Return To Shannon



Shannon Airport.

Johnny Keenanwrites:

On looking at the video above you will see exactly how peaceful and passionate people can make a difference.

Watch closely as the great peace activist Margaretta D’arcy still challenges the illegal use of Shannon Airport by American War Mongers, with the help of the docile Fine Gael Irish government.

There is something missing though.

Young vibrant people who should be where Margaretta D’arcy is. She is there to defend the rights of all the young people who for some reason don’t seem to care.

We care about climate change. Well war is the biggest cause of climate change.

So get on and cop on, and let everyone you know, know that in order for Ireland to move forward, we have to get peaceful and mobile.

The next Shannon Airport Protest Vigil takes place on Sunday 14th July, then Sunday 11th August. Much respect to the Shannon Watch Peace Camp Activists who are truly the conscience of the Irish people.

Johnny Keenan (Facebook)


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18 thoughts on “Return To Shannon

  1. Joe Small

    “…you will see exactly how peaceful and passionate people can make a difference.”
    Exactly what difference have decades of these protests made so far?

    “…war is the biggest cause of climate change.”
    I’ve heard this before. Is it true?

    “the Shannon Watch Peace Camp Activists…are truly the conscience of the Irish people.”
    I’m extremely wary of suggesting that any person or group are somehow morally superior to the rest of us. Do they know what’s best for us then?

    1. Plank

      “…war is the biggest cause of climate change.”
      I’ve heard this before. Is it true?

      Its not. Energy production, industry, transport and agriculture are. This is clearly explained in the IPCC 2018 report.

    2. Johnny Keenan

      Joe I could have talked about keyboard warriors and how influential they are but I’m living in the real world with real people. So it’s only fair that I would give credit to people who get up off the computer and challenge An Gardai to do their job. Sorry!

  2. eoin

    Well done Johnny, I might wander over myself for the July protest.

    It’s what, 15 years since we granted the US military landing rights in Shannon, they’ve abused it daily with the transport of weapons (we’re supposed to check for weapons but never do), they’ve used it for extraordinary renditions and passage to Guantanamo.

    And of course, we’ve taken in at least two Guantanamo detainees following their release. As a neutral country, we’ve done our bit.

    It’s time to tell our US friends this facility was never intended as permanent, and now that Iraq and Afghanistan are “mission accomplished”, bin Laden is dead and the WTC has been re-built, it’s time to tell our US friends that it’ll be better if they use their Nato allies, especially Britain, which is just 30 mins away (Belfast), for stopovers. Slán.

    1. Joe Small

      Its a lot longer than 15 years. US forces used Shannon extensively for first Gulf War in 1990-91.

  3. MaryLou's ArmaLite

    Why the Palestinian flag, what’s that got to do with the price of turnips?

    1. f_lawless

      The Wikileaks release of US embassy cables from 2006 provided confirmation that Shannon was also being used to transport arms to Israel.: At that particular point in time, the Irish government was pushing back a little against the US – not out of a sense of moral duty, but worried Shannon might become a central issue in the upcoming 2007general election due to growing awareness and anger among sections of the pubic.

  4. Johnny Keenan

    LGBT and Palestinian flags are flags of the persecuted. I was going to bring my Offaly flag but I thought a bit ott. As far as I’m aware all flags are welcome bar the butchers aprons


    This is a very interesting short doc on Shannon Airport and it’s illegal use by America, in their greed for war

  5. Gabby

    The guards look like they’d prefer to be elsewhere doing something useful instead of watching half a dozen protesters.

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