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Behold: the full 24 light year wide expanse of the Orion nebula.

And yet, as spectacular as this image appears, it’s a mere thumbnail of the real thing – a giant 2.5 gigapixel photomosaic composed of 12,816 individual photos created over the past five years by amateur astronomer Matt Harbison.

Explore the mahoossive full sized zoomable mosaic here.

MORE: This Insane 2.5 Gigapixel Image of the Orion Constellation Took Five Years To Complete (Petapixel)

Con Kennedy tweetz:

This photo is from the collection of the Irish Society of Antiquarians and was used to document tenement life in Dublin a century ago. This particular photo taken in 1911 is often used in books and documentaries on Dublin life of the time. The photo is of a Tenement in Chancery Lane, AKA Little Italy.

My Great-Great-Grandfather is in the centre by the door. He was a German immigrant, a Jew who married an Italian Roman Catholic in Cork and settled in Dublin. He was a barrel organ grinder who befriended the Ganter Brothers – I have a clock they made for him. I suspect the woman beside him is my Great-Great-Grandmother with my infant Great grandmother in her arms who died when I was 7. The photo depicts all the families who lived in the one tenement. I thought I’d add false colour to the photo.

Behold: the SSC Tuatara.

They said it would do it, and it did it.

Driven by British racing driver Oliver Webb over a two-way run along the straight section of Route 160 between Las Vegas and Pahrump, the 1,750bhp hypercar recently averaged 508.7km/h, clocking the Bugatti Chiron as the world’s fastest production car.

Go on. Tuat yourself. For €1.61 million.


Behold: the Alfa Romeo Berlina Aerodinamica Tecnica (BAT) concept cars (BAT5 in black, BAT7 in blue and BAT9 in silver) built from 1953 to 1954, when auto makers were less fettered by the restraints of cost and production.

The result of Alfa Romeo giving Franco Scaglione at Bertone free rein to explore imaginative visions of aerodynamic road cars. These three, bought from their respective owners in the early 90s having toured the world individually, are being offered as one lot at auction later this month.

Yours for €12 to €17 million the three.