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Sleeping OutsideNorth Coast guitar earnestness

What you may need to know…

01. Youngsters from the musical hotbed of the North Coast (Coleraine, to be precise), Sleeping Outside are quite happy to give themselves the dreaded ‘alternative’ tag, but their pop sensibilities are what stand out.

02. Emerged last year with debut E.P. Sleepy, recorded at NI rock documentation outpost Bearcat Studios.

03. Streaming above is single Make Me Wait, released last week and available for download and streaming from their Bandcamp. Recorded by Caolan Austin of NI label/studio Small Town America, and mastered in the Metal Shop in Philly, USA by engineer Jake Ewald.

04. Although no gigs are in the offing at present, they’ve been busy in the past year gathering their live chops, in support of emergent Irish bands like Hot Cops and Brand New Friend.

Thoughts: Filled with the kind of late-teens over-earnestness and lust for catharsis that seems ever more like a hazy, distantĀ post-life scenario to your now-ageing writer, there nonetheless is a good grip here on uncomplicated, feelsy guitar-pop that ought to get better with time and experience.

Sleeping Outside