It Isn’t Hard To Do


Free Saturday?

A concert commemorating the life of John Lennon in aid of the Simon Community at Tullamore Food Fayre, Kilcruttin Business Park, Tullamore, County Offaly at 12-2pm.

Johnny Keenan, of ‘Broadsheet on the Telly‘ fame, writes:

‘Another Offaly Good Vibration – Give Peace A Chance’ will take place next Saturday 8th December in Tullamore Food Fayre, Kilcruttin Business Park, Tullamore.

An array of Offaly talented singers and poets will come together to perform original compositions and pay tribute to John Lennon on the 38th anniversary of his death.

This is positive vibe for all the family and is run to raise much needed funds for Midlands Simon Community.

Give Peace A Chance Concert (Facebook)

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16 thoughts on “It Isn’t Hard To Do

    1. Rob_G

      Paul is still making new music, some of which is quite good. He is also apparently the best drummer in the Beatles, too. Plus he is quite woke on the subject of eating animals, which I understand Johnny is as well.

  1. Starina

    Lennon was a big one for words, less so for action. Bit of a wife-beating, child-neglecting, cheating hypocritical silly, really.

    Ringo seems like the most sound of them all.

    1. phil

      Seems a bit harsh , but he I didnt know the man , However I have read quite a bit about them , and from memory he slapped his wife Cynthia the morning after he caught her cheating on him , they were both in their teens , and the incident happened in College before they had any success . Not defending it, violence is wrong whenever it happens…

      His first child, yes he refused to provide his wife and child with any more that 50 pounds a week maintenance, yup sounds a bit cheap , but that would be worth £1,840 a week today , sure he could have afforded more in the late 60’s but the Beatles famously got screwed by everyone back in the day , terrible manager, and greedy record company. There is some evidence that Paul paid for Jullians education in later life.

      However Jillian reconciled with his dad in the 70’s and while still disappointed with what might have been, I believe he stated that he understands the pressures his dad and band members may have been under back in the day, and is delighted they had some time before he died.

      The IRA, he was appalled by Bloody Sunday , and felt he had to attend a march as a British citizen , he wanted to say , NOT in my name, and to be fair that was slightly before the worst excesses of the ‘troubles’

      What you have to remember , there was a huge amount of black propaganda about the Beatles back in the day , corrupting the youth with Rock & Roll, saying they were bigger than Jesus , etc etc …

      In my personal opinion , I felt Paul was the worst behaved beatle , I wont bore you with any more of my thoughts

      1. Johnny Keenan

        Really interested points Phil. We must catch up on Pauls life beginning again in 1966. After we give Peace and rotide a chance

  2. f_lawless

    For the benefit of MSC,
    There will be a fayre this Sat in Tullamore,
    Messr. Johnny K assures the public,
    A positive vibe will be had for all

    1. Johnny Keenan

      Thanks flawless for reading the post and commenting accordingly.
      I really can’t understand why some people want to desecrate a peaceful wholesome event before it even happens.
      Irish begrudgery is so astoundingly sickening and it’s unfortunate the negativity on these threads is so disheartening to read.
      I’m promoting the message of John Lennons music. For decades his solo music and his hundreds of songs with The Beatles have been the soundtrack to many peoples lives.
      When you look at it from that perspective his music resonates with so many and that’s a good vibe to celebrate while commemorating him for using his money to promote peace.
      Who is using there money to promote peace in the world today?

      If anyone wants to talk about Lennon in another context can I recommend they start another post.
      This is strictly for good vibes.
      Offaly good ones, in fact.


      I hope one day you’ll join us and the world will live as one

      Btw if anyone wants to sing a John Lennon song in Tullamore (just 80 minute drive and 1 hour bus/train) down the road from Dublin
      Please submit your intention and song of choice to

      1. rotide

        “If anyone wants to talk about Lennon in another context can I recommend they start another post.”

        It appears you don’t know how broadsheet works.

        1. Johnny Keenan

          It appears I do rotide. I just refuse to be dictated to by trolls. I am grateful to Broadsheet for publishing some of my posts but when I read the comments it’s just pathetic how a handful just steer the conversation to stop any positivity coming through.
          No matter what you do or say I will plough on with positive good vibes anyway. Imagine what I really wanted to say.
          I won’t rise to your bate

          1. Johnny Keenan

            I’m only spreading Offaly Good Vibes Harry.
            If that’s dictating then I should be barred. Who would want to contribute on such a site

          2. rotide

            I’m not baiting you.

            This isn’t a forum. People can’t just click ‘new topic’ and start a thread about whatever they want. That’s the simple matter of it.

            Also, you are advertising a john lennon related event. It’s only natural people are going to talk about John Lennon. You might not like what they are going to say, but it appears you are complaining about being dictated to whilst trying to dictate what others say.

            Just be happy with your free advertising, noone reads the comments anyway apart from us ‘trolls’

          3. Johnny Keenan

            You’re too seasoned for me boss. I’ll keep on, as you will to, no doubt.
            Keep on playin those mind games with Trevor

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