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This morning.

David Douglas writes:

A walk amongst the…wait a minute! Every single week someone throws a newspaper full of fresh shit along the [River] Dodder walk by the Aviva. Anyone know why!?

Sounds like a healthy bran-based diet.




Conall writes:

It’s not all hooman poo on that stretch of the Dodder. Opposite what you might call ‘Poo Corner’, lives this beautiful heron (above) – whom I commune with on a daily basis and who is, I can assure all, enchanted by his surroundings.

Karl Shiels in 2008


Fair City actor Karl Shiels has died, aged 47 (RTÉ)


This afternoon.

Francist Street, Dublin 8.

A bagpiper leads the way as huge crowds wait as the coffin of comedian Brendan Grace arrives at the Church of St. Nicholas of Myra, Francis Street in The Liberties.

Eamonn Farrell/RollingNews


At Home with Pamela Flood, Irish Times, December 30, 2017

The couple initially agreed to leave the property by last Tuesday, but have now vowed to stay at their home

Speaking to the ‘Sunday Independent’, Ms Flood said she and her husband have done nothing wrong.

“Missing mortgage payments is not doing something wrong. If you miss them genuinely because you can’t make the mortgage payment, that is not something wrong.

“It’s not immoral, it’s not even illegal, it’s just missing mortgage payments,” she said.

‘Missing payments is not immoral’: ex-Miss Ireland Pamela Flood vows to stay in home (

At home with Pamela Flood: ‘I am a total hoarder’ (Irish Times, Dec 30, 2017)


The Law Society, Blackhall Place, Dublin.

Scenes from the Green Party Convention with participants including Ciaran Cuffe (pic 1); Catherine Martin TD (pic 3); Green Party Leader Eamon Ryan TD (pic 4); pic 7, from left: Councillor Hazel Chu, Janet Horner, Cllr Neasa Hourigan and Cllr Pauline O’Reilly.

In his keynote speech to the party’s national convention in Dublin, Mr Ryan has argued that entering government was the most effective way to address the climate emergency.

Referring back to the Green’s first experience in coalition, which saw the party losing all its seats in 2011, Mr Ryan said: “I know from experience how hard that can be but also what can be achieved. To prepare properly it is important to set out the principles that we would approach any programme for government negotiations.”

He said the party should be willing to talk to any party who shared its core belief in constitutional, democratic and peaceful politics.

Green Party must be ‘open’ to coalition with major parties – Ryan (Irish Times)


Mr Acosta was the US Attorney in Miami in 2008 when he oversaw a non-prosecution deal against Epstein which allowed him to serve 13 months in jail – with much of that spent on work release at his Palm Beach office.

“This was him not me,” Mr Trump said, adding that Mr Acosta was “a tremendous talent” who “went to Harvard” University. Earlier this week, Mr Trump told reporters that he felt badly for his labour secretary, but added that he did not know him personally before hiring him

US Labour Secretary Alex Acosta resigns over Epstein case (BBC)

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