19 thoughts on “Hot Wheels

    1. Neilo

      @Boj: I believe you to be a good person but I think you need more help than is on offer here. And I say that with all due respect. ;-)

      1. Boj

        Ah now..Look at it! It’s empty, it’s all shell.
        You’d be rattling around the roads on it.
        It sit’s too high on the wheels.
        The front end is a mile from the tarmac.
        The back end has 2 bloody holes in it (i know the reason) but c’mon, this is not an ‘Oh Betsy/Now your talking” car AT ALL! It’s been ‘restored’ twice….twice!!
        And all for that money…fools I tells ya FOOLS!! :-)

        1. Tony

          You’re right though Boj. It clearly lacks the integrated cup holders and colour matched bumpers of your classic Fiesta or Fabia.

    2. Cian

      Boj – I’m with you.
      spending 5+ mill on that is total madness. For the same money you could literally have almost *any* other car in the world. Who would drive this car? it would end up in a museum… if you want to spend that kinda money on something just to look at – you should buy a painting or sculpture.

      1. Jockey

        The type of buyer that gets this car already has any of the other cars and sculptures and paintings s/he wants

  1. Hallström

    Nice to have if you are driving around the Italian riviera.
    Not nice to have if you are driving around Ireland.
    Doesn’t appear to have a pull up soft top from those pics.

    1. Tony


      It’s like that Mona Lisa. All fine and hoity toity up in the Louvre in Paris but a bloody liability propped up at the side of the ice lolly freezer at Londis in Maynooth

      1. Papi

        Tell me now, what would look good propped up at the side of the ice lolly freezer in Londis of Maynooth?

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