Mitzalo’s Story



Courtesy of Trade Union TV, an interview with Apollo House resident Mitzalo.

Working and paying his way up to two months ago, he was forced from his home by the escalation of rents in Dublin city, and managed to find a place in Apollo House before the clampdown on new entrants.

A non-drinker and drug-user, he’s found the House to be a safe and usable living space that’s far from the rundown space its landlords and their backers are claiming it to be.


Trade Union TV

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30 thoughts on “Mitzalo’s Story

    1. Anne

      A non-drinker and drug-user, he’s found the House to be a safe and usable living space

      This is what the medium wan is referring to I he was fairly anti drugs and drink.

    1. 15p

      “look at the state of that homeless man, a complete scruff” .. you’re unbelievable. we have too many insensitive, clauds like you around, who have no empathy or understanding for anything outside of their own situation.

        1. Anomanomanom

          I find my self constantly torn with you. If I answer you, like I am now, il only get beat in a debate. Because idiots like you always drag other people down to their level then beat them with experience. Where in my comment could you actually see anything to assume I hate any one. Is it because you know I’m right. Show me where it was printed, televised, posted by the owner actually saying it was a run down dump.

          1. 15p

            its not anyones job to go and find links to stories you missed, go find it yourself if you want to know. the rest of us do know, because we read it. dont come stomping in days later beating your fists on the table “I DIDNT READ IT SO IT DIDNT HAPPEN.. PROOOOOVE IT… RAAAA”

          2. Anomanomanom

            You must hate being wrong, Your telling me that you actually read a direct, word for word sentence from the owner saying “Its a run down dump”.

      1. Anomanomanom

        Again when did they say a run down dump. I mean by your logic, priory hall must have been a run down kip. You know because of the health and safety issuse.

        1. Mike McGrath-Bryan

          “Rossa Fanning SC, for the receivers, told the High Court this afternoon that due to the occupation the building, which has been vacant since mid-2015, it no longer has fire insurance and that its public liability insurance will lapse on in mid-January unless the receivers are able to regain possession.

          They also say that there are a number of serious health and safety risks that make the building unsuitable for use as a shelter.”

          1. Anomanomanom

            I know all that. But where did it say it could not be used because “its a run down dump”

          2. brownbull

            there are much more stringent regulations for fire safety for institutional residential buildings than office buildings, to state this as fact is not to call it a dump, you made that jump

  1. Junkface

    The poor guy, he seems like a thoroughly decent bloke. Extortionate landlords made this man homeless only 3 months ago! Now he has no job. Reallly, what kind of country is this? Ireland is screwed if it doesn’t sort out this mess.

  2. AlisonT

    Apollo house is like a gated community for a small section of the homeless population who fit their requirements. They exclude anyone who may have mental health or addiction issues and then boast about the utopia they have created.

    1. scottser

      it’s not unusual for a homeless service to not cater for certain residents with high needs and there are a variety of specialist services to support those residents elsewhere.

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