Too Posh To Push Left


You know what pisses me off the most about Paul Murphy TD? Is how some people are continuously reminding us about where he went to school.

As if it was a fault or even a halfway decent loophole in a defence; but all it manages to secure is a flimsy attempt at man-marking. Handbags stuff. It’s no one’s business where his parents sent him to school; and ye all know that.

Likewise; it’s no one’s business where his Mam and late Dad lived, and as long as it was legal nor is what they did to earn a living. But ye know all that too.

What the real motivation for this constant durty elbowing about his personal and family background is this notion that those that face the Left, by and to whatever degree; be they elected Politicians, Candidates, Activists, former Presidents, Party Members or Supporters, must somehow at some point in their lives have struggled with poverty and going-without, experienced neglected communities, addiction, attended overcrowded and failing schools, were denied third level educations and know their way to the nearest Labour Exchange.

There is this premise being heavily sold by the main Parties and their associated luvvies, to counter the mainstreaming (albeit slowly) of Sinn Féin, and in the wake of the Water Protests and Occupy Apollo etc, that you can’t be an authentic Left Winger if you never saw a Vincent De Paul Christmas box or attended a fee paying school.

Daniel McConnell in the Indo a few years back referred to Paul Murphy’s “posh accent” and that he went to Gonzaga. So? In the words of Terry Prone herself … So? Was he really saying that Paul Murphy isn’t qualified to fight against Austerity alongside people who rely on medical cards, FIS, schools with breakfast clubs and sound like Dustin the Turkey?

So, because Paul Murphy has what the Indo described a “posh accent” and that he went to the same school as Peter Sutherland and Michael McDowell he must be a fake playboy Socialist, and the donkey jacket is just for show over the old’s chool uniform colours as shared by McDowell and Sutherland. Is that it so?

The Indo is notoriously responsible for all sorts of shyte – from the ridiculous to the contrived, but Jaysus even that bates Barry’anagher.

Admittedly, I’m the last one to agree or even be seen on the same side as Peter Sutherland and Michael McDowell (politically anyway.) Yet here I am wishing that a few other ‘Zaga alumni should be so willing to represent or even acknowledge the existence of those who rely on Money lenders and Community Welfare Officers to get to the end of the week.

Imagine the society we could have if Peter Sutherland represented the people living from one day to the next, from one hotel room to the next, from one waiting list to the next.
What really infuriates me about this ‘he’s a posh boy’ sneering behaviour is the nerve of those, some claiming the Left themselves by the way, but mostly Centre and Right Facing, and not forgetting the Main Stream Media that inflates it all, is that compassion and empathy with those that your current Taoiseach would call a Cheater is being questioned at all.

This isn’t by any means a shout out for Paul Murphy and the treble As. No chance.
But you see, I include myself in the Left direction. In fairness, I’d be a fair bit more short-sighted than Paul & his crew. But it’s no secret I have advocated for (some) Sinn Féin reps.

However I’ll make no apology for earning similar to Paul Murphy (‘ish – and I have longer hours and no pensions and freebies like an office set up and printer cartridges.)And make no mistake, I’m not giving up part of my income after tax to make a point.

I’ll do what I like with my self-made hard earned and tax paid few bob. If I can afford to drive something that is not a 12 year old Toyota, and manage the School-of-their-choice fees, I will. And while I can afford my brands, bling and holiday home; I’m having it. But all that doesn’t mean I’m disqualified from having a Social Conscience and wanting a fairer and more equal society.

I want all our schools to be better, I want everyone, EVERYONE, to have access to the same healthcare I do, I want everyone to have daycent pensions and the supported care and assistance if they have the need, and if that means paying tax according to my means, railing and rising against overpaid public servants of every rank, creed, quango and charity, then that’s what it takes.

And I fully expect to stay like this by not apologising for earning as much as I can and doing what I like with it. I won’t be taking any vow of poverty if I can help it.

So why is it that by virture of my own self-made lifestyle, would I be questioned for even considering looking left, endorsing (some) Shinners, and expecting our democracy to be decent and human to those that need it?

To add further salt to my indignation; I know a lad that got a very nice favour via NAMA and the blind eye of a few UK Bankruptcy Trustees, who subsequently sold up and is now on extended stay in the States; aka he didn’t stay on and stump up his bitta CGT.  I bet my self-earned lot that Leo wouldn’t dream of calling him a cheat. He has a posh accent, and went to a posh school too by the way.

