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This afternoon.

Irish Life workers hold a protest outside Irish Life’s headquarters on Abbey Street Lower, Dublin 1.

It follows the company’s decision to close two defined-benefit pension schemes from June 30.

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Sam Boal/Rollingnews

Tomorrow at 10am.

In Cork city.

At St Peter’s Church on North Main Street.

Together For Yes will hold a media event – a month ahead of the referendum on the Eighth Amendment on May 25, 2018.

Those speaking at the event will include Orla O’Connor, Co-Director of Together For Yes; musician John Spillane, broadcaster and journalist, who will be MC, Joe O’Shea; and GP Mary Favier, of Doctors Together For Yes.


In Sligo

On Thursday, at 8pm.

There will be a public meeting in the Glasshouse Hotel during which Galway Independent TD Catherine Connolly and Ulster University’s Dr Fiona Bloomer will talk about abortion, the workplace and why a Yes vote on May 25 is “vital to protect the health and lives of women and girls living in Ireland”.

Pat Fallon, of the trade union IMPACT, will preside over the event while other local trade union activists will also address those present.

Thanks Sarah Clarkin and Therese Caherty

From top: Minister for Children and Youth Affairs Katherine Zappone in the Dáil on June 1, 2017; UN Special Rapporteur on the promotion of truth, justice, reparation and guarantees of non-recurrence Pablo de Greiff

Last June.

The Minister for Children and Youth Affairs Katherine Zappone made a statement in the Dáil on the Mother and Baby Home Commission of Investigation.

Ms Zappone said she had appointed forensic archaeologist Niamh McCullagh, who carried out the preliminary excavations at the former Bon Secours mother and baby home in Tuam, Co Galway, to lead a team of international experts to advise the commission.

Ms Zappone said:

 “I sometimes wonder, if I’m around in 2027 or 2037, what will they say, on Reeling In The Years about 2017. Will it be the year 2017, that the international media descended on Tuam as we, once again, declared our outrage at past deeds.

Or will it be a year where we faced up, womaned up and maned up and decided that we will do things better. This is a defining moment for us.”

Further to her previously announced idea of establishing some kind of a truth commission, Ms Zappone also said she would be inviting the UN Special Rapporteur on the promotion of truth, justice, reparation and guarantees of non-recurrence Pablo de Greiff, from Columbia, to Ireland.

She said

“I am asking my Government colleagues to support me in inviting the United Nations Special Rapporteur on the promotion of truth, reparation and guarantee of non-recurrence, Pablo de Greiff, to visit Ireland.

Dr de Greiff has extensive experience and insights which I believe will help me as a Minister and us as a Government to promote truth, justice and reparation, as he has done with a wide range of other governments. He could help ensure we are taking the right approach in terms of our response into the future.”

On December 12, 2017, Ms Zappone told the Seanad:

“In addition, in recognition of Ireland’s absolute commitment to human rights, the Government has decided to invite the UN Special Rapporteur on the promotion of truth, justice, reparation and guarantees of non-recurrence, Mr. Pablo de Greiff, to visit Ireland. I will work with my colleague, the Minister for Foreign Affairs and Trade, to arrange this invitation.”

On January 24, 2018, Ms Zappone, in a written answer to Sinn Féin TD Denise Mitchell, stated:

“…the Government has agreed to invite Mr. Pablo de Greiff, UN Special Rapporteur, to assist Ireland in our response to issues related to former Mother and Baby homes and I am working with my colleague the Tánaiste and Minister for Foreign Affairs and Trade to arrange this invitation.”

On February 13, 2018, Ms Zappone told the Dáil:

I have previously relayed my commitment to the House to inviting the UN special rapporteur on the promotion of truth, justice, reparation and guarantees of non-recurrence, Mr. Pablo de Greiff, to come to Ireland. I believe he can assist us in our endeavours to establish the truth and advise us on how best to move forward and deal with this part of our history. Arrangements are at an advanced stage and I expect an invitation to be issued to Mr. de Greiff in the coming days.

Fintan Dunne writes:

Guess when Dr de Greiff reaches the end of his term as Special Rapporteur?

Pablo de Greiff was appointed by the UN Human Rights Council… in 2012.

He was renewed in 2015 and will hold the position until May 2018.”

May 2018 is a mere week away!!

Fintan Dunne

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‘I Have Had Grown Men Cry In My Presence’

Daleo Lama writes:

I’m all for #repealthe8th, I always have been… *cough*

Kudos to @repeal_shield for breaking new secret censorship ground.

Unfortunately they caved in to the anti-censors since I made this video.

But … VERY interesting seeds were planted.

Kind Regards
Your Leader
Daleo Lama

Thanks Conor Magahy

At the weekend.

In Youghal, Co Cork.

Clean Coasts Ballynamona tweetz:

From our beach clean in Redbarn on Saturday. So let’s try and see if we are dating this bottle correctly. Would it be late 1960s maybe? Seeing as the currency changed in Ireland in 1971?



Clean Coasts Ballynamona adds:

This KP packet of Alien Invaders has a best before date of 11th Jan 1986. This was 31 years old when it was cleaned up in a beach clean…


Clean Coasts Ballynamona writes:

This plastic bottle all the way from France was found on Ballynamona Beach. The price on it is the Nouveau Franc, used in France between 1960-62, making this plastic rubbish approx 55 years old.



Royal Canal (6th Lock), Dublin 7

Ultan Mashup writes:

Repeal + Palestinian Flag flying…

Save Poolbeg.


In fairness.

You are invited.

To a silent die-in “to protest deaths of people who cycle” outside Leinster House, Kildare Street, Dublin 2 tomorrow at 6pm.

Mike McKillen writes:

This past week has seen the tragic killing of a young person cycling on Dublin roads, bringing the total number of cyclists killed this year to 5.

2017 was the deadliest year for people who cycle in Ireland with 15 deaths, the highest in 10 years.

The issue of safe streets is not just affecting people who cycle; 14 pedestrians have already lost their lives this year. It is worth noting that 2017 had the lowest number of fatalities for people in motorised vehicles in over a decade.

I BIKE Dublin and Dublin Cycling Campaign are conducting a silent demonstration tomorrow outside Leinster House at 6pmto express their sorrow and anger at this latest death on Irish roads, and to call on the government to invest in safer streets as a matter of urgency.

We are calling on the Government for –

A minimum of 10% of transport budget allocated for safe cycling and walking

Better design of cycling and walking infrastructure, especially at junctions where people are forced to interact with motor vehicles.

Dublin Cycling Campaign




A weekly current affairs show on Dublin Digital Radio.

Sean Finnan writes

This week on Current. we have an in-depth interview with Ellen O’Malley Dunlop (above) of the National Women’s Council of Ireland.

We talk to her about the recent trial in Belfast, the need for sex-ed in our schools and the need for our justice system to catch up with issues of consent….

Current (Dublin Digital Radio)

Together4Yes county banners.

A mere selection of the 26 Collated by Jean O’Brien of the Digital Charity Lab inspired by The Rubberbandits suggestion: ‘Limerick for Yurt’

More here

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This afternoon.

The Dublin Wax Museum

The Mansion House, Dublin 2.

Former taoisigh Bertie Ahern and Brian Cowen at a conference covering the 20th anniversary of the Good Friday Agreement and its future under Brexit.

The half-day conference, compered by Olivia O’Leary, focused on the role the Northern Ireland peace settlement has so far played in the Brexit negotiations.

It’s not a caption competition unless you insist.

Any excuse


Saturday: That Seemed To Go Well


Former Taoiseach John Bruton (left) joins the chat.