Sage appliances at Currys PC World

This morning.

Our pals at Currys PC World write:

Have you spent the last year using the time you had at home perfecting the perfect coffee? Do you know your americano from your flat white, and your cappuccino from your mocha, your double shot from your latté art? If so, this competition is certainly one for you!

Currys PC World in association with Sage Appliances have announced the launch of their Home Barista of the Year Competition, looking for Ireland’s best, self-taught, Home Barista!

This competition aims to find the Home Barista in Ireland who can show their passion for making their home brewed coffee. Currys PC World and Sage® want you to tell them how you make the perfect coffee at home. Do you think your skills make you the #HomeBaristaOfTheYear?

How to enter:

Submit your videos or photos on Instagram using the hashtag #HomeBaristaoftheYear, for your chance to win the ultimate home brewing set up with Sage® coffee machines, Currys PC World vouchers & yearly coffee subscriptions worth over €10,000 up for grabs. Entries close on Thursday, 30th September.

Currys PC World

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22 thoughts on “Know Your Beans?

    1. GiggidyGoo

      You could always attach your interest to The Journal, and fill in their Polls – or comment on the or the websites. You could even post comments on them to yourself, as you’re prone to do.

        1. GiggidyGoo

          ROFL. You were playing with yourself actually in your little Walter Mitty world. It’s a different type of bean, out of a can, you like.

          1. GiggidyGoo

            What – about you forgetting to changer your username and made one comment, then another comment slating that comment? Tsk tsk.

          2. Bitnboxy

            Lol. Auld lad GiggidyGums (no stranger himself to multiple troll accounts having been busted for using the Mick McCabe moniker when his toothless self is on the ropes) now rolling out the greatest hits.

            All I’ll say is GiggidyGums ain’t full of beans. Mad as hell, picking fights to ward off his own deep malaise.

            It won’t aid what ails you Giggz.

            Truth hurts.

          3. GiggidyGoo

            Ah bless, Bitty. The kellys baby has spoken. Bitty.
            Mumsie will be along soon (at least that’s what she told you) to collect you.

  1. Paulus

    This fetishisation of the bean
    Is now reaching proportions obscene.
    Are we facing the vista
    Where your local barista
    Will have degrees in dispensing caffeine.

    (Yes, I know we’re pretty much there already).

  2. Janet, dreams of an alternate universe

    I’m a reformed caffeine addict, I was once at seven express/ jour, however I intensely dislike the coffee here, I should win so you can tempt me back to the dark side, black two sugars

  3. Slightly Bemused

    Little Slightly’s great grandfather, and I will slip cover a little here and name him Granda Eddie, had a drugstore, which had one of the old style soda fountains. Several locals would come and sit in the booths, chatting the day away over the endless cups of coffee.

    They did not have an espresso machine, this was all classic filter brewed. When I first went in, and the place was a wonder, they gave me a coffee from the regular flask. You could see through it. Either I or my face said something, as Grandpa Eddie laughed and told the lady to give me some of his reserve. He had his own flask, secreted somewhere I never found out. Different coffee, and at proper strength! I felt honoured to have been entered into the fraternity of the real coffee club.

    Especially as I set off his fire alarm earlier that morning. It turns out not everyone likes their toast as well done as I do, and American fire alarms are more sensitive than mine :-)

    Grandpa Eddie sadly has left us, but his legacy lives on. Little Slightly used come in for a milkshake every day after school and sit in a particular booth. The drugstore has been sold to the crazy sweet lady (who really is sweet) and that booth has been claimed by her grandfather Papa, and is being cleaned and reconditioned for her.

    The little eyrie office from which Eddie surveyed the gentle masses has also been saved. The counter is still there with it’s art deco soda fountains, and the locals still gather for coffee. But like myself, some of them are a little older, and I think a generational handover is being planned. Still the place for gossip, local catching up, and, if you are very lucky, I am told Grandpa Eddie’s special coffee is still available for the initiated

  4. SOQ

    For someone who has come over all ‘chuckie’ all of sudden, unlike his predecessor, he wasn’t exactly tripping over himself to be up north in the past.

    In fact, I can’t remember the last time he even attended an event up there? Actions speak louder than words.

  5. Clampers Outside

    It’s filter coffee for me, and none o’ your messin’ around with flavours nor froths.
    Aldi French Roast No.5 is a very inexpensive coffee at €1.67 / 227g bag and has a lovely aroma and is a good strong full bodied coffee.
    After the first lockdown ended and having spent that time making my own coffee at home, I popped into what was my regular coffee shop, a Nero’s, for what was my regular morning kick (regular coffee, wee drop of milk and 2 sugars) only to find that it was incredibly weak.
    I must’ve been making my own very strong at home and no longer buy a coffee in the morning, instead having it at home… plus my commute route changed on moving house so it would’ve worked out that way anyway :)

    1. Clampers Outside

      Those SAGE machines look great and I’m sure make great coffee… Way out of my price range though.
      We’ve a nice combi DeLonghi at home :)

    2. Paulus

      Similarly, Lidl do a “Colombian Supremo” 100% arabica, a bit dearer at €2.59 for the same quantity. Works really well in a filter machine.

      1. Slightly Bemused

        Thanks, guys! Little Slightly was looking for suggestions, and I normally just do tea these days. I will update you, if anything interesting arrives!


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