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An intense short by students of Arles-based animation school MoPA in which the denizens of a polluted underwater world have evolved in strange ways

And here’s how they made it.


The EBS250 – a rather nifty hand-held inkjet printer from US company EBS Inkjet Systems that can print multicoloured text, images, and barcodes onto metal, plastic, textiles, concrete, wood, cardboard, and more.

But consider the, ahem, non-commercial applications.


In case you missed him, Italian actor and guitarist Italo Vegliante gets his Ennio Morricone on.



Artist Clare O’Hagan tweetz:

Autumnal light on “The Innocents- Los Inocentes” Naming 796 babies and toddlers who died between 1925 to 1960.Their remains lie in a pit in Tuam, Ireland.

The Innocents – Los Inocentes (Wyllie O’Hagan)

Behold: the 1973 Ford Escort RS 1600 Coupe – the legendary 4 cylinder 250bhp Cosworth rally champion – restored and (vintage) race-ready with upgraded suspension, shocks and disc brakes.

Yours for just under €100,000.


Pies (the word scarcely does them justice) by Seattle-based baker Lauren Ko.

From top: Blueberry mint curd tart with kiwi diamonds; hexagon tile pie with edible flowers; miso caramel apple snowflake pie; Vegan black sesame tart with coloured tangrams; peach curd tart with strawberries; cherry berry ombré tart; cranberry and lime curd tart with mango tiles and peach mango ‘C’ pie.

More here.


Stephanie Pokomy wins Halloween with a crocheted luminescent Slimer costume created for her son.

In fairness.