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  1. steve white

    of course they did they are that desperate, bit of an old story there, more concerned by the lack of byline.

        1. newsjustin

          Lol. I love the irony of you grumbling that your fake fake news is fake thing is called out as fake.

    1. Adama

      Used to have the distinct pleasure of working for Clem. Yes it was years ago and I needed the money! He’s one prize tulip.

      1. Adama

        Also those politicians who ‘support’ him should be contacted and asked if they agreed to this in any form. Clem has a very loose connection with things like facts and permission.

  2. Nigel

    Could they not have put the shiny star in the corner of Richard Bruton’s mouth? For the laugh, like?

  3. Rob_G

    I’m boycotting this publication, but mainly on the basis that its editors do not know how to use ‘it’s/its’.

  4. Spud


    ‘20,166,783 passengers (that’s 20 million) travelled with Aer Lingus in 2013.
    We expect almost all of these travellers to see the front page of our magazine
    And we hope that many will buy and value the magazine, and keep it for at least a month, unlike free newspapers which are swiftly disposed’.

    Sure who wouldn’t want to buy this for €3?

    Some great stats in that page. Weird that I’ve never heard of it before.

  5. Some Dad

    I presumed Sean Haughey is fine with their editorial line.Clarification Aodain does not advertise with them.

    1. TheQ47

      Are you sure? Aodhan (sic) is listed as a “supporting politician” on the website (http://www.districtnews.ie/), along with

      Richard Bruton
      James Reilly
      Finian Mc Grath
      Sean Kenny
      Terence Flanagan
      Alan Farrell
      Mary Mitchell O Connor
      Richard Boyd Barrett
      Sean Haughey
      Josepha Madigan,
      along with around 30 others listed as councillors.

  6. Bs

    The absolute lunacy of the anti choice lads is astounding. They genuinely believe all this stuff, which is understandable given they believe in haunted bread and pregnant virgins.

    I’m not very confident in the repeal vote winning this, given the money that Iona et al have for massive billboards and the amount of absolute mis information they put out could be taken at face value by the feeble minded out there

    1. realPolithicks

      They don’t believe this stuff any more than you or I do. The reason they put it out there is because they are hoping that people who are “undecided” and perhaps not really paying that much attention will see it and believe it and perhaps vote not to repeal the 8th.

    2. newsjustin

      By stuff you mean the results of UK Government Care Quality Commission investigations into the operations of Marie Stopes?

      Are you saying the CQC are producing lies?

  7. edalicious

    If anything this is more a strong argument against healthcare privatisation rather than anything to do with abortion.

      1. mildred st. meadowlark

        It’s a pretty awful thing to do, if it is indeed true (re the independent article & resultant investigation – I haven’t had the opportunity to read yet) to a woman in a vulnerable position for monetary gain.

        I’m no happier with this than I am with, say, crisis pregnancy advice groups masquerading as independent unbiased when in fact they are sponsored by Catholic or pro-life organisations.

        Both are equally unethical, imo.

  8. Gringo

    The big scandal here is the association of a Haughey with the words Honest Decent Hardworking.

  9. Cian

    I read the headline meaning that the bonuses were paid to staff so the staff would have abortions.

  10. Sean

    A Haughey being described as ‘honest, decent, and hardworking’? That’s gotta be fake news.

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