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Behold: the Ferrari GTB/4, aka, the Daytona – a rare and desirable sports car indeed. In its day, the GTB/4 was the fastest and costliest Ferrari ever built, capable of a staggering 281km/h. 

But not just any old GTB/4. This is an ultra rare original 1967 prototype (one of four) and one of a pair presented at the 1968 Paris Auto Salon. After the show, it was gifted to a Ferrari Works driver, before being converted to its current Spyder configuration in the 1970s.

Currently on sale from Sports Classic London in mint condition.

Price on request.


Behold: five hemispheric views of the icy Saturnian moon Endceladus (the sixth largest of 82) captured by the Cassini spacecraft. To wit:

In false colour, the five panels present 13 years of infrared image data from Cassini’s Visual and Infrared Mapping Spectrometer and Imaging Science Subsystem. Fresh ice is coloured red, and the most dramatic features look like long gashes in the 500 kilometre diameter moon’s south polar region. They correspond to the location of tiger stripes, surface fractures that likely connect to an ocean beneath the Enceladus ice shell. The fractures are the source of the moon’s icy plumes that continuously spew into space. The plumes were discovered by by Cassini in 2005. Now, reddish hues in the northern half of the leading hemisphere view also indicate a recent resurfacing of other regions of the geologically active moon, a world that may hold conditions suitable for life.

(Image: VIMS Team, SSI, U. Arizona, U. Nantes, CNRS, ESA, NASA)


Behold: the all new Citroën Type HG van – or rather, the modern reboot of a 1948 prototype by auto designers Fabrizio Caselani and David Obendorfer.

After the Second World War, the G-van was intended as a smaller variant of the popular HY but never went into production. This, therefore is a modern take on what might have been and will be produced in a limited run as a customisable ‘family’ of vehicles under licence by Citroën.


The very pleasing embroidered aerial landscapes of Devon-based Victoria Rose Richards: textured French knot forests, satin fields ’tilled’ with seed stitch, sudden multicoloured flights of fancy and minuscule added detail including teeny sheep, farm gates and wheeling birds.

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