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Behold: the 1987 BMW Alpina B7 Turbo Coupe – an ultra rare variant of the E24 6-series and one of only 17 equipped with a catalytic converter resulting in slightly less horsepower (320bhp) but more torque ( 520 nm at 2,400 rpm as opposed to 512 nm at 3,000 rpm).

This B7, which had its interior reupholstered in red leather with sport seats shortly after leaving the factory, can be yours for €160,000.


The Northern Lights shine above the frozen surface of Lake Superior on the west coast of the Keweenaw Peninusla in a 10 shot panorama captured over the space of three hours at the start of this month. To wit:

 At left, a faint band of Zodiacal light rises sharply from the horizon crossing Mars and the Pleides star cluster. Both the distant galaxy M31 and our own Milky Way shine above the greenish auroral arc. Navigational north pole star Polaris is centered above and accompanied on the right by the northern night’s most recognizable asterism, the Big Dipper. Terrestrial lights include markers for two breakwaters on the the horizon near the center of the scene.

Full resolution image here.

(Image: Lorenzo Ranieri Tenti)


A fascinating mini documentary by Kevin Staake, appropriately tilt-shifted to illustrate the morbid miniatures of Abigail Goldman.

Goldman – an artist,  former reporter and current public defender at Bellingham, Washington – creates dioramas of death and destruction based on the gruesome crime scene photos and autopsies she observes in the course of her day job.


1980s ‘woonball’ housing in the Dutch municipality of Hertogenbosch, north-west of Eindhoven.

Designed by the late Dutch artist and architect Dries Kreijkamp and still fully occupied 35 years on, the 5.5m diameter PVC bubbles of the ‘Bolwoningen’ sit on cast concrete plinths with an internal staircases connecting two bedrooms on the bottom floor, a kitchen and bathroom on the first and living space with a panoramic view up top.


Seapoint east beach, Dublin, last night.

(Thanks Craig O’Toole)



Behold: the 2020 Lister Knobbly – an upcoming remake of the legendary Lister-Jaguar racecars of the 1950s, affectionately nicknamed for their curvaceous bodywork.

Currently in the design phase, Lister has just confirmed the car will go into production next year.


Animator Michael McCurdy gives his own take on the small town police reports of Port Townsend in Jefferson County, Washington, narrated by local residents.


The latest iteration of a project begun in 2015 by Lithuanian photographer Andrius Burba – cats (on glass beneath coloured backgrounds) shot from below, in this case, competitors at the International Cat Show in Kaunas.

More at his website.

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