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Behold: an extremely well preserved 1985 Lancia Delta S4 Stradale Coupe – one of 46 remaining examples of a lightweight, 1.8l, all-wheel drive, turbo and supercharger-equipped chunk of auto-angularity designed solely to win the fractious Group B World Rally Championship, which it did in 1986 before being banned from competition by the FIA.


Price on request.


Suitably kitted-out, the The Warp Zone a cappella group celebrates theme music from the Halo franchise in advance of the upcoming release of Halo Infinite.


An aquatic sculpture by artist Jason deCaires Taylor semi submerged in a paradisal coral lagoon in the Maldives (yes, another one).

Guests wade across 150m of shallow water from the nearby resort island of Sirru Fen Fushi to the 6m tall stainless steel cube whose figurative human, plant and coral shapes can be explored above and below the water.

And then everyone goes back to the resort and has a good long think about what just happened.


A very impressive LEGO Mindstorms bridge-building rig constructed back in 2012 by (presumably off-duty but you’d never know) boffins at the Oslo And Akershus University Of Applied Science.


Paul Condron tweetz:

Around Bray Head and Windgates, there’s still some small wildfires. Reassuring to bump into these lads up there

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Ah here.

Christopher Stalford?

(Thanks Ronan Emmet)


Behold the cute ’n’ chunky 1975 Fiat Campagnola 1107 SUV – first introduced in 1951 and based on American jeeps left by the US military after WW2, it’s as stripped-back and no-nonsense a runaround as any of its better-known backroads brethren.

Yours for a trifling €14,800.


Meg Hyland writes:

For all drag race fans. I created a print that also acts as a board game based on the many challenges and quotable moments from RuPaul’s Drag Race.  Made as a  print for Gallery 1988’s Idiot Box show opening tomorrow night and for sale Saturday afternoon online. The exhibit is around the theme of the most influential tv shows from the last ten years. Dice not included.