Some Neck Guitars.

4 Dean Street, Dublin 8,

Harry Warren writes:

I visited Some Neck Guitars recently to have a guitar repaired. They did an excellent professional job for a very fair price. They are doing their best to support the live music industry in Ireland, despite the assault on it due to the Corona Virus restrictions.

Some Neck Guitars is Dublin City’s first dedicated classic Vintage and Modern guitar and amp store. Apart from a very friendly and helpful staff they have an excellent range of classic guitars and amplifiers for sale. They also offer a full and comprehensive guitar set up and repair service.

Name those ‘axes’, anyone?

Pics by Harry Warren

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6 thoughts on “Harry’s Dublin

  1. Itchysays

    Guitars pictured behind the counter and Owen, from left to right….

    1970’s Fender Mustang Bass

    Fender Stratocaster 50’s CS reissue

    1960’s Fender Jaguar

    Gibson J-45 Acoustic (possibly a J-50 ?)

    1960’s Fender Jazz Bass

    1950’s (?) Martin D-18 Acoustic

    1960’s Fender Jazzmaster

    Cowlings LC semi hollow body

    Guitars in pic 2 are non-vintage off the peg PRS, Gibson, Fender recently manufactured or re-issues….

    1. dylan

      That has to be a martin dreadnaught, the fret dots, scratchplate and body shape are not right for a J40.

      1. Itchysays

        The acoustic to the right of the Jazz Bass is 100% a Martin D-18…the acoustic obscured by Owen has a Gibson headstock, dots not block inlays so is likely a Dark Sunburst J-45 or J-50.

        The ‘D’ in D-18 stands for ….?

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