Newly-elected UK Labour Party Leader Sir Keir Starmer

The Advent of Mr Nothing

All the messiahs safely crucified;
the choice again, as it should be,
between the Imp of All Lies
and Mr Nothing.

We’re again outside the padlocked gate.
Should anyone think of scaling the wall,
the garden is now patrolled
by wolves with orders to dine first,
be exonerated in the inquiry later.

Those who shouldn’t be in jail
are that bit more securely there.

Those who sleep in doorways
that bit more completely know their place;

those who own islands
are that bit more secure in theirs.

Celebrity paedophiles chuckle
to themselves in their graves.

And the Brigadier General
can unclench in the knowledge
his plans for the war after next –
nowhere you’ve heard of yet –
will be given a white-toothed
statesman-like Yes.

Kevin Higgins


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7 thoughts on “Keir Hardly

  1. Kevin Higgins

    A newly qualified 23 year old Barrister called Keir Starmer assisted the defendants in the monumental McLibel defamation trial. He could not represent them in Court because they could not find a solicitor in the UK to brief them. His advices did however, expose some of the disgusting elements of the McDonalds empire, cost them untold expenses in legal fees and guaranteed them negative advertising on a scale no money could buy.

  2. Shitferbrains

    Hi Kev ! Jeremy Corbyn dragged the British Labour Party into the gutter, losing elections to Westminister and Europe along the way. Three of his advisors were ( are ? ) entryists from the Comm Party of Britain
    All, including Corbyn, were privately educated and Milne ,Murray and Co are from millionaire backgrounds. They individually and collectively dispatched hapless candidates and canvassers into Labour heartlands where having disrespected their history in , for example, the armed services, expected them to put Corbyn into power. And while the English middle classes can disguise their sniffiness about Jews as anti-zionism, the working classes in the ” red wall ” simply see support for Arab despots and terror groups as treachery. You’re welcome.

  3. Kevin Higgins

    I quite like Keir Starmer. The tragedy of Jeremy Corbyn is that he did not become leader of the Labour Party 15 years earlier. The smears of anti-Semitism against him personally emanated in many instances from those who have that poison in their DNA. Ends.

  4. Formerly Known As

    I hope Keir does well – we know the Tories are idiots and don’t care for people. I don’t understand how a Labour leader has a “sir” title.

    1. Kevin Higgins

      No mystery. The knighthood is automatic for head of the CPS -a post he previously held -as it is for all High Court Judges in the UK. May have escaped your memory that Tony Benn, had to resign his seat – and fight for it again -because he could not sit in the Commons -once he had inherited the title Viscount Stansgate. You’re welcome.

  5. Kevin Higgins

    To be clear the other Kevin Higgins commenting here is not the author of this poem.

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