Johnny Green: BOD, The Bud And Killing Pain


From top: Brian O’Driscoll on Newtalk’s Off The Ball; Johnny Green

This is Brian O’Driscoll speaking to ‘Off The Ball; on Newstalk recently about codeine and pain killers:

“I’d have been part of teams where the doctor would have walked down the bus on the way to games inquiring who wanted what in advance [of kick-off].

“For me, for the last couple of seasons, part of my match prep would have been a Difene and couple of co-codamol.”

Pity really that BOD instead of also taking the highly addictive Diazepam, could not have legally smoked a joint to help get some sleep and counteract those caffeine tablets, after all it’s only a game.

Chronic pain is not a qualifying condition under Fine Gael’s bad faith medical cannabis experiment, yet it’s the number one reason by a long way for US patients.

Let’s start with a few US stats sourced from the recently published ASA State of the States Report.

Yearly deaths 2017:

0 deaths caused by Cannabis
47,600 deaths from opioids,over half from prescription
70,2000 deaths from prescription drugs

There are over 95 qualifying medical conditions in medical cannabis programs, Ireland has three. These range from epilepsy and seizure disorders to cachexia or wasting syndrome, with chronic pain the primary qualifying condition, accounting for over 60%.

Fine Gael decided it’s non qualifying in Ireland, but you can get Benzos and codeine just sitting on a bus.

Since California in 1996, 33 states and DC have legalised cannabis for medical reasons and ten for recreational use.

Over one hundred million Americans suffer from chronic pain, with increasing numbers reporting relief from cannabis, which patients have to pay for, it’s not covered by any insurance in US.

Medical cannabis is medicine and has shown to be effective in the treatment of many ailments, including Crohn’s disease, a condition that afflicts current Minister for Health Simon Harris.

The modern cannabis industry is a green job-creating machine and Ireland has it all to be a major player in the 100 Billion EU market, except the political nous.

Fine Gael is following the playbook of West Virginia, passing laws but failing to implement them resulting in lots of frustration in the slow roll out,

The following was reported in The Irish Mirror back in 2014, five years ago:

“The CEO of the Health Products Regulatory Authority (HPRA) Pat O’Mahony confirmed today that the Department of Health was working on legislation to allow medicinal cannabis to be made available for patients.’

The HPRA is not fit for purpose, it already covers all medical products/devices and veterinary things, now its also going to run, sorry slow walk, Ireland’s medical cannabis program.

It is long past time the minister used his powers to grant patients in pain the right to use medical cannabis.

He also needs to establish a Cannabis Board who can approve or fastback cannabis and cannabis based products in areas like, oh say, the treatment of chronic pain under the care of a doctor.

Next week we are going look at why this government decided that the most popular and effective ways take it, smoked,vaped, eaten are not options for patients in Ireland while under the care of their physician.

The Roll Up column by Johnny Green will attempt to keep Broadsheet readers up-to-date on the growing cannabis industry worldwide. Follow Johnny Green on twitter for even more updates.

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28 thoughts on “Johnny Green: BOD, The Bud And Killing Pain

  1. Rob

    A couple of things:

    Difene isn’t diazepam. I don’t think he’d be taking the field after popping a valium.

    0 death by cannabinoids is not accurate. Weed, especially the more potent forms, causes/contributes to depression (1st had experience). Depression causes death.

    1. Johnny Green

      -“I also had caffeine before games. I’d have three little tablets of caffeine, like chewing gum. You’d get into a routine where I knew exactly what I was doing, I had it down to the final seconds. As soon as I ran out on the pitch I’d bash it away and do my pre-warm up before we got together with the team

      -It used to be for sleepers as well. Diazepam [valium] to try and counteract what would happen with the caffeine [tablets] because they couldn’t sleep.”

        1. Johnny Green

          Yeah sorry I often include lots links last week was like 10-but no idea if people bother with them so went with a slimmed down approach this week-its from the OTB interview which should be up there.
          Hey there’s absolutely no causation between medical cannabis and depression none, but it’s a great idea to talk to someone about it,as I’m by no means medically qualified or in any type position to give advice about depression or anything like that.Its never a good idea to self medicate,these people may be of some help.

