Broadsheet Trailer Park: Die Hard


What you may need to know.

1. Only this: It IS a Christmas movie.

2. So says this new official trailer from 20th Century Fox (above), promoting the just-released 30th anniversary Blu-Ray release.

Release: Now


Just ‘dropped’.

The Men in Black are back.


Thanks Jack Jones

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18 thoughts on “Broadsheet Trailer Park: Die Hard

  1. GingerMcNinja

    Aliens? Sure.

    Secretive government agency? Why not.

    Anything ‘international’ being based in London of all places given the current state of things in the UK? Nah, sorry. There are limits as to how far I can suspend my disbelief.

  2. Clampers Outside!

    WTF is this on Virgin Media One….


    Some fupp went and remade Dirty Dancing…
    No, no, no, just fupp off!
    I won’t, I really will not have it!!

    Had the evening waiting for it to start… now the night is ruined with this tripe!

    Ruined! :/

  3. Eoin

    Best Christmas movie of all time? Hateful Eight, it’s got the snow, it’s got a bunch of people half-knowing each other cooped up indoors for so long they poison, hang, shoot each other (including in the balls). Not only that, one character in the movie actually says he’s heading home to his mamma for Christmas because he is a coming-home-for-Christmas-to-spend-time-with-mother type.

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