Earlier this week, on its monthly trundle around the Earth, our moon passed directly in front of Saturn from the viewpoint of the Southern hemisphere.To wit:

The featured image from SydneyAustralia captured the pair a few minutes before the eclipse. The image was a single shot lasting only 1/500th of a second, later processed to better highlight both the Moon and Saturn. Since Saturn is nearly opposite the Sun, it can be seen nearly the entire night, starting at sunset, toward the south and east. The gibbous Moon was also nearly opposite the Sun, and so also visible nearly the entire night — it will be full tomorrow night. The Moon will occult Saturn again during every lap it makes around the Earth this year.

(ImagePeter Patonai)


10 thoughts on “Hello You

  1. Ian-O

    Anyone familiar with the wit and wisdom of Donald J. Trump will know that its actually (the moon) a part of Mars.

    This story is clearly fake news.

  2. thefatlad

    Am I being really thick here? How can Saturn be nearly opposite the Sun if it revolves around it and the Sun is a spherical object. Surely its always opposite the sun.

    1. Tony

      It’s opposite the sun from the perspective of us on Earth. Ie we are looking at Saturn with the sun behind us

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