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  1. LT

    Wonderful ‘Let them eat cake’ framing for The UK Independent. 2 ovens good, 4 ovens bad….

  2. Praetorian.

    The ‘Daily Express’….the paper the editorial team at ‘The Sun’ use to wipe their bottom region…a vile publication.

    1. eoin

      “The new defence secretary has promised to introduce an amnesty on historical prosecutions for military veterans who served in Iraq, Afghanistan and anywhere else around the world – with the exception of Northern Ireland.”

      Says the Guardian but we know where this is heading.

      1. eoin

        The UK’s new defence minister has now back-tracked and said she wants Northern Ireland included in the amnesty for soldiers.

        So, there you have it, the UK government is proposing an amnesty for crimes, including murder, committed by its citizens (soldiers are citizens) against fellow citizens (Northern Irelanders are citizens of the UK).

    2. Mickey Twopints

      Prediction: Eventually someone will cop that the ECHR would kick this into touch.

      In our next episode:
      “AH HA!!!” sez the Torygraph! “See? This is why we must BREXIT!”

  3. GiggidyGoo

    Richard Bruton doing a lot of avoiding these past few weeks. The Minster for Cover-ups, not Communication?
    Elsewhere we find Maria Walsh sitting on a covered cock of hay with pink pigs in abundance. Somewhere there must be a pink pigs trough then?
    I see FG have dropped their blue sky background on election posters and replaced it with a rainbow.

  4. eoin

    Isn’t anyone going to mention a factette exposed in the Whatsapp hacking story.

    It’s the FT which has the best reporting.

    About the Israeli company which designed the hacking tool. “Half the group’s revenues come from the Middle East, according to an investor at the April presentation, although the company told the gathering that it had contracts with 21 EU countries.”

    “Contracts with 21 EU countries”

    There are 28 EU countries including the UK.

    Was Ireland perchance one of the 21 EU countries which is buying hacking software from this Israeli company, called “the NSO Group”. And when we say Ireland, we mean, An Garda Siochana and possibly the G2 army intelligence people. Who might they be spying on? Obviously not drug trafficking organisations, because they keep growing. Shinners? Whistleblowers?

    You’d think someone would ask.

    1. Papi

      “Isn’t anyone going to mention ”

      Well, you, without being asked to, obviously.

      1. bisted

        …I remember reading that the Defence Forces had spent millions on drones to provide surveillance on the Golan Heights…suddenly Trumps claim that he would build a wall and get the Mexicans to pay for it seemed quite reasonable…

    2. martco

      nobody serious uses WhatsApp or any other “app” for business related matters & 100% definitely not drugs operators

      interesting to get a peek at what the security industry is up to now and again all same…if ever attending a security related conference you should be wondering about the stuff they’re NOT showing you.

  5. eoin

    Today is Day #6 of the financially embarrassed Gerald Kean v the Irish Daily Star in the High Court. Gerald is unhappy about a story in the Star about CAB seizing documents from him related to a house purchase he did the legals for on behalf of someone associated with the Kinahan drug trafficking organisation.

    Fascinating reporting in the Examiner

    “Mr Kean’s office provided the relevant file and documents and CAB later established the €150,000 paid by Mr McGovern for the house came from a Mauritian trust fund”

    “Mauritian trust fund”, aren’t these boyos sophisticated? I wonder would you have a duty as a solicitor to flag that transaction to anti money laundering authorities?

    #Miriam brother, the Fianna Fail justice spokesperson JIm O’Callaghan SC will presumably be missing from the Dail again today as he is representing Gerald. I estimate Jim is getting €5k/day for his efforts.

  6. eoin

    Times Ireland headlines another Nial Ring story today. The ex-FFer, now Independent local councillor and lord mayor of Dublin until next month, is not answering questions about several energy and mineral exploration companies in which he held senior roles because he is too busy. Nial magicked up €1 million a couple of months ago to save his home from seizure by Bank of Ireland. Some investors in his companies have lost money.

    Today’s Times story reveals Nial is flathiulach with other people’s money, spending €15,000 on beer after a free *beer* allowance from the Guinness Brewery group (Diageo) was used up for the first time ever during a mayor’s tenure. And when it comes to wine “Dublin city council also buys wine for the Mansion House, spending €27,929 so far in Mr Ring’s term [from 25 June 2018]. Throughout a full [one year] term, [ex-mayor] Mr Mac Donncha’s wine bill was €16,148; Mr Carr’s was €15,395”

    Here are the accounts for one of Nial’s companies.
    That balance sheet looks shaky if the exploration doesn’t pan out.

  7. blahblahblah

    That Jeremy Kyle story is featured in The Guardian and The Daily Star. I’m utterly disgusted by the latter for publishing a front-page story blaming a suicide victim in relation to that show.

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