Kenny Tynan

On Monday

Kenny Tynan, who has a brain tumour and obtained a licence for cannabis oil but has been told his cost will not be reimbursed, wrote on his FB page:

“”d like to thank Prof. Micheal Barry of St James for my wonderful totally avoidable seizure last night. It was traumatic for my wife and my 11 yr old son.

Traumatic in the sense that at any time they could be fatal for me. I wouldn’t mind but I had taken my conventional anti convulsant about 40 mins before I seized. Goes to show how well they are working.

Waiting over 3 weeks for a response to an appeal that blew his reasons for denial of reimbursement out of the water.

You would think the money was coming out of his own pocket. Just over a month left on my licence too…’

Yesterday, Kenny wrote:

“An Angel has stepped forward last minute and offered to pay for my medicinal cannabis. Thank you heavenly Father for putting this person in my path. The world works in mysterious ways. Namaste.’

Kenny Tyanan (Facebook)

Johnny Keenan writes:

This is indeed a great day for Kenny. That is 100% well deserved. Never underestimate what good people are watching and listening from the sidelines and want to make a substantial difference when and where they can.

However its another dark day for Simon Harris Fine Gael government and more importantly thousands of other Irish citizens who need and want the right to use medical cannabis.

A right that is afforded to most of our brothers and sisters across the western world but unfairly ignored by our corporate government.

It is extremely important to remember that Professor Michael Barry Consultant at St James’s hospital Dublin stated to Kenny that his recommendation would be that the Irish health Board and or HSE would not be in a position to pay for the Medical Cannabis Kenny required.

They (sorry the Irish tax payer) would still be in a position to continue to pay for anticonvulsant pharmaceutical drugs. The same drugs that don’t seem to be working for Kenny and have side effects for him.

The question now is and still remains why would Irish consultants whose salaries are paid for by the Irish tax payer and working on behalf of our HSE give licences to people in need of medical cannabis and then expect them to pay thousands of euro to receive this medicine.

Then to add insult to injury expect these patients of cannabis to travel outside their country to get that medicine.

So let’s please make a concerted effort to force pressure on our legislators to sign into law ASAP that Irish citizens have the right to use medical cannabis at a reasonable cost to them and the Irish people.

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14 thoughts on “Saving Kenny

  1. MarkMcG

    Consultants are the worst. I went to one recently, 180 euro for the visit. Barely listened to me, which was evident when he wrote a letter back to my GP outlining what I had told him. I’d say about 60% of it was wrong. Not surprised, as he couldn’t get me out of there quick enough when i was talking to him. Then he sends me for a scan, I asked to get it anywhere else than vincents as it’s double the price for the same scan there as anywhere else, but he refuses to let me get it anywhere else. So now I’m looking for a different consultant, hoping it’ll be someone who actually gives a damn about me. Hoping it will also be soon as I’ve been in pain for quite some time, and it just seems like no one cares. But i’d rather go thru more pain than pay that man another cent.

    1. andy

      If the consultation was crap, then don’t pay him.

      What’s he going to do? Take you to court over €180.

      Make a complaint to the HSE or hospital over it to. Only way things will change.

    1. Increasing Displacement

      Yeah other peoples beliefs are just stupid aren’t they Dave, eh?
      Aren’t they?

      Everyone believe the same as Dave.
      The one true Dave.

    2. TheQ47

      ” Look Dave, I can see you’re really upset about this. I honestly think you ought to sit down calmly, take a stress pill, and think things over.”

  2. octo

    Shouldn’t medical cannabis have to undergo the same clinical testing as any other medicine before public money is spent subsidising it?
    I feel sorry for the guy but I think the evidence for its effectiveness is pretty patchy.
    Placebo is a real thing.

    1. Mickey Twopints

      Yet there seems to be overwhelming anecdotal evidence as to its efficacy, and little to suggest that it may be harmful. On balance, would it not be better to approve the expenditure for a man with a potentially fatal condition? How much does this stuff actually cost, anyway?

      I also wonder how the decision may have been approached were the recipient a TD.

    2. SOQ

      Just wondering what evidence you are alluding to?

      The very idea that a drug which could be helpful to this man is being blocked, is disgraceful. Give it to him ffs. Go run your scientific tests in your own time, not his.

  3. Kenny Tynan

    Dave. You must be one unlucky man to not have some sort of connection with the All. Im am not religious but I recognise that we all cone fom the same source, the source some call God, some Elohim, some Allah. If thats all you can find to say about a cancer patients personal status, I really pity you, it’s people like you that could do with some sort of connection. I wonder what could be so bad in your life that you would want to pick on a person in their hour of need. Try reading the kybalion. It’ll do your scientific head a wonder of good.

    Octo – check out the recent patent granted to GW pharma for the treatment of cancer with cannabis. Loads of trials and scientific info in there. Claims of placebo are well passed. All the ever increasing doctors , all around the world, who are prescribing medicinal cannabis for cancer, are they all wrong?

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