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An experimental  graduation short by Royal; College Of Art student Alex Bernas: a personal narrative about the parent child relationship pitched midway between abstract and mainstream animation.


A clever placement by Brazilian tattoo artist Menace with two related perspectives of the same beetle, depending on the position of the recipient’s elbow.


An illuminating state-hopping compilation of memorable TV and movie accents, deconstructed by US dialect coach Erik Singer.


A very satisfying, possibly ASMR-inducing video from the Magnetic Games channel in which footage of magnetic sculptures being broken down is played in reverse.

Headphones and full screen for maximum frisson.


A  mural for POW! WOW! creative collective at Worcester Massachusettts by street artist OG Slick.

Because three Mickey Mouse hands spray-painting a big smiley face.


The balloon-twisting witchcraft of Masayoshi Matsumoto – each one between three and six squeaky hours in the making.