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Fancy building your own socialist prefab panel block while learning about the history of prefabricated construction systems commonly used behind the Iron Curtain?

Look no further.

Plattenbau, Panelák, Wielka Płyta, Panelky, Panelház or Панельки: Prefabricated panel blocks go by different names around the former Eastern Bloc, but no matter where they were built, their goal was always the same: to provide homes for expanding city populations after World War II.

‘Panelki’ by Zupagrafika (€22 + P&P)


Behold: the GalaxSea Space Hotel – a (conceptual) 930m long 3D printed solar boat floating above the earth like an orbital cruise liner.

Made from ‘asteroid materials’ with a honeycombed exoskeleton, the cosmic cruiser will accommodate 15,000 guests and feature  botanic gardens, a biology research centre, opera house, ‘Un-Gravity ballroom’, and  ‘Void pools’ in which to swim while enjoying the fairly spectacular view.

We want to believe.


Behold: the Emory 1959 Porsche 356A Coupe – a ‘T1’, and then some.

Converted (by Porsche upgrader Emory Motorsports, which has considerable form in this regard) from its original pushrod flat-four to a 205bhp overhead cam four-cylinder 911 engine with custom 911 suspension, saddle leather interior, square weave carpet and four point harnesses.

Yours for €272,000+.


Why have one yacht when you can have two?

Behold: the Lotus concept from Royal Huisman shipyard. 

An ideal solution for the angsty oligarch who longs for their luxury yacht when they’re aboard their luxury sailing ship and vice versa. 

The complete package includes an 88m DynaRig sailing yacht with 2,200 square metres of canvas, a decktop cinema and room for 30 guests and crew.

And then, when the 20 knot top speed ceases to impress, you can abandon ship in favour of the 70m explorer vessel with cabin space for 8 guests and 18 crew, tenders, water toys, cars, helicopters and submarines.

Price: well aren’t you adorable?


Behold: the Atlantic – a sleek and powerful 12m long sports tender from former Bugatti auto designer Etienne Salomé.

Powered by twin 440hp Volvo engines, capable of a wave-slicing 60 knots and inspired by the Bugatti Type 57SC, the Atlantic has enough space for nine people – their insufferable faces peering smugly out of the Garmin glass cockpit as your pathetic dingy is swamped in their wake.

Price on application.


Behold: the Porsche Panamera 10 Years Edition – an upgraded anniversary version of the sports sedan with 21 inch white gold metallic wheels, LED headlights and Porsche Active Suspension Management and Power Steering Plus as standard.

The model is available in four-wheel drive and plug in hybrid variants for between €130,000 and €150,000.


Behold: the 2015 Mercedes Benz G63 AMG 6×6  a six wheel drive version of the classic G-wagon. huge in every sense, with a 5.5l, 536bhp, V8 twin-turbo engine, three independent axles, remote tire inflation/deflation system and a well-appointed leather-lined interior.

Incredibly, this mint condition example has only done 225km since delivery.

No tyre kickers.

Previous G63 shenanigans: Six By Six


Behold: the Scania AXL – the Swedish manufacturer’s concept for an autonomous dump truck. 

An actual prototype rather than a render, the AXL’s cabless chassis is driven by a biodiesel engine, using seven cameras, multiple radars, and a laser to navigate its environment.

Quarrries and gravel pits  – being remote and largely free of pesky humans – might well be the first place autonomous vehicles start full time work.

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