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Last Friday, with a voucher for TWENTY-FIVE *entire* euro for Golden Discs on the line, we boldly asked you to select your favourite instrumental pieces. The specific wording, in fact:

‘The finest contemporary musical composition without lyrics or singing would have to be__________________________________’

The competition, as ever, was stiff, but there can only be one (each week)…

…and Kolmo’s after earning it:

The finest contemporary musical composition without lyrics or singing would have to be ‘An Ending’ by Brian Eno and I’ll tell you why if you care to listen –

when you put in your earphones and play this tune on repeat, every single thing you do will turn into a surreal music video in your own mind, from walking to the train station or even going for a pee, shopping in Lidl is a masterpiece in videography, going to pick up the dole doesn’t probably doesn’t seem so bad, wading through the many, many colourful characters on Talbot St is like a moving work of art of the Flemish School…

..watching the skrotai wheelying up the street on really, really lovely mountain bike fills one with a temporal joy at the nature of movement, strolling past the perennially arguing non self-aware shouties on O’Connell street combined with the gentle warm waft of doughnuts being fried there is like live theater, with the volume turned off and replaced with the goosepimple inducing sounds of ‘An Ending’ by Brian Eno, all is well in the world.

So there you have it, now.

Extended highlights (and these were hard to narrow down):

PJ Ryan: “The finest contemporary musical composition without lyrics or singing would have to be Ocean by John Butler, go ahead and give your ears a treat by giving this a listen (this is the short version, I don’t want to frighten you away).”

MysteryBeat: “Set Guitars to Kill by And So I Watch You From Afar. Set Guitars to Kill is the first track on the music memory stick in my car, so normally pops on as I leave the car park after work. It’s an exhilarating way to round off a day in the office!”

ZeligisJaded:Music for a Forgotten Future by Mogwai – 23 minutes of bliss.”

realPolithicks: “Metamorphosis by Philip Glass… it’s hypnotic.”

edalicious: “Maggot Brain by Funkadelic”

Cathy: “Burial and Four Tet – Mole

Bertie Blenkinsop:The Liquidator

Golden Discs

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5 thoughts on “Endless Wordless

  1. Hank

    That’s a deserving winner to be fair.
    Gonna give it a listen – I’m expecting multiple ear-orgasms..

  2. spudnick

    Mole? MOLE?

    I was briefly exhilarated at the thought of a Burial/Four Tet collaboration I hadn’t heard before – imagine my disappointment that you’d just misspelled ‘Moth’.

    Still – TOP CHOICE.

  3. B Bop

    Kudos Kolmo, You just made pizza scoffing 62 floors up on Hong Kong skyline a bit more special & a little mmmf to be fair!

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