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Thus evening.

The “Dubai Two” leaving the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Santry, Dublin. Niamh Mulreany (25) and Kirstie McGrath (30) were briefily detained in Mountjoy Prison when they refused to quarantine after returning to Ireland from Dubai on April 2.


Minister for Health Stephen Donnelly has confirmed that the Department of Health has paused taking bookings at mandatory quarantine hotels.

Mr Donnelly said it was due to a problem with ‘walk-ins’ or people who simply turn up rather than having booked online before departure.

Speaking on RTÉ’s Six One News, he said that on a precautionary basis, his department has paused bookings to ensure there is capacity.

Minister says bookings at mandatory quarantine hotels ‘paused’ (RTÉ)


This afternoon.


This afternoon.

Further to concerns over the link between the Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine and blood clots…

…The US Food and Drug Administration has recommended a “pause” to the rollout of the Johnson & Johnson COVID vaccine so it can investigate reports of… blood clots.

The single dose vaccine has been given to 6.8 million Americans.

COVID-19: US recommends ‘pause’ to Johnson & Johnson jab rollout over blood clot fears (Sky)




Tuam campaigner Breeda Murphy, adoptee and activist Eunan Duffy and lawyer Frank Brehany, whose father was a Tuam adoptee, discuss the possibly of a class action lawsuit against pharmaceutical companies who tested on children in clinical trials in Mother and Baby homes.

There were at least 13 vaccine trials carried out on more than 43,000 children, according to the Mother and Baby Homes Commission of Investigation. None of the mothers gave consent

And, as there was no follow up on the long-term health of those subjected to the trials, the commission was allowed to state:

“There is no evidence of injury to the children involved as a result of the vaccines.”

This is the 15th in a series of shows with Breeda, Eunan and Frank looking at all aspects of the Mother and Baby Home Commission of Investigation report. They can be viewed here.


Philomena Lee among five given leave to challenge mother and baby homes report (irish Times)

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Mother And Baby And Medical Trials

Pics: RTÉ

Bangladesh-born Centra manager Akram Hussein, who died after chasing a shoplifter from his Drumcondra store

This morning.

Bereavement fund here.

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Dr Ronan Glynn, Acting Chief Medical Officer, Department of Health at the Department of Health last night

Last night.

This morning.

HSE cancels AstraZeneca clinics planned for Tuesday (


Last night: After You

This morning.


This morning.

Dublin Airport.

From Thursday, the US will be added to the Mandatory Hotel Quarantine list.

Name those planes, anyone?


A woman who returned from Dubai ten days ago to support her mother after her father was diagnosed with cancer, has become the latest person to challenge the legality of her detention at a quarantine hotel, in what her lawyers described as a “profoundly urgent” application.

A special remote sitting of the High Court was told last night that 30-year-old Emma Kelly was fully vaccinated and had tested negative for Covid-19 twice before she travelled from the United Arab Emirates and arrived here ten days ago.

Her lawyers told the court she should have been tested again today but has been told she won’t receive a test until tomorrow and if negative, she won’t be able to leave until the following day.

They have asked the High Court to inquire into the legality of Ms Kelly’s detention.

The woman is in quarantine in the Crowne Plaza Hotel, Dublin Airport.

The court will continue hearing the case this morning when the State will respond.

Woman takes High Court challenge over mandatory hotel quarantine (RTÉ)

Sasko Lazarov/RollingNews


Tayto Park, Ashbourne, County Meath

Skipper (Colin Hughes) and Scooter (Aidan Mannion) launch ‘Tayto Park Adventures’, a virtual school tour experience linked to the SESE curriculum with an all-access pass to the animal collection at the Tayto Park Zoo and its theme park attractions including, Europe’s largest inverted wooden rollercoaster, the Cù Chulainn Coaster.

Tayto Park

Pics: Karen Morgan



This afternoon.


The vaccine developed by AstraZeneca make up some 21% of the supplies needed to meet the HSE’s target

This morning.

HSE’s target of administering initial vaccine doses to 80 per cent of the willing adult population by June is under question if the The National Immunisation Advisory Committee (NIAC) rules out the use of the AstraZeneca jab over blood clotting fears.

Minister for Health Stephen Donnelly told RTÉ Radio One’s Morning Ireland:

“Certainly, at the moment, if the vaccines come in as they are forecast to do, then by the end of June, four in every five adults who wants a vaccine will be in a position to be offered one. It really is a great cause for hope, particularly on a day like today, where we’re taking a cautious but important step out of the pandemic.”

When asked whether this goal will remain achievable if recommendations surrounding the AstraZeneca jab change, he responded:

‘All I’m saying is, there’s not much point in gauging “what if NIAC say this or this or this”.

‘We’ll have word from NIAC very shortly, and when we do, if the operations do need to be adjusted, we can adjust them.”

Donnelly concedes possible changes to AZ roll-out could pose ‘big operational challenge’ (


Up to 80 percent of people offered the AstraZeneca Covid-19 vaccine In Sicily refuse it out of fears over its safety, according to the southern Italian region’s president Nello Musumeci.

Public confidence in the Anglo-Swedish jab has been badly shaken by reports linking it to rare, but potentially fatal, blood clots, and by conflicting recommendations on its use.

“In Sicily, there is an 80-percent refusal rate of the AstraZeneca vaccine. Every 100 people, 80 say no,” Musumeci said late Saturday in Catania, according to multiple media reports.

‘Up to 80 percent’ in Sicily refuse AZ vaccine: president (France24)


This morning.

Minister for Health Stephen Donnelly on Morning Ireland

Mary Wilson: “Minister, just finally, you’re on the front page of The Irish Times. ‘Donnelly queries exclusion from department analysis of tweets’. It said you looked for an analysis of tweets and retweets of you and your Twitter feed from the department, as compared to your constituency colleague, Simon Harris. You did this in January at a time when we had escalating Covid numbers. Why would you do that?”

Stephen Donnelly
: “I believe it was a piece of work that one of the team was looking at Mary. I haven’t seen the article but I believe it was one piece of work that somebody was looking at in a, in a, in a, you know, in a…”

Wilson: “The article says minister, the article says it was an analysis that you looked for and, on your behalf, the Secretary General of your department was contacting your publicity, your communications people, saying, you know, ‘we need to discuss this, there’s no reference to the minister, as you can see’. This was an analysis that you – was it an analysis that you wanted?”

Donnelly: “No, like I said Mary, it, I haven’t seen the article, it’s a piece of work that somebody did within the department. And it came up, presumably, in a FOI request, I’d have to take a look.”

Wilson: “Minister, Stephen Donnelly, thank you very much for joining us on Morning Ireland.”

What a clot.