Baker Rahul (left) faces the judges on the Great British Bake-Off last night

it was a big week on The Great British Bake-Off on Channel 4.

Frilly Keane was watching with ‘kitchen mitts’ to hand.

Frilly writes:

Finally; the marquee event that is Bread week.

Bread week Signature opened with another traybake style, and unusually for The Hollywood, he repeated a challenge; Chelsea Buns. If memory serves they were a Technical in the BBC2 era. If not, well Noel’s Chelsea boots were something I’m sorry I noticed; now I feel shabby for mentioning Noel’s appearance again. Sorry.

But it had to be said; there’s a time an’ place for that type of nonsense footwear, and the Bake-Off tent is not one’ve ‘em nor is Bread week.

Enriched dough is special and there’s no need to repeat what I said the last time .

But one thought crossed my mind last night as they were doing the rounds that I’m not sure I shared before; this multitude of flavours that Bake-Off competitors seem to think they need. OK it’s a competition but the best bakers always do their everyday family favourite in the Signature anyway.

I myself never see the need to muddy up flavours, road-test techniques or crowd the textures and colours. Like why should a raspberry hav’ta share your pallet with pistachio, lemon oil, pomegranate seeds, and chocolate chards laced with turmeric?

Enhance it and support your main feature ingredient and keep the work to a minimum; so it was no surprise that Dan was the man and the only handshake. I would recommend this recipe for the 1st time enriched dough attempt, and have no fear with it just give it all the time you can, although I’m not sure about the brandy, I think I’d nearly try that coffee Jemmie.

Before I tear off into the Technical, Cinnamon Peanut Butter; now it can be bought, and there are recipes available, from vegan to gluten free but here  with just 5 ingredients. Now that’s a deffo alongside that coffee Jemmie.

Last night, I just couldn’t wait to get to talk t’ye about the Technical, I literally leapt when I heard Naan without yeast, and by using the grill. Even now, like just minutes ago, the dependent said it was last night’s stand out and had to be tried.

Listen everyone, even if you’re not a baker or even have the patience for me here, you have to give these a go and can’t wait meself.

Fresh Coriander is my favourite savoury herb; and here it is with melty butter n’ garlic, from under the grill and no yeast and proving. So, no excuses. One tip, I’d nearly put the grill on first thing, and do let us know how ye get on @bakesheet

And fair play to the Come Back Terry with the Technical Tash  for winning the Technical. Although he’s still sitting in the bottom half for me.

Showstopper time. You know that wouldn’t be my thing really, I wouldn’t do a celebration bread so I’m not going to indulge on last night’s.

But Kim Joy  did introduce a technique I had never heard of, Tangzhoung and I would follow up on since I do use roux a lot for stove top stuff, so it gets a mention; and her Showstopper might be of interest since it has two things going for it, the flavours are typical and uncomplicated, and the skill level is set as easy.

Annuder thing I noticed from last night’s Bread Showstoppers was how simple their plaiting was to be effective. Which sorta brings me back to my own baking policies about not needing to be overly grand with convoluted ingredients and styles and presentations for any bake to be treated equal.

Rahul is your back to back star baker, and is getting more squee by the minute, although I’m still holding back till I see his desserts; but last night definitely started to see some favourites pull away.

For me, Dan, is growing inta a strong favourite of mine, he is a home baker that bakes for the right reasons and with the right attitude.

Bollywood Banker Antony was always only there for a short time so I doubt any bake-offer will miss him.

Before I get back to work, a quick shout out for all the bakers, judges, presenters and crew behind last nights Bread Week. A three-hour Signature, plus one-hour Technical followed by a five-hour Showstopper.

That was one busy weekend, but in all fairness, they never had a sweeter smelling work place; butter, cinnamon, rum, coriander, orange, sugar, doesn’t that make you want to take the afternoon off and dip some crusty chocolate pasted bread into a flooding foamy Chai latte and watch this

No apologies for going on a bit this week since it was Bread week, and the best Bread week Bake-Off produced in nine seasons. Ok it didn’t have the laughs of last year’s, but it was like getting a one to one masterclass.

So, if this is all a chore for you, and you needed to pick one just to see why I do this, then this one is it.

Desserts next week everyone, and I’m expecting Manon to come good again, although I’m not looking forward to those earrings.

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Pic: Channel 4

15 thoughts on “Bread Of Heaven

  1. Daisy Chainsaw

    Rahul is like Nadiya from a few years back. Quietly brilliant, but unsure and lacking confidence. I hope he stays in until the final at least, and realises just how good he is.

    1. Andyourpointiswhatexactly?

      I know I should think more of him but he annoys me. Nadiya always had charm.

      Still no definite favourite for me. Well, apart from Noel.

  2. rotide

    Unbelievable, These FILTH think they can get away with this ASSAULT on DECENT LAW ABIDING PEACEFUL PROTESTERS. MLK would be turning in his grave

    Oh wait, cakes? I’m cool with that

          1. rotide

            I’ll get me just desserts in the end

            e: crap, thats not very bread week. Actually, any way you slice it, that gag should be panned

  3. gorugeen

    Fair play Frilly. Good words from ya. I was once an avid bread baker so last night’s adventures were right up my greased tin. Rahul drives me demented (more demented). I do hope it’s all an act. What about Ruby? Zero to hero, rinse and repeat. Mighty entertaining methinks. Cheers Frills.

  4. Andyourpointiswhatexactly?

    You’re right! Manon’s tassel earrings were comical. She’s lovely, though.
    Kim Joy and her eye makeup and her cat motifs. I’m sure she’s lovely but it all seems so try-hard.

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