Resources, Pooled


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A series exploring the privatisation of a public asset (water) by German photographer Stephan Zirwes. To wit: private swimming pools observed (and isolated) from a helicopter. Sez he:

The pools and people are real, I only copied parts of the original pool tiles and enlarged them in a simple, visible way to create a kind of mount in patterns.” The removal of distractions only focuses our attention more fully on the pools themselves. These pools are reserved for private usage and are a massive waste of drinking water. Public pools can still be a symbol for the importance that water should be free and accessible to everyone.


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3 thoughts on “Resources, Pooled

  1. Kieran NYC

    So a private swimming pool is immoral now because he says so? If you can afford to build it, pay the water charges and there isn’t a water shortage, you can do what you like.

    Fupp off.

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