BARE All This Weekend


BARE festival.

Tomorrow and Saturday in Borris, County Carlow.

Johnny Keenan (him off the telly) will be live tweeting from BARE throughout the weekend.

Johnny writes:

After building a fantastic one day festival in Portarlington, County Offaly, for three years in a row the BARE lads have uprooted their tent and accouterments, and brought it down to beautiful Borris on the foot of Mount Leinster in County Carlow….

Thankfully the festival gods are shining on the organisers of BARE Festival. They have overcome the most important obstacle for an Irish festival (outside of small mindedness), The Weather!

People always say I hope ya get the weather for it. Well the weather is here, the line up is deadly and the craic is going to be savage.

Recommendations include

God Is An Astronaut:- think Pink Floyd and you’re only half way to your celestial star
Craic Appeal :- Kilkenny Rap via Jobourg
Kila:– Tog E go Bog E! enuf said
RiRa:- Get ready to keep er’ going til 25 O’Clock in the mornin’
Davina & The Messengers:- Get the message
Shakalak:– in tune with the offbeat mood swingers.
Scene Of the Rhyme:- Be there or be square

Fair play to BARE for making this happen. Fair play to you for supporting Bare.

Don’t forget the sunscreen…

Bare festival

11 thoughts on “BARE All This Weekend

  1. Dhaughton99

    Jesus, I’m getting old. I’ve heard of Gok Wan off the Telly. That’s it.

    1. Andyourpointiswhatexactly?

      The only new stuff I know now is when I see it on Graham Norton. How the mighty have fallen.

  2. ReproBertie

    The honest to god Pale?

    “I am a butterfly, I wear my father’s clothes.”

      1. Andyourpointiswhatexactly?

        Shed my father’s cloooooothes!

        I know them!! Back to being crazy sexy supercool again. PHEW.

  3. Johnny Keenan

    The Pale Yes.
    Expect some dogs with no tails floating around.
    Great to see the Dublin exodus follow me down to Carlow.
    The Green M&M’s were taken out for the boys from D12 btw
    #SouthSide ✌

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