  2. some old unicorn

    There is no doubt but that cannabis as a treatment is very helpful for certain conditions and that in some cases it is better than prescription drugs but there are differences.

    Cannabis is a mind altering drug- that is not necessarily a bad thing but you should not drive on it for example so the comparison with codeine may not be the best. I would suggest a comparison with something like Lyrica is more appropriate. It is currently being thrown out by GP’s like sweets and I know from personal experience that it can have serious side effects- especially when driving. .

    Just my tuppence- great work btw.

    1. Johnny Green

      – Chronic pain is currently and historically the most common qualifying condition reported by medical cannabis patients (64.9 percent in 2016). Of all patient-reported qualifying conditions, 85.5 percent had either substantial or conclusive evidence of therapeutic efficacy.-

      SOQ-your conflating getting ‘high’ with doctor/physician prescribed medical cannabis.

      1. some old unicorn

        But there is THC in medical cannabis and THC is the ‘high’ part- you would be not allowed to drive on it either surely?

        Anyways- my main point was about Lyrica- it took me a good four months to get off it and very lucky I never crashed the car in the meantime.

        Thankfully my back improved but I do know a couple of people who use cannabis instead now- which is why I raised it.

        1. Johnny Green

          Lyrica is mainly prescribed here for herpes…..its not a narcotic or opioid and any dependency is extremely rare to say the least……
          Driving while stoned is never recommended, just don’t do it, but if you DO I recommend the PCH from Sant Monica to Malibu for lunch at Nobu, with a great playlist in a stick shift M4 coupe)

          “The stock explanation is alcohol makes drivers more aggressive and accident prone, while drivers who are high are more likely to drive too slowly. Several studies cited by NHTSA suggest this is broadly correct.”

        2. some old unicorn

          Lyrica (pregabalin) is used for fibromyalgia and sciatica related pain related conditions here and while it may not be medically defined as addictive, I can tell you from firsthand experience that the withdrawal side effects are bloody awful- and this has been confirmed by many other people I have spoken to- including several who so far have not managed to get off it. One in particular went onto morphine instead because at least he could somewhat function.

          Stoned drivers are more aware of their intoxication than drunk yes but they still are sedated- their reaction times are definitely slower- even if at slower speeds. It’s not called ‘dope’ for nothing.

          1. Johnny Green


            Another high ly recommended drive is LA to Joshua Tree late at night-top down tunes blasting-or just cruise around LA from like 2 am to 4.Don’t drive stoned!
            The hac in Madchetser was the center of the universe for the E scene,Studio 54 for the coke heads,CBGB for smack…right now the center of the universe for weed is LA,it’s where all the capital is and all the innovation.
            Lowell Farms is a cult strain/brand thats about open the first weed cafe/restaurant in West Hollywood.

            “Instead, a “budtender” — some in the industry call them ganjiers, as in ganja sommeliers — will help guests at the soon-to-open Lowell Farms cannabis cafe pair their farm-to-table meal with the perfect strain of farm-to-table marijuana”


          2. Joe cool

            Unicorn. I can vouch for that. Her good self was prescribed lyrica for nerve pain. That stuff should be outright banned. Awful stuff awful side effects

          3. Johnny Green

            hm eoin….linked!
            -they sold and know as ‘buds’ on the street and are associated with increasing the high from smack, but…

            “According to the Australian Journal of Pharmacy (AJP), there have been 88 recorded deaths associated with pregabalin in recent years. Most of the deaths involved young, unemployed males who had a history of substance abuse, particularly with opioids, benzodiazepines, alcohol and illicit drugs.”

            “Both studies found a number of overdose deaths that involve – but were not necessarily caused — by pregabalin.”


          4. some old unicorn

            Did she get off it Joe?- if not please advise her to be very careful while driving.

            My decision to get off it came about one day in Dublin- the lights changed and I took off, except the lights hadn’t changed and I went straight into the back of a van. Your man jumped out and looked at me like I was on drugs- which in hindsight I was.

