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Behold: the 1963 Porsche 356, or rather, a modified ‘outlaw’ version of same by California based artist and auto builder S Klub.

The car, which originally debuted at SEMA 2017, has a Type 4 VW engine, a bespoke one-of-a-kind leather interior and a custom Gloss Grey paint job.

Currently accepting bids on eBay and yours for around €126,000 (plus shipping, etc.)


You’ll like this.

‘Villon Song’ by East London minimalist folksters Stick In The Wheel (Nicola Kearey and Ian Carter), animated by Daniel Hardiker and Neil Hetherington of ZEROH. 

cant song, translated into London slang by W.E. Henley – a ‘straight tip to all cross coves’. To wit:

For all your efforts to get money it’ll only be your ruin: “Booze and the blowens cop the lot”.


Behold: the Ducati X Lamborghini Diavel 1260 – a limited edition collaboration between two of Italy’s leading marques, to wit, an angular carbon fibre remake of the Diavel cruiser inspired by Lamborghini’s all-electric Sian FKP 37.

Only 630 will be made (a nod to 1963 – Lambo’s founding year) and, though the colour scheme is shared, the 157bhp 1260cc Diavel engine remains resolutely fossil-fuelled.

Yours next year for around €38,000.


Behold: NGC 224, aka Messier 31, aka the Andromeda galaxy. And you can. With the unaided eye. Even though it’s 2.5 million light years away. To wit:

Most other apparent denizens of the night sky — stars, clusters, and nebulae — typically range from a few hundred to a few thousand light-years away and lie well within our own Milky Way Galaxy. Given its distance, light from Andromeda is likely also the oldest light that you can see. Also known as M31, the Andromeda Galaxy dominates the center of the featured zoomed image, taken from the dunes of Bahía Creek, Patagonia, in southern Argentina. The image is a combination of 45 background images with one foreground image — all taken with the same camera and from the same location within 90 minutes. M110, a satellite galaxy of Andromenda is visible just below and to the left of M31’s core. As cool as it may be to see this neighboring galaxy to our Milky Way with your own eyes, long duration camera exposures can pick up many faint and breathtaking details. Recent data indicates that our Milky Way Galaxy will collide and combine with the similarly-sized Andromeda galaxy in a few billion years.

(Image: Gerardo Ferrarino)


A nicely baked short by Matthew Salton – and all true for all you know. To wit:

In 1968 Patty was a flight attendant, who realised she could smuggle prime pot in from Jamaica with relative ease, given her line of work. She is 77 years old now, and this is her version of what happened.


Recently graduated animator Alan Jennings introduces us to the everyday wonders of Mr Bill Jennings, aka ‘Captain Zero’ aka ‘Willie Lump Lump’ aka ‘Toots’ of Newbury, Vermont – a man of many mundane and fabulous talents. To wit:

“I once saw him twirl a couch on a single finger.”