Soldier Of Dynasty


Last night.

Broadsheet on the Telly.

Featuring Neil Curran, Vanessa Foran and Jimmy Smyth.

Plus special guest, former Fianna Fáil minister Conor Lenihan.


00.00.30 Beards
00:01:38 Conor Lenihan
00:03:00 In the Public Interest
00:04:00 Official Welcome to the Executive Branch of the Dáil
00:15.50 Missing Words Round
00:19.45 Book Plug
00:26:00 Lenihan attempts a ‘t’wasn’t like that in my day’
00:35:00 Oireachtas Golf Club Gate v The Glen Boxing Club Gate
00:39:00 Government report card – spoiler alert – “weakest Government we’ve ever had”
00:47.:10 Lenihan agrees with Bodger, kinda.
00:55:00 Payroll Vote aka Special Advisors.
01:00:00 The longest question in history
01:01:45 Answer to the longest question in history
01.23:00 Good is better than being liked
01:25.00 The telly and fillums
01:29:50 Shay Healy, our very best wishes

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