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  1. Mr.Fart

    he’s right that we aren’t each others enemy. “the left” and “the right” are constructs created by politicians to divide us. the more unified a population, the more we know what we need/want. Keep us divided, and have us argue over which party gets to screw us over. Terry doesn’t help by referencing “the left” .. but it’s being going for years so i guess he’s just as indoctrined as the rest of you. but not me. not i. not the ex-doctor. i know all. not even joking. defo most tuned in person here.

  2. Not Gerry Adams

    Once Terry gets his lips removed from John Connors’ botty he’ll talk to any man woman or child

  3. A Person

    Why is it “antifa”. I don’t agree with you Terry on lots of issues, and agree on some. Does that make me an “anitfa” – a horrible US “right-on” University privileged expression. You really do need to be able to accept criticism from people who have different views from you.

    1. some old queen


      There is no “antifa”- we are all or should be all- anti fascist.

      In an Irish context- it is just a label to demonise those who stand up to the far right.

      1. edalicious


        It’s insane that we even need to be discussing whether antifascists are a problem or not. Everyone should be antifascist by default.

  4. edalicious

    I try to avoid commenting on these posts but perhaps Terry needs to just take a seat for a sec and have a good long think about how he’d like to be remembered when people look back at this period of history. It might be helpful to try to consider why other people feel the way they do rather than just reacting to it.

    1. Captain Pants

      I think this period of history will be remembered as the time that the worlds most prosperous, open and tolerant societies tore each other apart arguing over nothing because of technology best designed to show cat pictures with.

  5. milliem

    For fupps sake is McMahon still rattling on about this?

    Antifa is a made up term which was created in America by people too scared to straight out admit that they’re Fascists and it’s used as a way of abusing people who are not extremely right wing ie the majority.

    Collective Action Dublin is likely a couple of eejits who’ve knocked together a Facebook page, cos it’s free, in order to attack people that they’ve fallen out with and tar the left with their drivel at the same time. I mean come on, these White Mediocrities haven’t even got their own website, probably because one of those costs money.

  6. White Dove

    Good luck, Terry, you’ll need it!

    I think Broadsheet tried this with them too – all they got was more abuse!

    Have you considered that the motivation behind some of the people engaging in aggressive abuse on an extremely personal level may simply be to make Irish people too afraid to engage in political discourse? Independently of what side they are on?

    Read ‘Rules for Radicals’ and see if anything about the suggested behaviour there strikes you as familiar.

    Or, alternatively, just go ahead and try reasonable behaviour and see what happens, if they don’t respond with reason consider my above suggestion.

    I admire you for trying though – good luck! You’ll need it.

    And perhaps warn your employer or people whose services you avail of or who avail of your services that they may be receiving complaints, maybe even anonymous complaints, about you, perhaps contact your professional body also, because that’s the level that debate is currently stooping to at the moment!

    1. some old queen

      Like posting school pictures of children to make a racist point which happened again TODAY- pretty sure the parents of those children are not too happy this evening.

      1. White Dove

        I said “independently of what side they are on”.

        However I would think that sending an anonymous email to an employer, outing the online identity of an anonymous Broadsheet contributor, simply because they had criticised members of the left in the context of a dispute regarding a Broadsheet post, is worse.

        The email was sent by six months before Gemma ran for presidential candidate – god knows what the person who sent it is sending out now about other people.

        The contributor left Broadsheet as a result.

        1. some old queen

          I would think that sending an anonymous email to an employer, outing the online identity of an anonymous Broadsheet contributor, simply because they had criticised members of the left in the context of a dispute regarding a Broadsheet post, is worse..

          Not a casual commentator under a random name it appears- would you care to expand? Anonymous email from an anonymous source is usually treated as spam.

          1. White Dove

            Not when the email contains a threat to carry out an acid attack – the employer had to inform both the employee and the guards. Very nasty. I’m not surprised the contributor left.

            This is all verifiable. It’s not for me to provide the contributor’s name in a comment, but my email is marnietwobirds@gmail.com if you want an answer.

  7. some old queen

    OK I’ll bite.

    I am just looking at videos of protests in Nigeria which have turned violent because of immigrants.

    Without sounding like an Irish nun- although probably the biggest influence in my life was one- as the more world travel time shrinks- more and more of us are dying on the streets- you will agree so far.

    The majority of immigrants into Ireland are very poor white eastern Europeans – FACT.

    Exploited by born and buttered money hungry Irish- FACT.

    So why pick on the blacks and the gays and the other religions?

    Do not claim there is a moderate position when retired CATHOLIC and PRODESTANT school teachers are now giving their own time to prep new children held in asylum prisons for school.

    Do NOT under such circumstances wave my national flag above or I will physically shove it UP YOUR HOLE. Without lube but- perhaps wrapped in some sandpaper. .

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