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Behold: the 1966 Ferrari 275 GTB/6C Alloy Berlinetta.

First launched in 1964, the 275 GTB was the first Ferrari with independent rear suspension and a transaxle. Though it received several design and engine upgrades during its run, this Alloy Berlinetta is the rarest of the rare: the first of eight alloy bodied 320bhp V12 GTBs, fully restored with all-original parts and factory colours.

Bids start at €3 million but probably won’t end there.


Australia is a continent, in fairness. The work of cartographer David Garcia.

Curse you, Mindanao. 

Explore it in detail here.

MORE: It’s Not Easy to Map the 100 Largest Islands in the World (Atlas Obscura)


A 17cm tall Model 37 (‘Bleeding Edge’) Iron Man action figure from japanese maker Revoltech – complete with 37 points of articulation and a huge array of accessories from  missiles and energy bursts to replacement hands and extending armour panels.

Available this June for about €75 (+P&P).


A Sankey visualisation of how people misspell the name ‘Gyllenhaal’ – one of a series of frequently misspelled words on Reddit (identified by proximity to uncertainty indicators like ‘sp?’) collated and analysed by Colin Morris.


Behold: the McLaren 600LT Spider: a topless variant of the 600 Long Tail (similarly equipped, with a 3.8 litre, 592bhp, twin-turbo V8) that will reach 100km/h in 2.8 seconds and continue on to a top speed of 323km’h (or a slovenly 315km/h with the roof down).

Yours for a hair-tousling €225,000.


Breeda writes:

Spotted this on Merchants Road, Galway. Wondering Is this the 1975 model which, according to wiki … had an engine that produced 84 hp (63KW) with 125 N m (92 ft lbf) torque and weighed 955kg …..


A map of fictional locations in England, Scotland and Wales from Judge Dredd to Vanity Fair.

Huge version here.

Full index of locations and sources here.

Also available as a print.


A nostalgic homage to the colourful design of blank VHS tape cases of the 1980s which will be baffling to anyone under the age of 35.


Behold: the 1972 Maserati Ghibli SS 4.9 Coupe. a wedge-shaped 2-seater designed by the legendary Giorgetto Guigiaro and unveiled at the 1966 Turin Auto Show.

Powered by a 4.7 litre (later expanded to 4.9 litre), 306bhp, mid-mounted V10, with a top speed of 280km/h, it was – in its day – the fastest road car Maserati had ever made.

Currently accepting bids.