            Now I was only up to 7 out of 9 pills a day at that stage but enough was enough. The last 3 coming down were brutal- nigh sweats, shakes and I was so cantankerous I could have fought with my own shadow. IMO Lyrica a very dangerous drug- especially as it is marketed as harmless.

            Edit: more cantankerous than now before some smart ass sticks their oar in.

          5. Joe cool

            She did. She packed it in after a couple of months. It came to a crux one evening. We were out for dinner with friends. Shed only had a glass of wine with dinner. Next thing she remembers was her friend waking her up in the ladies.

          6. some old unicorn

            @ eion- that is no surprise because it is so routinely prescribed now.

            I was at a festival in a medium sized town up north recently- I won’t name it because its not fair on the organisers but the police seemed to spend their time caring for young people until the ambulances arrived- mainly down to Lyrica (pregabalin) abuse.

            Apologies for high-jacking your thread Johnny but in an indirect way- it proves your point.

          7. some old unicorn

            @ Joe.

            And that is the problem with prescription drugs now isn’t it?

            High/medium/low risk literature is written by solicitors on behalf of the manufacturer- in other words- your left leg could fall off being perfectly fine- as long as they are not liable.

    1. Johnny Green

      oh man continuing with the dead thing eoin:)
      Great link and had quick look, this is really a place holder type post as it illustrates the double standards in Ireland regarding abusing prescription drugs.The argument used against home growing is ‘diversion’ in that growers and patients will flood the country with home grow product-its a ridiculous argument but yet prevails.
      The IT in framing the widespread and prevalent prescription drug abuse in Ireland used ‘legal’,nothing about what BOD did was legal, in fact its is completely illegal and if it was a Ballymun United,the IT would not have been so disingenuous and misleading but its rugby,so…….

      New study out today from UNM-Uni New Mexico confirming that ‘flower’ which is currently BANNED in Irl has the most effective results.

      “Cannabis offers the average patient an effective alternative to using opioids for general use in the treatment of pain with very minimal negative side effects for most people.”

        1. some old unicorn

          Anti inflammatories- my other bone of contention. Before the Lyrica (pregabalin) episode I was put onto three different anti inflammatories- each one producing what the GP classed as grade a side effects.

          These included an allergy to sunlight, respiratory issues and nose bleeds exactly twenty minutes after consumption. Despite also taking stomach tablets- my stomach was in bits and I developed an ulcer. With one in particular, I was told to never ever take it again.

          All drugs have side effects but cannabis is at the very low end of this scale- definitely nothing like listed above. I don’t know if it has anti inflammatory properties but it certainly acts as a muscle relaxant which in turn can help reduce inflammation.

          The authorities will eventually catch up but when you hear retired professional people down the golf club discussing the benefits and where to source- word is spreading. The truth is that if you are in pain, real pain- you will try anything- just to make it go away.

          1. some old unicorn

            Thank you B9- no I am fine thank God. Damage was done in the gym- in particular using TRX- in fairness I was warned but hammered on regardless.

    1. Johnny Green

      -tks SOQ…his work is fatally flawed in so much as he’s relying on discredited and junk science, another hack.

      NIDA whom he quotes and relies on is a discredited agency that has blocked research into weed for years.

      “Dr. Sisley argues in her lawsuit that the federal government has essentially created a monopoly around cannabis made available to researchers. If this cannabis isn’t to the quality found at dispensaries nationwide—which is the quality many patients following the conclusions of cannabis research will be using—then these federal organization are acting unlawfully.

      “Maintaining only one federally legal drug supply for any clinical trials in the US has been a huge impediment to research because it’s not allowing scientists access to necessary options,” Dr. Sisley said. “We can’t just study from one supplier who seems to be limited from purchasing new genetics. And when there’s a monopoly for this many decades, it tends to breed apathy.

      That’s why I spend so much time educating about the limitations of this monopoly and the fact that if we could ever license other growers for research and have options for scientists, it could create a renaissance of cannabis research in the US,” she added. “We could regain our rightful place at the helm of the most important cannabis clinical trials in the world.”

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