Miracles Overleaf


I have TWO copies of Vera Twomey’s book ‘For Ava’ (Mercier Press) to giveaway.

Cork-born Vera’s book charts her struggle to obtain legal cannabis for her daughter Ava, who has Dravets  syndrome and whose seizures are ameliorated by using cannabis oil.

It’s a fantastic read and an incredible story.

Now, we all know how beneficial cannabis can be for people like Ava.

But did you know cannabis can also apparently provide, to some adults (who have no existing mental conditions), profound insights, an enormous sense of well-being and uncontrollable giggles?

In fact, you may have experienced this yourself at some point in your life?

If this sounds like you, please complete this sentence.

‘My most memorable experience involving the ‘erb was___________________________________”

Lines MUST close at MIDNIGHT.

For Ava (Mercier Press)

35 thoughts on “Miracles Overleaf

  1. Joint Task Force

    “My most memorable experience involving the ‘erb was . . .

    Are all the Pringles gone?”

    1. Bodger

      Cian, Johnny makes the distinction quite clear to even the most uptight and dim. He also supports both – it’s the same plant after all – and he paid for the books himself. A very classy guy, you might say if you loosened up a little.

      1. Roger Opinions

        “Drugs is cool, I’ve seen American movies and my mates do it”.

        Conservative Ireland is going to win. Stop trying to conflate two issues because getting stoned is cool. It will never happen.

      2. Cian


        I haven’t read Vera’s book, and I don’t know her attitude towards recreational cannabis, but the impression I get is that her focus is 100% on medicinal cannabis and anything else is a distraction.

        Do you think she would appreciate her book being used to promote recreational cannabis in this fashion? I don’t, hence my comment. If she has promoted recreational use I will apologise.

        Fair dues to Johnny for his work on promoting cannabis for both medicinal and recreational, and fair dues for buying the two copies. My issue is using Vera’s hard work to push recreational use.

        1. V

          But it’s not your issue Cian
          That’s a matter for Vera Twomey and her publishers
          In other words
          Mind your own business

          And since recreational usage is 99.99999999% of the Broadsheet Collective experience, as medicinal wasn’t a thing until a few weeks ago
          Feels like anyway

          Wind your neck in
          And figure out how ye’re going to stop Regina dragging Pascal down with her

        2. Bodger

          Cian, I would imagine Vera, being humane, would be moved by some of the comments here (probably not yours at a guess) and fully cognisant that cannabis is not just there for the nasty things in life.

    2. V

      You know Cian
      You’ve had years of free use, play and whatever you’re going to try and convince you’re not at here on Broadsheet
      Years and years of threads and thousands of comments, that you have helped yourself to
      For free

      And you haven’t put your hand in your pocket once
      Or provided content (that I know of)
      Whereas, Johnny Green Hamptons has stumped up GOP fudgies
      And now copies of a book, which I suspect you and your crowd (after Leo’s condescending feckishness at that People of the Year gig) would only be too delighted to be telling us was on special offer in Dealz.

      As well as some of one of the best column series on any platform

      Ah go’way would ya
      You’re like a dose of ire

    3. B9Com From No

      What the hell are you even on about Cian?
      You don’t even know do you? You’re welcome

    1. postmanpat

      My aunt was prescribed Valium and god knows what other cocktail of anti D’s for years by a doctor to help with her “anxiety” . As a result she has been hooked for decades. Agoraphobic to comic levels. Away with the fairies . hyper religious,. I always suspected that she was gay. But the drugs , ( “fine” drugs according to you ) & religion have put a tight lid on her ever coming out. She’s from a different generation where the clergy and doctors word was golden. We know now that’s not true.

      1. Roger Opinions

        Two plus two equals 74. I’m happy for a doctor to prescribe THC. But from your story it wasn’t prescriptions but the lack of mental health services and Irish society.

        Letting Irish people smoke some mind altering substances legally isn’t going to help her or society at large. And most people on here know that.

        Ain’t cool to say it or type it tho.

