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Bosco, tearing up phone lines this morning

So, Bosco has learned of RTÉ’s plans for young people’s programming.

And it’s all kicking off now. He’s begun lobbying.

And recruiting.

Let loose The Magic Door.

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16 thoughts on “Out of the Box

  1. Rugbyfan

    RTE could outsource:
    Late Late
    anything with Darcy, Thomas or O’Callaghan in it
    Most of the sh1te on 2FM
    …….for starters anyway

  2. Neilo

    Bosco would be better off contacting One In Four: an adult was knuckle-deep in the wee mite for his entire broadcasting career.

  3. Tony

    Little lying whinging spitrag. They are not getting rid of kids programmes, they are just not having dowdy dungareed rte lifers make them any more. And of course “social commentator” blindboy on the wanderly bandwagon. Where’s Bressie though?

  4. Truth in the News

    The time has come to move RTE out of Dublin, and it’s a local service that’s needed to serve the pale, its the wasteful cookery and lifestyle programe’s
    that need the boot, not the children’s, RTE is in crisis for paying a crowd of
    flunky’s over the odds for a couple of hours broadcasting a week
    The also need to seek out new talent, and there plenty out there who don’t get
    a look in

    1. classter

      Who doesn’t get a look in?

      What half-successful Irish ‘star’ has not been on RTE at all?
      Whether they do enough with this ‘talent’ or not is a different matter.

      1. Frilly Keane

        Loads a’people

        Look at Miriam’s table this am now
        Same set of lovies and pals, week in week out
        Sur’ look at O’Rourke this week again
        Burgess and David Hall’s buddy

        From the afternoon show couches, the same clusters of pretty faces and empty shirts set forth onto Ryan, Ray, Brendan, Miriam whatever you’re having yerself
        And that eeejit Mooney ruined pre drive dive radio with all his pals in, week in week out

        The only variety out there is on Saturday Wireless: from the lad before Country File, ( plays a good set) Country File to Saturday Sport.
        And Joe

        Absolutely Shut down the telly set up out there

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