Frilly keane’s column usually appears here on the first Friday of every month. Follow Frilly on Twitter: @frillykeane


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86 thoughts on “Too Posh To Push Left

  1. Harry Molloy

    You get lots of comments like that from people who aren’t smart enough or probably just aren’t arsed coming up with a decent point.

    They go the other way too. Best just ignored.

  2. Clampers Outside!

    Starts off, don’t diss people for their background and where they went to school… finishes on dissing someone for their background and where they went to school.

    My point…
    It doesn’t matter if the detractors are left or right, the tactic is used by both sides.

    I liked this… ” that you can’t be an authentic Left Winger if you never saw a Vincent De Paul Christmas box or attended a fee paying school. ” …as it’s the reason the Left never pools together. The whole “you’re not pure enough to be in our righteous group “, then the split.

    I liked the piece Frilly.
    Over my dead body would SF’s Pearse, Garry or The Orange One ever sit as Taoiseach or Pres :)

    1. bisted

      ‘… liked the piece Frilly.
      Over my dead body would SF’s Pearse, Garry or The Orange One ever sit as Taoiseach or Pres :)’

      …what are you like at writing obituaries Frilly?

    2. Owen C

      Agree. If people who went to a private school do something bad, the private school is referenced as if some sort of implied contributing factor. Maybe stop doing that and people will stop trying to use Paul’s Gonzaga background against him too. In fact, how about highlighting the charitable work that private schools do and maybe looking at the positive contributions they have on society if you really want to restore some balance to the discussion.

  3. Co C.

    I don’t generally love Frilly’s column, but I have to say, that’s a good point well made.

  4. Metropolitan

    Eoin O’Broin is another, educated at Blackrock College, now the leftyist Shinner on the block

  5. Lilly

    All that aside, I have no time for Paul Murphy. He approached a friend’s elderly mother on a Dublin street one day and called her a b*tch in a low, sneering voice. And her crime? She was wearing a fur jacket. She was shaken by the encounter. Not even the Jesuits, it seems, can make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear.

  6. VinLieger

    Ironic that the left have a problem with bringing up the background of people or where they went to school when their go to argument when they cant win is pointing out that their opponent was private educated so obviously can’t understand the issue. Hypocrisy at its finest.

    1. sǝɯǝɯʇɐpɐq

      Read it again.

      The Left have a problem with the Right. The Right have a problem with Paul Murphy.
      The Left love Paul Murphy, no matter what….
      Ironically, nonsense like yours makes them love him more.

      Go back to counting your money.
      You don’t understand irony.

  7. Anomanomanom

    But most normal people, any one with any type of actually brain, never use those points as reason to dislike Paul. I’ve stated numerous times my reason for disliking him, never have I mentioned his parents, school or accent.

  8. Paul Laver

    Like posh Paul gives a poopily-poo about you Frilly
    Paul’s social background is highly relevant as the attacks demonstrate he’s just a grubby opportunist unlike more dedicated lefties like Joe Higgins and Clare Daly

    1. Lilly

      Noel Browne was educated at a Jesuit public school in Berkshire and he was the real McCoy. The two are not mutually exclusive.

      1. Lord Snowflakee

        Is Paul saying that? He’s saying that in this case Paul is not one of the good posh lefties.

        1. Lilly

          I read it as him saying that anyone who has been privately educated can’t lean left with any sincerity, which is clearly not true.

      2. Paul Laver

        What’s your point? This Paul over here is a posh poseur. That Noel over there is not a noo-noo.

        1. Lilly

          That Paul Murphy is a grubby opportunist but his schooling has nothing to do with it. Genuine lefties, such as Noël Browne, can come from a private school background.

          1. AnAccountant

            Well, there’s not much point of being in politics if you have no intention of implementing your ideas, wouldn’t you agree? It seems odd to criticise a politician for wanting the power to implement his ideas. Also, “at a guess”. You’re happy to call him an opportunist but clearly don’t know why you’re calling him that.

          2. Lilly

            I was actually quoting Paul Laver but forgot the quote marks. I don’t know a huge amount about Paul Murphy or what motivates him – but on the basis of what I know, I neither like nor trust him.

          3. AnAccountant

            Ok, you repeated what someone else called him without knowing why he was calling him that and without knowing “a huge amount” about him. You just know you’re angry. Right so.

          4. Lilly

            Oh how I love accountants telling me what I’m feeling. Don’t you have some ledger entries to look after this bank holiday Friday afternoon.

