15 thoughts on “Some Like It Not

  1. Joni2015

    I can say with near absolutele certainty that this was created by members of the women’s rugby team. Yet you, a male, are the one offended by it.

  2. Sheila

    Great headline, great movie :)

    Also, a teeny tiny controversy has been stoked by this poster – job done I think.

  3. Waddy Dilson

    sit back, relax, watch the stereotypes scramble to be more outraged than everyone else.

  4. LiamZero

    Poor Garret doesn’t understand the sign so he reverts to default mode of confused and offended.

  5. Grouse

    Lads can never do this kind of thing without telling you about another woman far more deserving of their gaze.

  6. forfeckssake

    What’s up with the weird grey face that’s badly live-traced and looks like it’s covered in warts?

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