        1. postmanpat

          AH but it will. leaving the pub 2 pints earlier to go smoke a spiff instead and get to bed earlier is better for society than staying up banging back jagers and getting into a scrap outside the chipper then wondering why your broke all the time. Your ridiculous, “Mind altering substance”. you mean alcohol? legal alcohol. or does that not alter your mind, (plus central nervous system , stomach & bowls) just because its legal and served in an establishment where you cant talk because the sport is on full blast? People like mind altering. kids spin to get dizzy. in in our nature. Variety and choice is a good thing.

          1. :-Joe

            100% Bang on…

            With all due respect, if the oppressive lies and the extremist puritanism alone had been removed from the equation maybe things would have been automatically different without adding any other additional modern mental health support.

            Cannabis / Hemp is a dynamic medicinal super herb/plant with hundreds, if not thousands of potential valuable applications to human existence.

            Over a century of science cannot disprove that fact otherwise.


        2. :-Joe

          It isn’t mind altering at all, it’s a mind, body and enviromentally enhancing gift from nature…

          Try to find one reasonable case of an overdose or any other cause of death by someone consuming cannabis… go on.. best of luck with it and I mean that sincerely.

          Mind altering Psychadelic substances like acid(ooh.. scary word..) are now being researched as powerful medicines also for treatment of psychotrauma PTSD etc. and more..

          Cary Grant was another trail-blazer ahead of the curve…


          1. some old unicorn

            No- it is mind altering and long term use can mess up your head. I know of one guy who smokes it day and night- and that is all he does- no work and no social life. Joint after joint and he has become paranoid to the point of psychosis.

            Now you could say it is him who has the problem and that is a fair point but it also proves that it is far from harmless. It is a great plant and imo it should be legal but it should also come with a health warning- its not called dope for nothing.

          2. Papi

            Moderation in all things. Three bottles of vodka a day will alter your mind too. In all fairness, if your friend smokes all day, it’s not the weed that’s the problem at that point.

          3. some old unicorn

            My point is Papi that just because nobody has died from it does not mean it is harmless. It can be abused, just like all other drugs- legal or otherwise.

  2. V

    Oh dangerous ground for me
    This one

    Anyone that knows what the stuff used to do to me will understand

    Anyway, I’d rather purchase and get another royalty due to Vera and her family

    Good luck everyone

  3. Slightly Bemused

    I once worked with an older lady (well, to me back then. I may have caught up on her age of that time). She had severe arthritis and could hardly move. But each day she said she rubbed cannabis oil on her hands and knees, or she could not even get out of bed. I did not think it could be used that way, at the time. She was also known to have a quick joint in the evenings (not each one: she said only when it got real bad.) we had some fun situations.

    I never used the oil, but my joints are certainly asking for help in the mornings these days. Deep Heat works for now. While I have never smoked, I am sure I breathed in the atmosphere of the room on more than one occasion.

  4. millie vanilly strikes again

    My best experience with the (medicinal) herb is my mother discovering what CBD could do for her chronic pain, and opening her mind to cannabis as a useful drug as opposed to the traditional ‘gateway drug’. Seeing her come home from a trip to Amsterdam, pain free and having actually slept a full night (something she rarely achieves without heavy sedatives) after availing of the coffee shop services in the Netherlands was truly eye opening.

    My own most memorable experience of the herb (recreational) is from EP five or so years ago, and having my first ‘proper’ reefer and getting so delirious with laughter that I couldn’t speak and being convinced that the eye of Sauron was just outside our tent (it was not).

    1. Slightly Bemused

      “Seeing her come home from a trip to Amsterdam, pain free and having actually slept a full night”: must have been a wonderful lift to you and your family too. I think in all I have seen in life, it is people who were in chronic pain who suddenly have it lifted, especially loved ones.

      And the result of the Bemused vote goes to: millie – twaalf punten :)

  5. Sheik Yahbouti

    my most memorable experience involving the ‘erb was……. no wait, don’t tell me……

  6. Janet, I ate my avatar

    its here anyway except ironically in the form that would help the sick, typically Ireland arse backwards

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