7 thoughts on “Harry’s Wheels

  1. Paulus

    Dodge coupe? Wayfarer or Coronet maybe.
    Ford Mustang
    Citroen…possibly Travant?

    I think a few Jap manufacturers made VW microbus copies…Suzuki maybe.

  2. goldenbrown

    the bottom one is one of those nanoscopic Japanese child-sized vans…

    fairly certain it’s a Daihatsu Hijet in VW bus kit drag

    these kind of teeny vans are about as useful as a Piaggio Ape, or alternatively the front basket on your bicycle

    unless your aim is to convert it into a trendy BBQ or a 2 group coffee machine for a gimicky barista operation inside a shopping centre

    that stick on VW nonsense makes it truly monstrous

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