Default In Our Stars


Taoiseach Leo Varadkar

Leader of Irish Government Speaks Against Hyperbole
after William Shakespeare

There has been much hyperbolic comment of late
about the admittedly rather sad case of a man
who had his new corneas removed
by two blokes from Lithuania
or Neilstown (somewhere like that)
because he fell behind with the payments.

I had one of my interns watch
the video of the action those men took
to recover that part of his eyes a judge
ruled belonged to the company
on whose behalf they were acting,
and though the defaulter – I mean man – in question
has my sympathy, particularly regarding
the apparent lack of anaesthetic,
think about it this way:

every time you see one of those
click bait headlines about a tragic
granny who had her new heart ripped
back out and the papery old one reinstalled
by a team of cut-price cardiologists
appointed by an esteemed
judge whose daddy bought him a law degree,
because she spent all her pension on scratch cards,
it’s an example of the market
and rule of law weaving their magic,
as Adam Smith intended.

To let old ladies we all know, and sympathise with,
off paying for their new tickers
when they have insufficient funds to meet
the direct debit would be the ruin
of our financial institutions
and put us as a country in breach
of the rules of both the World Trade Organisation
and European Court of Justice.

So, next time you read about a child
with profligate parents who this Christmas was made hand
a transplanted kidney back
to its rightful owners, the bank of wherever;
remember, it’s just
our free economy doing shit it must.

Kevin Higgins


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16 thoughts on “Default In Our Stars

      1. Janet, I ate my avatar

        banned at last, good riddance
        It’s BS Christmas gift to us all
        Happy Christmas everyone :)

    1. ReproBertie

      The article refers to the Irish government preparing for a no deal scenario but poor Giggidy still hasn’t figured out that No Deal means no deal at all which includes no backstop.

      Given the damage a No Deal outcome would do the the UK there’s every chance that the British Taoiseach’s deal will be accepted, despite how the numbers look now.

      1. SOQ

        No there is every chance meaning more chance of it being put to the people, including remain. The majority want it and the majority will get it, otherwise, god knows what will happen.

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