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33 thoughts on “Hook Bait

  1. missred

    It’s true, the website design is the absolute pits.

    Much like George Hook and his windbaggery

    1. Paul Kelly

      Step forward now, designer of said website. The “Students Union Newletter circa 1995” and the Chinese website factory comments were thrilling but a little unfair — to students and the Chinese, that is.

      I was aiming for mediocrity but had no idea I would reach the kind of aggressive ugliness that you folks assure me I have achieved. My own reaction (to your reaction) is an inexplicable mixture of pride and euphoria. I suppose I must be like those mean old boys in the Egremont Crab Fair, gurning away and taking grim pleasure in the horrified ooohs and aaahs of the crowd.

      In a further obscure and (from the commercial point of view) not-very-amusing irony, the main sponsor is a website design company whose house style is, drum-roll please… Students Union newsletter! I wonder if the two design houses [sic] might be in some way related? I think we should be told…

      Regards, Paul Kelly (website person, also GHAV Podcast producer and chief bottle-washer).

      PS: If my website graphics make you recoil, wait till you see Twitch (handle: georgehooksav) on Saturday during our election coverage. There, my student-newsletter style will be mercilessly unleashed on those unfortunates waiting for the seventeenth count in the North Inner City… You have been warned!

  2. BC

    You think that’s bad? Check out his FB feed. It’s been a pooshow for the last few days ‍♂️

  3. Spaghetti Hoop

    Student’s Union 1995 called to say they’re suing ye for stealing their newsletter design.

  4. class wario

    being an intentionally ‘inflammatory’ contrarian is big money these days so george isn’t going to let his being booted off the radio get in the way of getting his pound of flesh. can’t wait for the token ‘liberal’ fop to appear to provide plausible deniability after an hour of bashing immigrants or victims of sexual assault or whatever.

      1. class wario

        great point, well made, it’s impossible to suggest something has financial benefits unless said benefits are in the billions of euro.

        1. Boj

          Right…simple then..
          A podcast by George Hook will not make him ‘big money’.
          You also say ‘I cant wait for…’. So you’re gonna listen to it?

  5. eoin

    “Podcast No 1 download” sounds like something a Chinese web design factory would produce.

    It hasn’t even launched yet, and I very much doubt it will be No 1, unless we’re talking in the excreta sense.

      1. missred

        A recording of Hook having a big long wee would be preferable (with a big long moaning sigh of relief, just so you get a good mental image) than hearing him droning on about whatever nonsense he feels like of a morning

  6. Mickey Twopints

    Peadar Tobin will talk about stuff. Important stuff.
    Oh look! What is this we see?
    He has a woman there, too. Such balance!
    She’s going to share her views on children and smartphones.
    You know, the things that really matter to the women.

  7. Nigel

    There was a brief shining period when we had a drivetime radio show where Ann Marie Hourihane tore strips off co-host Kevin Myers purely out of personal as well as political animosity. We didn’t know what we had.

  8. kellMA

    “Smartfones”?!? Do we not try to at least use English on non SMS/twitter type media? Or am I just not down with the kids?!?

  9. dav

    has he moved on from his (sic) ” women who dress like that are just asking to be sexually assaulted” views?

    1. kellMA

      He will probably be having a quiet talk to Ciara about her off the shoulder number….

  10. Vanessa the Holy Face of Frilly Keane

    This was promoed in last week’s phoenix
    Blank Page with in the footer

    Kinda in the Big Ed Loves Mona school of marketing

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