          5. AnAccountant

            Your words told me how you’re feeling. “Grubby opportunist” doesn’t scream ‘content and relaxed’. And yes. It’s a bank holiday though as you have astutely observed.

          6. Lilly

            I have a bag of taxi receipts here that need sorting. You sound like a man in need of something to do beyond over-analysing posts.

      3. Cian

        Noel Browne won a scholarship to that school – his family were poor as a church-mice. His parents both died when he was a child.

        1. Lilly

          We’re talking here about educational privilege and itts influence – not who paid for it.

          1. Lord Snowflakee

            Looks like you’ve been found out twice now on this thread Lilly just puffing smoke out of your ass

          2. Cian

            I thought we were talking about Paul’s social background? You know, a well-heeled middle-class boy sent to a fee-paying school by his middle-class parents.

            You introduced Noel Browne, I assumed, as an example of a middle-class socialist.

            I just pointed out that Noel wasn’t the same as Paul… Noel’s left-leaning was (probably) down to his underprivileged homelife – not his exclusive schooling.

          3. Lilly

            True enough Lord Sno. I have little to no interest in Paul Murphy. I just dropped in initially to post an anecdote about his treatment of my friend’s lovely mother, and should have left it at that.

          4. Lilly

            Also @Cian – I introduced Noël Browne not to say his political ideology was influenced by his privileged education; rather that just because someone attends a fee-paying school does not mean that they can’t possibly have left-wing views. Fee-paying school does not automatically mean centre or right.

  9. hex

    Completely avoids the real issue. Irrespective of where he went to school, Paul Murphy is still a slaphead.

  10. AnAccountant

    Well said. Paul reminds selfish people of their subconscious guilt so they need to tell THEMSELVES that he doesn’t *actually* care about people so *they* can feel better about not caring about people.

        1. Frilly Keane

          D’ya know wha’

          I don’t give ah’
          Where he went ta school

          Pass or Fail
          Couldn’t give ah’
          ’bout them either

  11. Declan

    Fair point but what really annoys me is that he’s a professional politician (who hasn’t done anything but – an activist is a politician) who got he’s first proper start by getting the MEP seat from Joe. Literally jobs for the boys (and yes I know how the EU Parliament works). At least all the other ones have the decency not to lecture us or try something beforehand.

    And just to get it off my chest – what initially caused me to dislike him was the Dail Enquiry Powers referendum (or another one) where all his parties posters were against it (which I agreed with) but had a massive picture of him on the poster. It was a cheap stunt to raise his profile. No other party did that.

    1. AnAccountant

      “At least all the other ones have the decency not to lecture us”

      So you don’t like him because you think that he thinks he’s better than you?

      1. Declan

        You’d have to ask him that.

        I’m just suspicious of ego driven politicians – Bertie was one of them, Paul is and I’m still undecided on Leo.

        But more so because of the posters and the jobs for the boys thing as MEP. He was handed a job because of his connections, that annoys me. If some other south Dublin lad got a job in the civil service or RTÉ we’d all be up in arms about it

        1. AnAccountant

          “You’d have to ask him that.”

          You said he was ‘lecturing us’. You clearly think he’s ‘lecturing’ you and you don’t like it, except the ‘lecturing’ part is something you interpreted on your own. That looks like you think that he thinks he’s better than you and that’s the reason you don’t like him.

          “He was handed a job because of his connections”

          His job is to represent the interests of the poor and vulnerable. If some other south Dublin lad got a high up job in the civil service, yeah people would be up in arms because it could be reasonably assumed the only people who’ll benefit from it are him and his family. With Paul Murphy, lots of people who live in poverty have someone representing them to the powerful. You’re comparing chalk and cheese. The posters thing is an absolutely ridiculous complaint. That’s you looking for reasons to justify how you already feel.

          1. Declan

            So Paul Murphy benefits everyone but some other south Dublin lad won’t. Do you not see the logical fallacy there?

            Additionally, your also assuming Paul’s not just like any other politician or one of the other self interested people you assumed “south Dublin lad” is. Maduro and his crony’s are the latest example of left wing politicians (I don’t really believe them to be – but tell that to Ken Livingstone) who are self centred. Others like Lula (I’m ignoring the recent controversy) did so much for poor people without the ego or need for self aggrandisement

          2. AnAccountant

            “So Paul Murphy benefits everyone but some other south Dublin lad won’t. Do you not see the logical fallacy there?”

            That’s not what I said, so no. Murphy wants to be in a position to help people who are poor and vulnerable and don’t have many prominent people speaking up for them. Some South Dublin Lad *probably* just wants a nice paying job so he can have a nice house and go on nice holidays and have nice things. Those are two very different situations.

