the IOC into the place within a 4yr period must be corrupt as hell.

    1. Starina

      From the Guardian article it sounds like the Opposition are hugely corrupt and by impeaching her they’ll stop several investigations into their own shenanigans

  2. dan

    White middle class Brazil don’t want a president that spends money on the non white people at the lower end of the socioeconomic ladder..
    White middle class Ireland doesn’t want a government that spends money on the people at the lower end of the socioeconomic ladder..

    Remove the reference to skin colour and you have Fine Gael!

    In other news, Why is there not more media coverage on the Kevin McKeever court case? This is the most bizarre news story since Twink’s dog ran away form home/

        1. Rob_G

          I’m not sure; I imagine that the Eurostat figures are working off the same criteria for each country, which show Ireland to be right around the average.

      1. dan

        The spend on social protection in the state in relation to GDP was 15.3% in 2014.
        Ireland’s GDP figure is inflated so the actual % should be a lot lower.
        Social protection spend includes state pensions to retired politicians, hardly what social protection should be defined as.
        Social protection spend in Brazil is around the same as Ireland.

        1. Rob_G


          You are right that our GDP is higher than our GNP; so, presumably social protection spending would make up a larger proportion of our GNP?

    1. rotide

      White middle class Ireland

      I know you qualified it with the ‘remove the skin colour’ thing but i see this so much here now.

      What percentage of the population of ireland is non-white? What huge social problems do we have relating to white/non-white clashes.

      This just isn’t an issue in Ireland and its irritating seeing people parrot stuff they read on american websites

      1. Rowsdower

        I don’t know why this is in italics but its a good point.

        Ireland has and always has had a pretty homogenous racial makeup. The immigrants coming into the company may change that over time but these are people who made a choice to come here rather then importation from slavery, colonialism or other aggressive actions from Ireland. This is not the same as is happening in other countries.

        1. rotide

          I mucked up the italics, only meant to italicise the first line.

          But yeh, the ‘white male’ thing usually comes from the same types who use ‘check your privildge’ and other phrases they’ve read on american websites.

  3. Eoin

    Brazil needs our help! Quick, send in Michael Noonan over to tell them where they went wrong. Junket to Rio!!! Woohooo!

  4. Cromuel

    Funny old country, Brazil. From the Guardian: At times the session exposed the farcical side of Brazil’s democracy, such as the Women’s party that has only male deputies, or the Progressive Socialist party that is one of the most right-wing groups in congress…
    On the other side of the fence
    (from anti-Dilma protestors), the crowd was smaller and more muted. Some bore banners saying “Defend Democracy” and “Respect My Vote”, in reference to tens of millions of ballots cast for Rousseff in the last election that impeachment threatens to negate.

    1. Cromuel

      Sorry, itals went odd there; they should continue after “protestors)”, to show the quote from the Guardian continues.

    2. Rowsdower

      Pretty nasty stuff, all things considered

      “On a dark night, arguably the lowest point was when Jair Bolsonaro, the far-right deputy from Rio de Janeiro, dedicated his yes vote to Carlos Brilhante Ustra, the colonel who headed the Doi-Codi torture unit during the dictatorship era. Rousseff, a former guerrilla, was among those tortured.”

      1. rotide

        That paragraph jumped out at me. Puts some of the hysteria about irish politics in perspective.

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