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Medicinal cannabis being made available under pilot programme (RTÉ)

Yesterday: Johnny Green: From Ming To The Merciless

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  1. george

    Why is it a pilot? Other medecines don’t go through pilot programmes including opiates

  2. eoin

    Is it true the only company that is currently licensed to provide medicinal cannabis in Ireland is a Danish company with links to controversial individuals?

    1. Johnny Green

      Hi Eoin,it’s just Simon heading the ball into touch until “autumn” at earliest.
      No products approved yet and it looks like HPRA will have approve them-yeah one lic issued to dodgy Dutch company in January in a dark room.
      Personally I think this is dreadful coverage by the MSM-all he did was accept years later the recommendations from the HPRA report,its shameless spin.
      No change for patients until “Autumn” at earliest-it’s not “news” and the media portrays this as some Giant Step.

      1. Clampers Outside!

        From the Dept’s twitter feed… surely this means there’ll be more suppliers coming into the market….

        “This legislation now means that commercial operators whose #cannabis products meet the specified requirements set out in the legislation will be able to supply these products to the Irish market.”

    2. Ian-O

      Based on previous state awarding of licences and contracts, I am going to rate your claim above as being ‘quite likely’. I won’t even ask for evidence.

      That’s where we are now.

  3. Clampers Outside!

    The next / follow-on Tweet from Dept of Health…

    The Access Programme will allow access to #cannabis-based treatment for the following medical conditions;

    – spasticity associated with multiple sclerosis
    – intractable nausea and vomiting associated with #chemotherapy
    – severe, refractory (treatment-resistant) #epilepsy.

    1. Clampers Outside!

      And follow-on from that…

      “This legislation now means that commercial operators whose #cannabis products meet the specified requirements set out in the legislation will be able to supply these products to the Irish market.”

      1. Johnny Green

        -we don’t even have the legislation,don’t believe a word that spin, it’s trump level lying.Don’t lose your dealers number just yet…

  4. Dr.Fart MD

    my initial thought was “did simon harris actually .. do something?” very quickly followed by the thought “you know he didn’t. give some time and people will be asking why this isn’t available yet” and Harris scratching his head presuming someone else would have done it.

  5. Johnny Green

    This report was commissioned in Nov 2016-completed and released in January 2017.
    What has it takes until July 2019 to implement fairly pedestrian,non controversial recommendations?—a-scientific-review.pdf?sfvrsn=7

    This is a good summary of the report so almost 18 months to accept this report !

    You have better chance outside the chipper on a Friday night getting weed,that this minister allowing scientifically proven medicine,becoming available to suffering patients.The solution is simple, issue micro growing licenses to patients,why won’t this govt allow patients grow their own,like most other jurisdictions did ?
    Why is Ireland importing weed and extracts-then allowing the biggest drug dealers in Ireland,pharmacies make bank of selling it ?
    It’s like putting the catholic church in charge gay marriage or the existing hospitals in charge terminations…

  6. Johnny Green

    -this is the official press release and preliminary info-i can’t seem find the actual paperwork (legislation) that the Minister theatrically signed at his press conf earlier today.

    The report that this is copied and pasted from, is fatally flawed in many ways,inedaquate research was undertaken and not enough consultation was done, it was a rushed job, this outdated legislation (which i cant find)reflects it.This report was commissioned in Nov 2016 and the available research since then-mid 2016-is far superior to what little was reviewed.The report took less than two months one which was Christmas( December),it reflects that as does the legislation.

    When the actual legislation is available I can do a review and compare it to other access programs.

    1. Johnny Green

      This is some preliminary info on medical access programs.
      -While not every medical state allows patients to grow their own medicine, many do. And the amount that one can grow is often higher for medical patients than it is for recreational consumers. In fact, the majority of states with both recreational and medical cannabis laws allow at least some wiggle room for patients to grow additional cannabis as needed.-

  7. Truth in the News

    This has all the hall marks of an Irish Solution to an Irish Problem ie contraceptives
    the sooner the issue of recreational use of cannabis is dealth with the better
    simply register the users and tax the product like is done in Canada and
    elsewhere and never mind fooling round with selected suppliers from
    Denmark and couple more well connected Pharmaceutical Outfits
    It would save a fortune in policing, court cases, and wipe out the drug barons

  8. Vanessa the Holy Face of Frilly Keane

    This is a photo op

    Don’t be taken in
    Either medicinal cannabis is available or not
    And what ye have here is a demo
    Strictly curtailed for specified conditions
    And can only be prescribed by a Consultant – not your GP
    And acquired from proscribed suppliers via pharmacists
    I’ve no problem with the latter per se
    But overall

    Still a fair bit off folks
    This is a bit like ’92 – you can access information but you still have to travel love

    Don’t be suckered in and have to wait 20 plus years for full access

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