What Deference Does it Make



From top: Brian Cowen; Anthony Sheridan;

Anthony Sheridan, of Public Inquiry, speaks on deferential attitudes in Irish media towards politicians and other power-brokers, with reference to John Lee’s recent work with austerity architect Brian Cowen.

Anthony writes:

A well-informed, objective media is one of the cornerstones of a healthy democracy. Journalists in a healthy democracy do not just report news and current affairs; they also have a duty to be rigidly impartial in their analysis of events.

Disturbingly, Irish journalism comes nowhere near the standards necessary to robustly challenge the State and its agents particularly when it comes to political corruption.

The recent publication of Hell at the Gates by journalists John Lee and Daniel McConnell is just the latest example of the disquietingly close and frequently grovelling relationship between the media and those who wield power within the Irish political system.

John Lee, writing about an interview he conducted with former Taoiseach Brian Cowen as part of his research for the book provides us with good example of this cringing, extremely deferential type of journalism.

The headline gives a good indication of the tone of the article: An astute, self-aware, intelligent man.

It’s said of Lyndon Johnson, that he was at his best with an audience of one. I think this applies to Cowen. He uses your first name, looks you in the eye, is exceptionally articulate and sharp. In the fog of war that engulfed Ireland during his years at the top, much of this was forgotten. Yet he understands why that is.

He spoke about how he felt the day he became Taoiseach, the enjoyment of appointing a cabinet and the brief summer of calm before all hell broke loose.

Bright man that he is, he knew there were claims about him that he had to confront. As the interview progressed I merely pointed to where we were in the chronology, and without pause he would take on the issues that he has been given so much time to think about over those preceding four years. He happily accepted he had made a mistake in not addressing the nation.

Before making further comment on the article, I want to express my opinion of Brian Cowen, an opinion that I believe is held by the majority of Irish people.

At best, Cowen is a political idiot. I do not say this as an insult (although it obviously is); I say it because it’s a simple fact. Cowen is nothing more than your typical Fianna Fail backwoodsman, gombeen politician who never had to do anything courageous or visionary to reach the apex of political power.

As a privileged member of one of the many political family dynasties that have plagued Irish politics since independence he was effectively handed power following the death of his father.

He was literally enthroned as Taoiseach by the disgraced Bertie Ahern who was forced to resign after his true pedigree was exposed at a tribunal.

But when Cowen, for the first and only occasion in his mediocre career, was called upon to show courage and vision in leading the nation he failed miserably.

As one editorial put it: The worst Taoiseach in the history of the State.

And yet a stranger reading John Lee’s article could easily conclude that Brian Cowen was a politically intelligent, insightful and courageous man whose overriding mission in life was to promote the best interests of the Irish people.

A stranger reading the article would not see what most Irish people see.

That Cowen is a loyal member of the most corrupt political party in Ireland, the party that promotes the interests of property developers, bankers and other members of the golden circle that feed off the wealth of the Irish people.

A stranger reading the article would not see that Cowen is a loyal member of the party principally responsible for the economic disaster of 2008 that destroyed the lives of hundreds of thousands of Irish citizens.

However, a stranger who informed himself of Irish history over the past several decades would immediately recognise the rampaging elephant in the room – which is:

The Irish political system is seriously corrupt. In reaction to this political corruption a significant percentage of Irish citizens have rejected the legitimacy of the State and are in open rebellion.

A disturbingly large proportion of Irish journalists are either blissfully unaware of this dramatic shift in the political landscape or are willing collaborators in defence of the corrupt system.

Either way Irish journalism is suffering from a serious malaise that is not only bad for the profession but is having a very serious negative impact on Ireland and its people.

Irish journalism: Suffering from a serious malaise (Anthony Sheridan, Public Inquiry)

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22 thoughts on “What Deference Does it Make

  1. Starina

    crikey, can you not put the photo of Biffo behind a warning or something? You’ll make me lose my lunch.

  2. Sheik Yahbouti

    There are occasional honourable exceptions – poor old Gene Kerrigan continues, week in, week out, to be a voice crying in the wilderness that is politics and society in this benighted country. PS. I concur with the entirety of this article.

  3. shitferbrains

    More bollocks. Cowan was elected by voters who were free to say to themselves ” this lad was given this opportunity by the death of his father ” and was not imposed on the country.

    1. scottser

      cowan wasn’t elected taoiseach as leader of FF, he piggy backed on bertie’s coat-tails after the great snake ‘retired’.

  4. Cian

    “The Irish political system is seriously corrupt. In reaction to this political corruption a significant percentage of Irish citizens have rejected the legitimacy of the State and are in open rebellion.”

    Are they really? Where is this ‘open rebellion’ of which you speak?

  5. louislefronde

    When I think about that endemically corrupt administration which governed Ireland from 1997-2011, I’m reminded of the verse from Lilliburlero written in the 17th century about corrupt Irish politicians. A slight change of names and it fits perfectly.

    “There was an old prophecy found in a bog
    The country’d be ruled by an ass and a dog
    Now this prophecy has all come to pass
    For Bertie’s the dog and Cowen’s the ass”

  6. Truth in the News

    The political class who ran this Nation into Bankruptcy should be tried for
    treason, indeed the Offences against State Act could be employed and the
    Special Criminal Court used, they made full use of themselves, to thwart
    the actions of their own political enemies, who carried on campaigns similar
    to what they themselves used to grab power.

  7. gringo

    Cowen was an idiot surrounded by the worst shower of tramps that ever destroyed a country.Give that Lee fella a prize for fiction.

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