Lance Armstrong argues chats to Off The Ball’s anchorman Ger Gilroy, on Denis FM Newstalk tonight from 7pm.


Listen here.


Retired rugby legend and career-long Brian O’Driscoll wingman Gordon Darcy, throwing some shade Paul Kimmage’s way in light of Dan Carter’s supposed sanctioned steroid use at Racing Metro.


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12 thoughts on “Lance The Wound

  1. Dόn Pídgéόní

    Armstrong shouldn’t be given the time of day. Cheating, lying willyface was happy to throw everyone under the bus rather than own up? Please.

          1. martco

            yup. Kimmage as responsible as Walsh for tackling this lying well connected and protected sociopath and arguably had to endure a lot more pain too.
            If you stop to think of the scale of what they achieved here with this piece of filth it’s pretty impressive stuff, proper journalism.
            I know he’s a bit of a grump but we should be happy Kimmage is about imo

          2. Dόn Pídgéόní

            I just watched the documentary. Armstrong is a massive tool, when he turns once he realises the gig is up, girrrrrllll he angry like no one angry.

  2. notahipster

    I’m with Paul Kimmage all the way. It’s a shame he and David Walsh appear to have fallen out, as both of them have displayed journalistic integrity in spades.

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