            “Additionally, your also assuming Paul’s not just like any other politician or one of the other self interested people”

            Yep. You’re damaging your own argument by insisting he’s just like all the others, by the way.

            “Maduro and his crony’s are the latest example of left wing politicians (I don’t really believe them to be – but tell that to Ken Livingstone) who are self centred.”

            And now you’re bringing up other “lefties” to talk about how self centred they are because THAT is your real argument. Paul Murphy is a lefty and lefties pretend to care about other people when they really don’t.

          3. Declan

            That’s exactly what you said and you also ignore me mentioning Lula. There are lots of left wing and right wing people who care. Lula is an example of a left wing guy who got elected, ran a country and helped out the poor through programmes like Bolsa Familia, etc.

            Paul Murphy leads protests. He doesn’t want the conflicts of power like Syriza did in Greece. He’s party as members of the DCC voted to lower the property tax. A wealth tax based on the value of your home with exceptions for struggling people. It was a nakedly populist move and they did it with SF, FG, FF. flipping disgusting

          4. AnAccountant

            “That’s exactly what you said”

            It really isn’t. Read it again.

            “you also ignore me mentioning Lula”

            We are talking about Paul Murphy, not Lula or Kev Livingstone.

            “Lula is an example of a left wing guy who got elected, ran a country…..Paul Murphy leads protests.”

            He leads protests because he doesn’t run the country. That’s how it works. Are you saying he’s a bad lefty because he’s not running the country?

          5. Declan

            He’s a bad left because he’s not trying to govern ……..

            And his party reduced the LPT……..

            And yes it was. You assumed that all “south dublin lads” except him are self serving and do anything for the common good

          6. AnAccountant

            “He’s a bad left because he’s not trying to govern ……..”

            ….he’s not in government?

            “And yes it was. You assumed that all “south dublin lads” except him are self serving and do anything for the common good”

            Ok. Let’s reexamine what I said;
            “If some other south Dublin lad got a high up job in the civil service, yeah people would be up in arms because it could be *reasonably assumed*…”

            Looks like I didn’t say that.

          7. Declan

            “Reasonably assumed” is like Kevin Myers pointing to his Jewish friend and saying I’m not anti-Semitic. It’s a pretty poor cop out and is easily used in dog whistle type campaigns. You’re just trying to have it both ways like a “clever” debater.

            He’s not in Government because he doesn’t want to be. Ditto, as one of the parties on the DCC, they could of opposed the reduction but didn’t. The only Ines that did were the Greens and Lab (probably a few indies but I wasn’t keeping track).

  12. cloud9

    Ah yes, but what if he was far right? Wouldn’t the vocal left make great issue of his education? So it’s ok and irrelevant as long as you are on their side? Hypocrites attacking the hypocritical.

    1. AnAccountant

      No. Those two things are not the same at all. Someone’s background can be used to speculate as to why someone believes something. It cannot be used to prove someone DOESN’T believe in something. Someone who has disgusting opinions about the poor probably grew up in privilege. That doesn’t mean EVERYONE who grew up in privilege hates the poor and so Paul’s privileged background cannot be used to prove that he DOESN’T believe what he says.

  13. Andy

    Meh, who really gives a flying fup where someone went to school.

    Agree Frilly. Plenty of other reason’s not to like the guy but his background/childhood isn’t an appropriate place to start.

  14. Lord Snowflakee

    It’s touching to see how the other onanists here give a friendly shout out to Frilly for the considerable achievement (in her case) of being able to coherently put a few sentences together (FINALLY !!)

    Irrespective of the fact that the content of the article is as maudlin as ever and the usual class-obsessed faff.

    1. Frilly Keane

      C’mere haven’t you more important tings to be worrying about this weekend instead a’ trying to win a free off me

  15. Spaghetti Hoop

    Enjoyed this piece Frilly. It’s a subject I’ve oft debated. It doesn’t matter if one attends a fee-paying or a State school – it’s all about applying oneself, being that young learning sponge and finding your diving board from it into your career. Leaving Cert History – same curriculum in all schools by the way – could inspire any student to follow a political leaning be it left, right or somewhere in between, as would the political events of your soakage time. I’d like to think that the elected representatives are well-read. As we know, you don’t need to have had a fee-paid education to be that.

  16. Otis Blue

    Lefties who attended fee paying schools are seen by their own as having ‘betrayed’ their class.

