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Behold: the 1963 Porsche 356, or rather, a modified ‘outlaw’ version of same by California based artist and auto builder S Klub.

The car, which originally debuted at SEMA 2017, has a Type 4 VW engine, a bespoke one-of-a-kind leather interior and a custom Gloss Grey paint job.

Currently accepting bids on eBay and yours for around €126,000 (plus shipping, etc.)


Behold: the Ducati X Lamborghini Diavel 1260 – a limited edition collaboration between two of Italy’s leading marques, to wit, an angular carbon fibre remake of the Diavel cruiser inspired by Lamborghini’s all-electric Sian FKP 37.

Only 630 will be made (a nod to 1963 – Lambo’s founding year) and, though the colour scheme is shared, the 157bhp 1260cc Diavel engine remains resolutely fossil-fuelled.

Yours next year for around €38,000.


Behold: the T. Fotiadis Ultra2 – a 91 metre concept superyacht with two onboard swimming pools,  saloon,  jacuzzi, IMAX screening room, plenty of water-toy storage, and a hybrid powertrain. But that’s not all.

The Bond villain security conscious billionaire that eventually commissions this mega-barge will also have a safe room, a diplomatic-grade secure-meeting room, and a crew trained in military counter-intelligence protocols by UK-based risk management company Romeo Foxtrot.


Behold: the Director House (aka, ‘The Director Will Be Here Shortly’) a design by Egyptian architect Mahmoud Sherif.

Looking like Tony Stark’s Scandi hideaway (or a gigantic PS5), this brutalist concrete abode perches on a cliff edge overlooking Reynisfjara beach (you’ll recall it from Game Of Thrones’) on the rugged southern coast of Iceland.

A sci-fi film location waiting to happen, if it ever gets built, which it really should.


Like a series of Fallout 4 dioramas, the sculptures of Parisian artist Simon Laveuve are dilapidated last refuges covered with graffiti, empty, echoing with signs of recent habitation, overgrown with vegetation in the aftermath of some apocalyptic event. Sez he:

My pieces, for the most part, have this aspect of shelter… I like to work on the height and the inaccessible. Protection and surrender. Fallen icons and their symbolism. Resistance and insubordination.

Substitute your own metaphor(s).


Behold: the 2021 Mercedes Benz Maybach S-Class – future flagship of the Benz bourgemobile fleet.

Despite its luxurious front cabin, most of its owners will only ever sit in the back. Here, twin Executive seats with calf massage and neck and shoulder heaters are adjustable all the way to full length sleeping mode.

Interior lighting is adaptive. Doors are automatic and seatbelt extension is handled by electronic ‘butlers’. The roller sunscreen is gesture-controlled and there’s a cooler to keep your Krug Grande Cuvée at the perfect temperature.

Pricing to be announced but likely to be somewhere around €170,000+ for the middle of the inline-six 3.0 petrol/hybrid/V8/twin-turbo V12 range.


Behold: the Mini Vision Urbanaut – a conceptual EV minivan from BMW designed to make the most of its interior space despite a tiny exterior footprint.

A flexible four seat arrangement behind a single slide and swivel door includes a fold away dashboard and a front windscreen that can be hinged open when the vehicle is stationary.

The wheels light up. The front seats transform into a daybed.

You’d wonder is it a car at all.


Behold: the ‘NASA Motorcycle’ – an entirely conceptual lunar hog by Russian designer Andrew Fabishevskiy.

The dashing astronaut on the go gets: a long wheelbase moon-bobber with an elaborate tubular trellis frame, all wheel drive to fat tyres, fore and aft swing arms and a saddle composed of a soft sphere below a series of straps.



Behold: the BMW Definition CE04 – a first-of-its-kind mid segment electric scooter from Motorrad (which already does a maxi-scooter and a concept bike).

A long wheelbase for stability, a step-through upright riding position and a large screen for GPS and systems control.

Proof of concept for now, and still testing, but production should follow soon.