33 thoughts on “This Christmas

  1. jeremy kyle

    Everything She Wants is one of my all times favourites.
    I also believe “You utter cock piss bastards.” should be acknowledged as the greatest tweet of all time.

  2. bertie blenkinsop

    For all of his wealth and fame there always seemed to be something humble, decent and vulnerable about him and I absolutely loved the bones of him for it.
    A brilliant talent taken far too soon.
    RIP George.

    1. bertie blenkinsop

      Depends who you believe but sure what’s the sense in speculating?
      He’s gone, let him rest in peace.
      I mean that in general Frilly, it’s not aimed at you.

      1. Pornograffiti

        Yet could we turn the years again, 25
        And call those exiles as they were,
        In all their loneliness and pain
        You’d cry ‘Some woman’s yellow hair
        Has maddened every mother’s son’:
        They weighed so lightly what they gave, 30
        But let them be, they’re dead and gone,
        They’re with O’Leary in the gr

  3. Martco

    ah feck
    have plenty of memories, good (shuffle+spincycle slobbering) and bad (watching in from the sidelines like the last player to be picked for 5-a-side) of Careless Whisper at the niteclub just outside the town….thanks George

    Yet another one I’d sworn I’d go to see live if the chance came around :(

    Any of ye seen him sing live?

    1. Bertie Blenkinsop

      Saw him a number of times, always brilliant, his 25 Live gig in The Point was a huge big party, he was a fantastic entertainer.

  4. Friscondo

    Was dragged to the Point to see him in
    ’07, by the wife. Amazed at what a brilliant performer he was. Great show packed with great songs. RIP George.

  5. Spagnolia von Hoop

    Not an huge fan (apart from the shift to Careless Whispers at the Youth Club disco), but I loved ‘Let’s Go Outside’ both as a track and his comeback after the LA incident and subsequent bad press. A fearless performer, no doubt about it. RIP.

  6. Cot

    Hated Wham, but, I’ll give this for them. When the Miners’ Strike was happening in England and Wales, Wham raised funds for the striking miners. Fair play.

      1. Daisy Chainsaw

        When I was 14 I hated Wham too. I hated A-ha, Curiosity etc. We teenage girls are very loyal to our own band and it’s our duty to hate the opposition. It’s the same as not being allowed to like Liverpool and Man U. Of course, no longer being 14, I appreciate Wham for the stupendous popstrels they were and George for being a fantastic singer/songwriter.

    1. Daisy Chainsaw

      If you listen to the lyrics now, they read like George’s “coming out” song.
      “But, today, the way I play the game is not the same;
      No way.
      Think I’m gonna get myself happy.
      I think there’s something you should know.
      I think it’s time I told you so.
      There’s something deep inside of me.
      There’s someone else I’ve got to be.
      Take back your picture in a frame.
      Take back your singing in the rain.
      I just hope you understand.
      Sometimes the clothes do not make the man”

    1. mildred st. meadowlark

      I’ll throw in Lucy Kennedy and Nicky Byrne.

      Think of it as a Christmas bonus, if you will.

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