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The Hardchargers LR

The HardChargers – comprising Chris Todd, Richard J Hodgen and and Mark Mahood – play the Alternative Social Club, upstairs in the Stag’s Head , Dame Court, Dublin on Sunday at 3pm.

What kind of music do they play?

“here’s the closest analogy I can think of: it’s what might ensue if Jimi Hendrix met Velvet Underground on Muddy Waters’ front porch and then downed a crate of Jack Daniels whilst jamming for a crowd of insatiable sex-crazed groupies….only crazier!” (Belfast Telegraph)




HardChargers (Facebook)

Alternative Social Club – Stag;s Head Raw (Facebook)

Minnie ASSC Poster

Minny and the IllyWhackers at The Alternative Sunday Social Club at the Stag’s Head Raw [upstars in the Stags Head, Dame Court, Dublin] at 4pm (€8).

Barry writes:

Minnie and the Illywhackers are a ukulele swing band centred around the exquisite vocal talents of Angie McLaughlin of The Sick and Indigent Song Club. The band are influenced by early jazz, country & blues and create a speakeasy, supper club feel.”

Stags Head Raw (Facebook)


[Duncan Maitland]

Sunday afternoon?

In the company of a hot gentleman singer/songwriter?

With our reputation?

Barry writes:

“This Sunday at the Alternative Social Club [upstairs in the Stag’s Head, Dame Court, Dublin]  it’s the turn of former Picture House mainstay Duncan Maitland who will be joined by special guests Dave McGuinness (Lir) and Barry O’Brien (Slumberjet). As always our in-house DJ is Karl Tsigdinos Doors are 4pm and admission is a mere €8.. Sure where would you get the like for less?”

Niall Toner Poster 2014

With our reputation?

Stately six string craftsman Niall Toner [playing Burren Backstep above] and friends perform at the Alternative Social Club, upstairs in The Stag’s head, Dame Court, Dublin this Sunday. The afternoon includes ‘discs’ from  DJ Karl Tsigdinos’ sublime record collection.

“A cure for the Sunday fear,” Bodger assures us.

Thanks Barry

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