For Your Consideration: Battles


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Some more new Irish music for the morning that’s in it, courtesy of electronic/indie outfit Columbia Mills, with a new live video for new single Battles.

Writes the band:

It was shot live in the RHA, when they kindly let us in to film and make noise in the Dr. Tony Ryan Gallery room. The art is all by Leah Hewson, who is an upcoming artist and an old friend of the band who is doing all the artwork for the debut album.

The video was directed by Peter Kingston and is the first in a series of three live videos we will be releasing with our album singles.

We thought it would be cool for people to see and hear what we sound like live, rather than using the studio recording which is widely available on steaming services, as live is where we feel we are strongest.

Columbia Mills

5 thoughts on “For Your Consideration: Battles

  1. Serval

    If live is where you feel you are strongest, why not record all your songs live like this one and only release that version for people to hear?
    Why bother with a studio-produced version if you feel it is inferior?

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