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Oh, wait now.

Hyperrealistic ‘water-filled plastic bags’ formed from glass by artist Dylan Martinez. to wit:

To begin, Martinez sculpts the solid glass or “water” that appears within each bag. Next, he adds a blown bubble to the top which is then smoothed out before he begins to hand sculpt each fold and wrinkle. Once complete, the sculpture is placed in an annealing oven at 510° C and allowed to cool for 120 hours.


Behold: the Auto Fabrica Yamaha Type 11 Prototype Two motorcycle – a futuristic cafe racer modification of the Yamaha XSR900.

A limited number will be built to order and priced accordingly.


A short by Supinfocom Rubika student Lorraine Desserre featuring the long strange (well, more short sweet) trip of an hallucinating mantis.


Designed by Hiroshi Nakamura Architects, the award-winning sustainable pub at Kamikatsu in Tokushima Prefecture, Japan celebrates and serves a populace dedicated to attaining zero waste.

On offer, along with beer from the in-house brewery, are household supplies and food – all served in  a tall, eclectically furnished wedge heated by a wood burner fed by branches from the nearby forest, dominated by an eight meter high double -layered wall of windows salvaged from abandoned houses.


A new animation from German educational design studio Kurzgesagt explains the whys and wherefores of black holes and how, in theory, we could havest energy from them.