    And you can’t be having that.

  17. the real badatmemes

    Frillz, that bit where you said ‘….office set up and printer cartridges.
    – You know the office he set up used to be one of those places where you could get your printer cartridges refilled?

    I just thought I’d mention it.

    I’d also like to mention to anybody who doesn’t like Paul Murphy, for whatever reason that I’ll be giving Paul my No. 1 into the foreseeable future and there’s nothing you do about it.

    1. sǝɯǝɯʇɐpɐq

      I forgot to mention, the signage above the office is no longer that ugly AAA yellow thing.
      It hasn’t even got an AAA logo on it.
      It looks a bit more like this;

      Solidarity is something I can get behind.
      Rebranding like that isn’t expensive when you can get your printer cartridges for free, but you have to admit, it IS genius.
      Let me play you the song of my PEOPLE.

      I should also mention that I have never met Paul and the two of us have never been seen in the same room at the same time. Also, for the conspiracy fans, No. I’m not him, although he would also say that..

  18. sǝɯǝɯʇɐpɐq

    I agree.

    If I wasn’t so stoned I’d be very annoyed.
    I know you’re just trying to annoy me. You know I’m just rolling another spliff.

    From now onward I’m screen-shotting EVERYTHING I post while it rests in your digital Limbo
    (If I don’t forget.)
    It’s ALWAYS me best stuff, so when I have enough to fill a book I’ll give you credit as my editor.

    (I’m actually very annoyed in real life.)

    1. sǝɯǝɯʇɐpɐq

      Mods, you did this on Thurs night/Friday morning. Now you’re doing it again;
      – Deleting my posts and then publishing them, but with one or two missing.

      If you think that’s okay you have a lot to learn.
      – Making me look stupid… THAT’S MY JOB.

      1. sǝɯǝɯʇɐpɐq

        And hey, Mods…
        I understand you.
        It’s only about 40yrs since I was a confused teenager, just like you.
        No mates. No purpose, no sense and no sense of purpose.
        Then I found Punk Rock, then I completely lost it.

        As Depeche Mode once sang, It ain’t what you do, it’s the way that you do it…
        The only way is up…
        I love to love, but my baby just wan…
        Stayin’ alive, staying alive…

        Depeche Mode can’t sing.

  19. sǝɯǝɯʇɐpɐq

    Sorry, I’m off on another one of me ‘talking to meself’ rants, again.
    It’s your lucky weekend.

    Further to that, listen to this, and look at it.
    Ignore the names of the shops in the background.
    Consider how it might change your disposition if you were to encounter something half as exuberant on your own personal HIGH Street, while you were waiting for your girlfriend(s) to decide whether she likes the black one or the one that looks like it’s black.

    There is no CGI, but I’d give it the ”3-D’ Approved Star’, if you knowarramean.
    The Ladies know…

    Sorry again.
    I got distracted there for 22.05 seconds.
    Here’s the video.
    (I hope it’s the right one this time, but I’ve been saying that all my life. Here goes…}

    1. sǝɯǝɯʇɐpɐq

      So what if she’s wearing a wig…?
      So what…
      She’s not a man, is she?*

      She’s probably not even old enough to be my eldest daughter’s friend on Facebook.
      – She probably isn’t even bald, but I still love her.

      *Women can wear women’s underwear… Nobody bats an eyelid.
      When a man wears women’s underwear her husband calls the Gardaí, you have to put the knickers and bra back on the washing-line, freshly-washed, and then everyone will ‘FORGET’ about it. Or at least that’s what they say… The truth is…

      Excuse me.
      I attended Trump College. I’m an idiot, still.

    2. sǝɯǝɯʇɐpɐq

      Even if you don’t like the music, admire the bus-service going on in the background.

      (NO CGI, I swear.)

    1. sǝɯǝɯʇɐpɐq

      It’s where U2 pretend they came from.
      Later on they say they’re from Dublin.
      Afterwards they say they’re from Ireland.
      Then Bono says he isn’t an Alien.

      It all makes sense.

  20. Shayna

    Ta Frilly, I enjoyed your post. I went to a posh school in Ireland, when I lived in England, I was an Irish Bog trotting type – is it the accent?

    1. sǝɯǝɯʇɐpɐq

      I went to a posh school in Ireland, when I lived in England

      You never went to school at all, did you?

  21. sǝɯǝɯʇɐpɐq

    Sorry Shanya.
    I didn’t read the rest of the sentence. Now I did and I’m confused.

    You’re a bogger, yeah?

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