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From top: Samoa Joe and Finn Balor: Finn’s tweet

Former WWE Universal Champion Finn Bálor on Twitter yesterday, repping Miltown Malbay beatmaker Mankyy and his debut E.P. to wrestling rival/colleague Samoa Joe.

The lad’s so good, he’s brought about peace between two lads that only recently settled their score in a steel cage.

Fergal Devitt, the man behind the facepaint, is a Bray, Co. Wicklow native, and a renowned Irish music nerd, as some may recall, going as far as having Naive Ted write his old baddie gang’s theme tune. He’s had plenty of time to get caught up, while out with a shoulder injury.


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4 thoughts on “Championship Beats

    1. Mike McGrath-Bryan

      World-famous pro wrestler from Ireland hasn’t forgotten where he comes from, personally recommends Irish musicians to similarly famous (or cult-favourite, at least) colleagues on the American wrestling circuit.

      Writer points out that Irish musician helped with wrestler’s bad guy persona with specially-written entrance music, because said wrestler was a frequent attendee of Irish artists’ gigs when resident here.

      A nice story, all told.

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